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  1. Another Getting Started Question-Stamps

    you can easily start and keep working with 5$ stamps from SLC I mean, unless you are not grinding steel stamps over the sandpaper, they are good to go.
  2. you can order directly from WC. Maverick leather also has some european bridle and it looks nice and affordable
  3. not sure you can make a few belts (unless it's long enough) - the goal here is to keep center cell pattern I guess that have seen some where on the forum how-to finishing exotic leather, try to use search
  4. it doesn't look like a raw in the meaning - it's dyed and finished as to the pic
  5. Macpherson charges 13+ bucks for the tooling leather.. it's pricee I've read somewhere that in mexico
  6. boot top leather supplier

    what does your research tell u ?
  7. New Work Boots

    cool any showcase on making?
  8. stitching is nice. what is it?
  9. Custom Dual Strap Satchel

    looks good chromexcel is oily - will the cement/glue keep the lining?
  10. Cracking leather

    could be leather (overdry) could be the process itself - oiling after or before dying is a general conditioner treatment which prevents cracking and penetrates into leather fibres. Pro OIL dyes from Fiebengs pretty good, but their Regular dyes (alcohol) do make leather go very very dry.
  11. Vegetable tanned Leather

    Check SLC , Theleatherguy
  12. Football Panel Template

    geometry - pentagons tip attached
  13. depends on how they were tanned, the source (brand) mostly, what I've seen so far on #1 grade and good tannage ostrich skins ~350-450$ per one skin. get more info on your deal )
  14. if not mistaken, cobra (or other brand) do provide leasing or credit as an option. It's easier to pay by small payments. Go check them from time to time in the forum under 'sale' thread there are some offerings on splitters.