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  1. Grade A Leather Supplier For Small Quantities?

    Springfield leather buy large lots of c grade from HO but HO cannot fill all of the order with C grade and has to fill it with B grade. I think that he fills the orders to large institutions with the C grade and holds the B grade back for people like us to use. It's hard to get an A grade with American Cattle right now.
  2. I don't like to put products down but I would stay away from the boss as a first machine, I had one and they are somewhat hard to stay adjusted. I would suggest spending a little more money and get one of the Juki 440 clones that several vedors sell. It will be money well spent. They will sew light weight material from about 5 oz all the way up to 3/4 inch of skirting stacked. You can use a flat bed with them to sew garment as well as heavy stuff. Just my oponion. RC
  3. Saddle Soap For Your Edges

    Wet edges, slide the bar soap across the edges to lay down the fibers, then take a piece of canvas or blue jean material and work in the saddle soap from can into the cloth or canvas then rub edges briskley until you get a slick finish. Seal with edge dressing...
  4. New. Where To Buy Good Quality Leather?

    Check out Springfield Leather. just google them they have a great web site and carry Herman Oak as well as imported leather. Then there is Wickett and Craig in Currensville Pa great leather too.
  5. Tippman Aerostitch -Wanted

    There is a reason they quit making them. lol
  6. Best Type Of Metal For Belt Buckle? Where To Buy?

    Brass or Stainless would be the best material with leather as they both will not rust, rust is the thing that leather does not like.
  7. I for one think you did good for your 1st or 2nd project, and if you like it then that is all that really counts. With practice comes improvement. Like you said you need to do better with the edging. Get an edger and take off the square corners, then dress it up with some 80 grit sandpaper,(this makes the fibers stand up) wet the edge and run a bar of saddle soap over them. (this mades the fibers lay down in all one direction) Then burnish them with a piece of canvas or old blue jean materal with cream saddle soap on it. Then re dye and use something to seal the edge, I would also suggest you get some lighter weight leather to make your interiors with. Or you can buy them pre made from Springfield leather for around 8-9.00 apiece. I would suggest some 2-3oz pig or calf skin for liners. You did a good job on the sewing but might suggest some smaller thread next time. You are off to a real good start. Keep up the good work. RC
  8. What Type Of Machine? Help!

    You sold the machine you needed. The Juki 440 clones are one of the best all around machines. You might get by with a flat bed machine if you don't sew anything over 8=10 oz. I think I can get like 1/2 inch under my foot but it is all it wants to sew.
  9. Stainless Chap Snaps.

    I'll have to go out to the shop and get my weaver cataloge, I know I order mine from weaver, just got to look at the stock number. Will get back with you later. RC
  10. I would say it was made by any number of saddle makers that was under contract with Sear Robuck in the 50's at the time. Most were not marked as they were most likely bought through sears mail order at the time. But that is just a guess. RC
  11. First Time With A Swivel Knife... Yeesh.

    Leather Wranglers has a good video on thier web site on how to sharpen a swivel knife that can explain it better than any. I would have to agree that the blade was not sharpe, leather had something to do with it and that the knife was dragging in the leather. RC
  12. Any water or lacqor basised wood finish you find at the home center will work for a edge dressing after you slick your edges. You can get several small containers 1/2 pint and try several to see which ones work the best. That way you dont' have to order 32 oz of laquer and pay shipping.
  13. I have never seen a stingray hide long enough to make a full lenght belt, are you splicing it in the rear or how are you piecing it together for a longer belt?
  14. Cowboy Rig For Modern Revolvers

    I have made western rigs for a 500 S&W, 454 Casuall and 44 mags before and the process is the same as with a single action. With heavy guns like the ones mentioned I bump up the leather to 10-12 oz instead of the 8-10 I usuall use and go with 2-1/4 in wide belt with heavy buckles and line and stitch everything.
  15. Business Records

    I use a program called FF Inventory Pro. My web designer turned me onto it. It like accounting software for dummies. Real user friendly does inventory and invoices etc and a whole lot more. And it did not cost much, under 200.00 and you can put it on as many computers as you want. If anyone wants more info I will get it tomarrow but the snow is about a foot deep getting to the shop right now so it will have to wait until the morning. Randy