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  1. Plain ol wallet luxury leather

    Really nice job.
  2. leather stamping tools, price vs quality

    My opinion is that the Tandy pro tools are really quite nice and at the current sale price they are a real bargain.
  3. Thanks for the comments Brian. I am still having a heck of a time with the basket weave. Keeping straight and consistent depth ect. But this attempt was better then most! Will leave a little more edge width next time. I have seem the camo stamp done on this before. But actually I forgot about it.
  4. Tried something different with this one:
  5. New Knife Sheath

    Yes some people might/could use it for a thigh tie. This sheath has a dangler carry so I guess if one was concerned about being stealthy a thigh tie could be employed. Truthfully for me for the most part, I just like the way it looks.
  6. New Knife Sheath

    Surface dye. Not really as black as I would like it but looks OK after oil and wax. It is photographed on a sanded brown dyed stingray skin.
  7. I usually apply the resolene on the inside of my knife sheaths and then let dry and then stitch. For the outside a few coats (or several) of neetsfoot oil followed by Aussie Leather balm, buff out and that's it. Seems to give a nice finish. The resolene on the inside, I have no idea, it is just something I saw somebody doing and I thought it made sense so I stuck with that routine.
  8. New Knife Sheath

    Finished with cow hide, pig skin lining, some slight stamping and a dangler carry. Fiebings Pro Black dye.
  9. I have used tight bond III wood glue, it is waterproof and it goes on easy, but does take some drying time. But the stuff really works well and is indeed fairly waterproof. I use this sometimes for lining knife and tool sheaths.
  10. The one with the head sticking out is cool, and well a little creepy as well ha....
  11. Looks great. I have the same tool, and others from this company. Great stuff. Your case is awesome.
  12. Knife Sheaths

    Oh yes, agree on the welt, all of my sheaths have a welt for sure. But sometimes I do that double stitch thing at the top and sometimes not, that is what I was referring to.
  13. Knife Sheaths

    Yes it has a welt, I think it is overkill, sometimes I do sometimes not, probably not needed. The first few stitches are a much heavier cord material, I hope for additional strength there. The color stitching then matches the line colors and the pins on the knives.
  14. Knife Sheaths

    Just finished these as well as a group of knives.
  15. What country are you from?

    Thailand. "Land of Smiles"