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  1. Thank you for your kind words. Behind the starts is green leather from Tandy Leather. It matched the bike color almost perfectly. Here is a photo from our customer.
  2. I am confused too as when I posted it I got a notification if I want to quote a post. I thought that someone has commented on it. So I replied with the quote and after I posted my reply I could not understand why the quote is from my August's post. It must be some system glitch. In fact, the quote is from my previous post. So your comment about the "person promoting their company's biker bag" is irrelevant. I didn't steal the quote and didn't do it intentionally. Even though the quote is from August and I am not sure why the system has prompted me to quote it, the question was related to another bag that I've posted before. I am not promoting our bags. I am just showing what we have done and the quality of the handmade leather craft. We have enough customers that some of them are waiting in line for more than a year to get their bags made by us.
  3. Custom set for Harley-Davidson Softail Slim S with matching military star design - swingarmbag, forkbag, and fender bib. Same as all our projects 100% handstitched. No machine work, except for the edge burnishing. See more work at www.tauruscustoms.com
  4. Check our web-site www.tauruscustoms.com and you will see more of our work. Thank you for good words!
  5. Joel - all hand cut. The entire bag is handstitched. Handcut. No machine work, except for the dremel to burnish the edges.
  6. Just finished this stunning set of bags for Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider motorcycle. This is one of the most heart touching projects. Our dear customer Victoria asked to make a swingarm bag and a forkbag with Luckenbooth in memory of her mother. Her late mom was Scottish and left her some funds to spend on her bike. It touched our soles and we've added complementary initials of her and her mom on sides. Same as all our projects it is fully handmade by one and only craftsman Alex. More projects on our website www.tauruscustoms.com
  7. Swingarm Bags For H-D Softail Models

    For softail models there is no need in the mount system. Just 4 straps with buckles. We use the same bag model on our Night Train. Straps keep it very tight.
  8. Swingarm Bags For H-D Softail Models

    I am glad that you've commented on the prices. Some people are commenting on FB like our prices are insane. I think only the forum members and some customers are able to understand how much work it is to make those bags. And that those bags are one-of-a-kind! We do not repeat the same design. We have a customer now, who wanted us to make the same bags as we've made before with Hummingbird. And we told her - why not make something just for you, with different Hummingbird. She was so happy that we offered it. As for the prices, the attached photo says it all
  9. Swingarm Bags For H-D Softail Models

    Why not buying a softail just for that We can make a set of bags with custom seat for you. So think about it
  10. Two new bags recently completed by TaurusSeats. They are most suitable for H-D Softail models. All 100% handsitiched. One features the Black Widow spider. Second we call "Yorick", as it features the white skull. We've posted them for sale and, as usual, we see coments about the price... I am sure this sounds familiar to many forum members
  11. Two Custom Bags For H-D Softail Slim

    Thank you so much for your feedback. And this is what customer wrote to us: First bag - I love, love, love this bag! It is amazing quality and looks even better in person. Alex and Anna worked with me to design each step of the way and it turned out beautiful! I have now started the process to get a matching sissy bar bag. Second bag - This bag is just as beautiful as the first that Alex and Anna designed for me! The quality and detailing of the leather are amazing. I love my fire hummingbird set. My bike is all ready for the spring. Our biggest award is customer's satisfaction!
  12. So simple but very elegant! Great job! Love it!
  13. Recently finished project for our dear customer from Texas for her Softai Slim. Swing-arm bag and Sissy bar bag both with matching Fire Hummingbird design.
  14. The biggest accomplishment of 2014 was this big project for our dear customer from Florida - custom set for his Victory Vegas 8 Ball motorcycle. Custom seat, frok bag, right hand swing-arm bag, and bottle holder.