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  1. Sheridan Leather Show

    I,m planning on being in Sheridan for the whole show. Sure wish we would wear name tags because in previous years I found out IILG and folks were there and I didn't get to meet them. An alternative would be to try to meet briefly and introduce ourselves. However, this has been tried and did not work very well. Any suggestions? Best Regards, Richard Hidalgo Opelousas, Louisiana
  2. Pictures of building saddle trees plus

    Rod and Denise, Wow! What great pictures of the processes of building trees and of your shop. Remind me not to try this at home. I also did not envision the number of steps that went into the process. As complicated as it looks and with the precision that Rod portrays in the pictures, I'm sure that there is also a lot of art that goes into his beautiful trees. BTW, I would like to again thank you both for the excellent course that you presented in Sheridan. Best Regards, Richard Hidalgo
  3. Pete Gorrell Saddlemaking

    Aermotor, I certainly use the articles in LCSJ often. In fact, I have the issues with his articles filed separately. I particularly like his instructions for design and fitting of the flat-plate rigging. Regards, Richard Hidalgo
  4. Sheridan Show Classes

    If they still allow Cajuns that far north and the creeks don't rise, my wife and I plan to attend. We are hoping to see old friends and make new ones. Sorry about the previous post. Best Regards, Richard Hidalgo
  5. Strap cutter for lefties?

    Harry, Weaver sells a left-handed draw gauge that is pretty good. Of course, you have to really sharpen the blade because it does not come sharp. Regards, Richard Hidalgo
  6. Left handed hand stitchers

    Jim, I'm left-handed and have not had too many problems in the right-handed leatherworking world. I use a sit-and-stitch stitching horse which can be used by either right or left handers. I do not pay attention to right or left twist thread. Three of my worst problems of being a left hander are using the skife skiver, the single-edge creaser and the draw gauge. However, Weaver sells a left handed draw gauge. Braiding and knot tying is another story. I find it difficult to follow right handed instructions but I eventually figure it out. Regards, Richard Hidalgo
  7. Sheridan pattern for belt

    Scott, Chan Geer has a book entitled "Sheridan Style Patterns for Belts 3/4' to 2" that I find very useful. His address is 41 W. 7th Street, Sheridan, WY 82801. His phone number is 307-674-9226. I'm sure that you probably can also order the book from Sheridan Outfitters. Happy New Year, Richard Hidalgo
  8. Sheridan Get-Together ?

    Harvey, I'm all for a meeting in Sheridan. However, you remember how hard it is to get everyone together. The meeting of IILG at Perkin's Restaurant was fine but not optimal because of being put in with all other patrons. I would suggest a gathering on Friday evening after the cookout. A place would have to be found because all of the meeting rooms at the Holiday Inn are taken up and a regular hotel room would probably be too small. We need to work together and find an optimal time and place. Regards, Richard Hidalgo
  9. Happy Birthday

    Denise, Many thanks for the birthday greetings. It truly was a wonderful day. Sherry and I really enjoyed meeting you and Rod in Sheridan. I was amazed, impressed and educated by Rod in his explanations of your methods of building custom trees. Your control of every step in the production, from processing the rawhide to hammering the stitches during the drying process truly makes the trees special. Keep up the good work! Best Regards. Richard Hidalgo
  10. Happy Birthday

    Kathy, Thanks for the best wishes. However, when you get as old as I am, you really try to forget birthdays. It really was a great day because I spent it with two of my grandkids. I, too, really enjoyed meeting you in Sheridan. Congratulations on your wins in Sheridan and your new yak calf. Best Regards, Richard Hidalgo
  11. Sheridan Tradeshow.

    Hello guys, For various reasons, I have not been posting on this list but I have been reading all of the saddle-related posts with great interest. My wife and I will be in Sheridan and we would like to meet as many of you as possible. We already know Bruce and Rundi Johnson but would like to get to know others as well. Regards from Cajun Country, Richard Hidalgo
  12. Don, Congratulations! That is a really nice saddle, not like many of the "trophy" saddles that are being awarded at this time. You are reviving the tradition of good trophy saddles made in Bryan that was first started by The Saddle Maker (Jimmy Cook and Arturo Jiminez) in the early 1970's. Keep up the good work. I am still riding a saddle made by The Saddle Maker in 1972. It was made on Tic Tac Roper tree. Regards, Richard Hidalgo