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    a like heavy ones and mustangs
  2. Storing leather in small space

    +1 for PVC tubes
  3. Is this skiver worth it?

    what are your job goals?
  4. collars, handles etc
  5. Is this leather any good?

    nothing wrong with reducing costs unless the quality gets down
  6. Pricing?

    sometimes it's not a sellers job to tell why and how - recommendations and personal touch will put the dots in place. some buyers rely on a feedback and some won't believe until use it and convince themselves that the item they have paid is worth the money.
  7. DIY Filler for Edges?

    if the edges separate from each other then you're doing something wrong. edge paint will do the job, unless you want the edges looks good. but you have already stated 'not looking for perfection' - this confuses
  8. Is this leather any good?

    'it's cheapest from what I found' - this means he/she looks for cheap stuff
  9. why not using edge paint?
  10. "Genuine" Leather

    what a crap
  11. Is this leather any good?

    europe is a big territory - don't you have tandy stores in there?
  12. are you doing edging by hand slicking?
  13. Sell leather splitting machine Camoga CN403

    what's the problem? you can have a good deal -
  14. How to make Leather stamp?

    your time, your work and money - sometimes it's not worth it you can get many stamps for 6 bucks from SLC
  15. Vintage style briefcase

    what's the 'vintage' on the briefcase?