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  1. you can get from buckleguy or rmleather
  2. have you tried buckleguy?
  3. why not working directly with the tanner? beats up ANY suppliers shifted to Wickett & Craig and happy enough to work with them even ordering 1-2 sides btw are you interested in someone, who can join your team, bring/reach valuable results, dozen ideas, will and capacity to expand on a supplier level as well etc ?
  4. definitely Wickett & Craig for the leather the rest - depends on what you want
  5. there is no such a thing like judgement. yes, there are countries, where everything is based on law and very strict; and there are countries, where no one gives 'anything' to it What I mean, is just human being in it's base
  6. there also someone behind 'grleather' - if you scroll the posts, you'll notice that all of the content do not belong to grleather or whatever is there anyone from the forum, who recognizes own products, and as a next step to push instagram to shut down the page??
  7. do more research..
  8. what a crap guess I know who they are..
  9. not fair enough for the comparison based on such samples. it simply doesn't work that way. you even didn't took a top side photos.. and a fleshy sides mostly appear on some shoulder/neck and the belly areas: both at HO and WC sides both tanneries are very good. one simply don't sale single sides, another does. personally shifted from HO to WC - they welcome new customers, they do sale a single side. and the leather is perfect, even the flesh side.
  10. Mark has always being late to responses and even ignore. can apply for their sales position? )))
  11. hardware

    oh i was suspicious at my first order, but made research, and found out that production takes place in china. all that gone when i touched the hardware. now, each time looking for some hardware, i go to their website. let me be clean - i'm not working for them. just trying to be honest. smth went wrong in your case - they don't hide that production is overseas. many US brands does held their factories out of country exactly. not 'also' offers - always offer. that' the thing ))
  12. yes - i did compare to me, it's a matter of choise. I used HO from the beginning, and now, has shifted to WC. very kind and helpful personnel, no minimums. WC sides a bit whiter . carves, tools and dyes well (as HO). didn't regret of shifting - especially when HO does want bulk orders, which tights the budget. and you get #1 grade (WCs standard) directly from the tannery
  13. i did like what i ordered - black and brown 1.1mm i wanted to order more, in sizes and colors, but nothing useful available and a very poor stock. now, ordered some from rmleather - good service, nice choses..if their products cover my needs, will use on regular basis.
  14. hardware

    buckleguy -one of the best hardware manufacturers i've seen. check on their website catalog - different finishes, sizes - superior quality.
  15. you can get backs from WickettCraig. No minimums.