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  1. Hi Mike I would recommend to source snaps from buckleguy, and use their matching hand setters. Even setting with their hand setters is a pleasure to work with. I find myself too much recommending these guys huh )) But, again - good quality I've ever seen before shifting to this store so far
  2. what about lining? don't they stretch over time?
  3. not only those you mentioned. the major problem here is that those manufacturers only have 1mm or similar thread thicknesses. which doesn't give us, craftsman, variation on in thicknesses, regular stocks etc. ...
  4. is that a mexican tan leather?
  5. weight restrictions? really? how is that? curious..
  6. it's bulky and thick..
  7. Brian, I personally use and very like the quality of Kyoshin (store name is GoodsJapan) affordable, smooth and easy cuts. for the money it costs, i would give it a try they are close to you geographically. I got mine in a week. Fast shippin
  8. is there anything should be put in the head part? smth round?
  9. I rather go for a Horween leather ))
  10. nice work. what's inside? what leather?
  11. used instead of chains.
  12. cool idea, but stitching need to be improved imho
  13. +
  14. dyed already, machine stitched.