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  1. Torquewrench

    Keepall / Travel Bag Pattern

    Google carry on bag regulations. Then get some kraft, butcher,construction paper. Start cutting, stapling, paper clipping until you get what you want. A tru custom design. If money is no object give the doc what he wants ,a one off design. A custom design speaks more for it's self than a generic pattern. That's my 2 cents. Ross
  2. Torquewrench

    Cutting Out Small Letters

    The ENG and INE look like they were carved and beveled inverted to me. Ross
  3. Torquewrench

    Letters Stamped

    Transfer from tracing film, carve and bevel! Looks great, use computer for almost unlimited choice of fonts. Practice on some scrap, if letters are smaller 3/4" or so smaller bevelers are required. By carving and beveling you can also do inverted. Craftaids are plastic with raised ribs that you rub with a modeling spoon to transfer then carve and bevel. I don't really like them but have used them. Ross
  4. Torquewrench

    Tandy Industrial Knife - Opinions

    Strop your utility knife blade and you will be amazed at the difference. They seem sharp when new but they are really not that sharp. Ross
  5. Torquewrench

    Looking For Snap Hook

    try buckle
  6. Torquewrench

    wet leather

    When you want to start drawing your own Sheriden patterns Mr. Park has a great book out. Worth the money!
  7. Torquewrench

    Fourth Briefcase

    Very fine job! Sure she likes it more than the first. Nice clean lines, so it will fit in with any attire she may wear.
  8. Torquewrench

    Arizona Newb

    Welcome, lots of folks from Arizona on the site. Head over to Wickenburg, the trade show is on this week. Free admission. Knife sheaths look good.
  9. Torquewrench

    Tiny Conway Buckles?

    Try They had a few items I couldn't find anywhere else. Just got my first order. Very happy with products and service.
  10. Torquewrench

    Tribute To Friend

    I have made leather 3 ring binders. Last name on spine, first name and some tooling on front, on the front I cut an ellipse out to frame an 8x10 photo. I make the photo slide in a pocket made from clear vinyl, a slot has to be cut in the lining and stiffener to allow photo to slide into the pocket. I try to do the tooling to suit the persons life style. On the back I do whatever comes to mind. Last one has seven roses as the lady wanted seven roses laid on her casket before it was put in the mosalim. (I call them drawers). This can be used as a memory book for the spouse and passed down to the kids when time is right. Hope this helps,Ross
  11. Torquewrench

    Floral Spur Straps

    Very nice! He will wear them with pride.
  12. Torquewrench

    Cub Scout Project

    Is there a Tandy nearby? If so contact them. I put on a workshop doing key fobs for about 90 4-H kids and my Tandy manager really pulled it all off. Brought a lot of mallets and Granite slabs. 1 hour is pushing it for time. Keep it a simple as possible. Tandy may have a BSA stamp that is not in their catalog. (they have 4-H) Good luck, Ross
  13. Torquewrench

    In Support Of Breast Cancer Awareness Month...

    Very nice!
  14. Torquewrench

    New Member From Az

    Welcome to the board. Here you will find several Leatherworkers form AZ. Happy tooling, Ross
  15. I like your market bag. Coloring is hard to learn. The Peter Main book will help. If you get the chance take a classs from him, worth the dollars. Where are you located? I assume somewhere in the desert. If in AZ. go to Tandy Tempe. Jim is real good with coloring. Ross