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  1. Hide House

    I've bought most of my leather from them for a couple of years. They shipped the wrong leather a while back and bent over backwards to make it right. Top notch people!
  2. Kinda made me tear up a bit............jes sayin'
  3. Tis guy has about any kind of buckle you can imagine.
  4. Blue Guns For Sale

    email sent Thanks, Larry
  5. Problem With My Consew 206Rb 1

    It appears to have been my choice of needle sizes. I went to a #23 on the 138 size thread and it stopped the problem. Thanks for all of the suggestions!! Larry
  6. How To I Stamp/ Engrave Like This?

    X4 on the lazer
  7. Problem With My Consew 206Rb 1

    I'll check it. Thanks Everything appears to be in spec......
  8. Problem With My Consew 206Rb 1

    Yes sir, it's threaded correctly. I've played with the tension, too. Using a size 22 needle with the 138 thread and a size 19 with the #92 I've checked everything that the thread passes through on the top side of the machine. Anything that looked sharp was polished or replaced.
  9. I recently bought a used Consew 206RB 1 for my leather business. I intend to use it for lighter work like chaps and book covers and the like. I tried to use it a few days ago with 138 size thread. After sewing a couple of inches slowly, the top thread begins to fray and then break. I took it to a local sewing machine shop and after having it for a few days the guy called me and said that the 138 thread was too heavy for the machine. OK, I'll use size 92 thread. I'm having the same problem. How heavy a thread can I use? Anybody have any idea what might be causing my problem? Thanks in advance!
  10. Assorted Template - Pdf

    +1 Thank you very much!!
  11. Looks nice..........but can you say sheep shearing shears sheath three time fast??
  12. Just Finish My The New Shop

    How big is your shop? I like the way you've got it layed out. The one I'm trying desperately to finish is 12x20.
  13. In 2002 I competed in Cowboy Mounted Shooting a lot riding in a half seat Sam Staggs rigged saddle that I made. There were days that I spent 10 to 12 hours in the saddle. It was very comfortable for me and the horse never complained...........
  14. Adult Section Request

    What the heck.......I'm an adult. Let's see it