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  1. I think it's GORGEOUS but ... If it's "pure" copper, you have to have something to avoid ... 1) the green oxidation touch any of your projects. So, even this "patina" is gorgeous as art by itself, the dust (or "paste" in case get in contact with water) can damage or even destroy some finishing of a leather / fabric. 2) it's a much more "folding" metal than iron / steel, so, depending the weight you put in one side or other, or bangs, or whatever will ending creating problems in the future. And YES, IMHO, if all tables have the back (and bottom) brace(s), it's for a reason. I suggest for you don't discover the worse way, is already put one before finish it. Hope it can help. BB
  2. Constabulary ... with all respect, but I LOVE YOU! Thank you VERY VERY VERY VERY MUCH! Owe you one!
  3. Inspired by you guys, I decided to built a table for my new acquisition, a SINGER 168W 101. To take advantage of the price + shipping I decided that I didn't need the table/legs/motor. But the person didn't tell me the HINGES are far from the ordinary ones! Now they want to charge me $200 for table + S&H and 20 BUCKS FOR EACH HINGE!!!! Not going to say who is the place but it's in Florida ... good hint hun? Any of you know where could I get this specific hinge? (Trying to attach an image of a CONSEW 329R-1's back that looks exactly what I need ...)$_57.JPG
  4. Sorry Teddycrafts, but, at the time I used to make them, the thickness was 35mm. But maybe you talking here for the thickness of the CENTER of the strap OR THE EDGES where the stitches will be done? I used to skive them before ... glued ... paint and THEN stitch. As I said, if you could upload some images ...
  5. Buying A 227R What I Have To Check The Most?

    Howdy partner!! Thank you Jesleright, very much for you help. And for the tips about to the right place when I post again ... rookie here, you know, I got lost with so many things to read! I wish to know this "place" before I started 3 /4 years ago. The Adler 69 is "exactly" the same as the CONSEW 227R(?) but with the bobbin on the side instead on the top of the arm. Otherwise, some years ago, they just were considered more chi-chi-fancy machines due were made in Germany and not in Japan. When I started to learned about these (old) machines, was told me to choose japanese versions over the chinese ones. For instance, "... don't get a CONSEW 206RB-5! The 206RB is THE SAME machine but trully reliable!". OK. And I have to tell you, I have an old, old, old JUKI and this new model 8500/8700. For god sake! The people that sell them suppose to get some time in jail. IT IS crap! Well ... obvious reasons once it's being now produced by demand and not to keep the quality. Even though, some "re-made" machines here in the US (and sold by one of the companies who announce on the banners above) you have to be prepared for the good AND the bad. Not because technical assistance is on the same country - it won't avoid the headaches to deal with the back and forth of your "new" machine - but of course, if you refuse to get caught in this spin wheel, you will spend tons of hours being "guided" on the phone by one of their "technicians" to fix the problem. But what I saw now, this TOLEDO co looks very reliable and carrying with amazing products. OF COURSE if you put side by side the images, you will see their COWBOY CB227R, IS the body of a Consew 227R and they probably rebuild the whole machine. I wish I knew them before get caught on the negotiation. Anyways ... I could put down the price to 1.4k. However, he took off the clutch from the package. He also wanted to get rid of of the machine before move to other state. But for this same reason, I had to decided almost on the next day if I pay or not the price I reached, otherwise he will bite the dust and bring it with him. Well ... comparing prices now, I don't think I got a bad deal, once buying the servo from Toledo now, it will bring the price for their "same machine" and I didn't have to pay the shipping. The "thing" now is to know (pray) for the machine work properly as I had bought the Cowboy "brand new". Again, Thank you so much for your attention and tips. Take care!
  6. Hi Teddy. I'm new here and (a rookie as well) on the art or sewing with machines, but learning VERY fast due so many mistakes since 4 years when I started. However, I am very experienced in work with exotic skins as you described. Could you please post some pictures of your work so I can have an idea what you really looking for? Because, 4 to 5 millimeters is a very, VERY THICK edge for a watch strap. IF you want to compete on this "classy" market (as you said "panerai and graham, and breitling"), 2mm is already considered thick and 3mm are for really BIG cases. And for all those owners of these brands (and not knock offs), I'm pretty sure they rather have something made literally the "italian way" BY HAND, using 2 needles to stitch, on a stitching horse, etc, etc. Take care.
  7. Great Article On Horween Leather

    Let me know ... we can go together ANYTIME!!
  8. Great Article On Horween Leather

    Amazing article! I didn't know this one ... and I'm one of their fans! Having that amazing "Disneyland" on my "backyard" is somthing beyong a gift for a leather worker (I live in north suburbs of Chicago for 4 years now, but just came to know them a year or so ago). Their product is AMAZING! I recomend a visit if your on surrounds ... bur call first, they are full vapor 24/5! Thanks Joe!
  9. Hi ... I have an Adler working hun-hun (old ... very old) so started to look around and found this "deal" on a Consew for 1.9k ... I tested it very fast but even with the experience using the Adler, not sure if I'm doing a good deal. There is NO ONE in my area I can trust to help me or ask for a lot of money and I even know if knows that much. Travel to GA to check my Adler was an option (11h driving) but this machine looks nice. Anyways ... spend this money redoing my Adler 69 or follow a new path on this Consew? HELP! (and thanks in advance ...)