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  1. Dear Sir, Just saw your ad. Is this splitten still available?. I'm in thè Netherlands. Yours, Bert
  2. Do you have to raise the feeddog before installing the platen? Thank, bert
  3. Hi, send you a pm. Yours, Bert.
  4. Dear Sir, Is this embosser still for sale. Do you want to send this to the Netherlands. Might be interested. Sincerely yours, Bert.
  5. Hi all, Has anyone of you experience with the big embosser with is sold by the Bunkhouse company? Thanks in advance. Bert.
  6. Best Place To Buy Jeremiah Watt Or Weaver Master Tools

    Hi Simontuntelder, For us Europeans, I'm from Holland, it 's no problem to buy from Weaver. Only the minimum order you have to spent with them is $ 250,=. , plus shipping and handling. If you sent them a mail you will be answered very quick. In 2004 I was their and they are very nice people to speak with. You can also look on their website for your stuff. It's good. Bert.
  7. Embosser

    Wanted: tippmann or tandy embosser
  8. I'm also interested in these patterns. Would like to have them. Thanks.
  9. Embossing Machine

    Wanted an embossing machine to embos belts. Thanks bemavu
  10. Hello From The Netherlands

    Hi Andre, Also from the Netherlands in Overijssel(Heeten) and working a lot with leather. Feel free to contact me. I don"t know very much about the Adler 20-2 but in my village lives an old saddlemaker and he still has one.I myself have a Adler 250-307, triple feet free arm saddlemakersmachine which is the best to sew on thick leather. So if you want to contact me:
  11. Hi Rohn, When your customers want it that way it's okay. I didn't want to critizise your work because that's okay. I hoped I could say more people made leathr items, espescially here in the Netherlands. Bemavu
  12. Hi, I would place the belt loop a bit higher for better comfort in wearing the gun. I don't know how heavy the gun is, but I'm thinking the holster and gun will turn backwards. (I hope not)
  13. Embossing Machine

    Placed this topic wrong, Wtb, embossing machine s.a Tippmann Thank you. bemavu(Bert)
  14. Embossing Machine

    I'm looking for an embossing machine, s.a Tippmann. Is there anyone of you who has one for sale? Thank you. Bemavu(Bert)