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  1. Threepersons Done!

    Beautiful work. Thank you for the insight into production thread as well. One day I hope to do work like this. Go well and thank you for sharing. I do have a question. Is the left six shooter antiqued and the remaining two not, or is it a lighting difference?
  2. Progressive X640 Parts available?

    First post asking for help. I am considering buying this machine mainly for it's ability to cut sole bend material. The seller who I trust, says the cutter seems to work as it's supposed to. On the chance that I decide to fully restore it. Are parts available? Pictures show the missing parts section. Mainly the skive knife and the hold down, I think? May be more missing, I do not know. Does anyone have a manual and or parts list? And or know if and where the parts may be available? Or should I just keep using my band saw? Thank you guys in advance for any help.
  3. P320 Carry and P320 Compact

    Beautiful as always. May I ask which black dye you use? Wonderful finish on both pieces. Thank you for sharing.
  4. Beginner leather buying?

    @iknowit101 Do a google search for sole bends. You will have choices and price differences to choose from. Use the shoe making forum for further assistance. There they may be able to steer you to the best goods at the best prices. I use pieces of sole bends on occasion, I assume you remember how difficult they are to cut? Also you may be able to buy your sole materials from a cobblers supply house. For uppers material @nstarleather often offers sides and partial sides from some of the best shoe leather tanneries for reasonable prices. Good luck returning to the field.
  5. Books for sale - again

    I sent you a PM for the lacing and creating nature designs.
  6. Push knife

    I keep Exacto knives on every table I use. But that is the first time I have considered cutting leather with that method. Also they really sharpen well if you keep then stropped. Thank you @machinehead
  7. Suggestions for slowing down machine

    Your new reducer sure beats the instillation of the cast ones.
  8. Suggestions for slowing down machine

    @rockthecasbah121 Try a little WD40 or the like if you want to get the smaller pulley. My motor shaft does not have a key, it has a divot in the motor shaft that the Allen screw tightens into. Most good hardware stores have bushings for adapting such differences. The bushing in the link below is over priced. But it is what you would need in a shorter length. With no key way the Allen screw will just go through the key way spacing into the divot. https://www.ebay.com/itm/11-16-ID-X-3-4-OD-X-3-Shaft-Adapter-Motor-Pulley-Bore-Reducer-Bushing/372320001699?hash=item56b0005ea3:g:LJYAAOSwPYZU96se
  9. Not leather work but....

    Thank you and put me down for one with a purpleheart handle please.
  10. Suggestions for slowing down machine

    @rockthecasbah121Your shaft is .750 3/4, or .787 if 20 mm. You won't find a smaller pulley for that diameter shaft. There has to be enough material left to provide strength, place for the key way and home for the grub screw to lock it to the shaft. Happy hunting.
  11. Not leather work but....

    One question, dimensions please? Very interested in one.
  12. Suggestions for slowing down machine

    @rockthecasbah121My Consew did the same thing. When I turned the rpm up enough to punch through the leather I was sewing. On the first few stitches it gained momentum and then did a sprint more than I could control on short runs, 1 to 1.5 inches in length. I typically sew at 5 spi, that is not a lot of reaction time. A speed reducer will make your wife a happy lady. It did for me and mine. If you don't have an inexpensive set of calipers, Harbor Freight is your friend.
  13. Suggestions for slowing down machine

    @rockthecasbah121Not sure what Cowboy gets for them. Several years ago they were sold on eBay by a small company who marketed their own product.
  14. Suggestions for slowing down machine

    I bought a 40 mm (1.57") pulley for my Consew Rb1 from eBay. It was like $12. I have the old style 3 to 1 reducer which I also bought used off eBay for $60. If I were to buy one today it would be the one on the right in the posted link. It bolts exactly where your motor does now, your existing motor bolts to the bottom of it. It allows you to tilt the machine as you always have for service and maintenance. While it is more expensive, in my opinion it is worth every dime. http://www.cowboysew.com/product911.htm This link shows all three of the normal types of reducer. I would suggest the box type.
  15. Not leather work but....

    They look great. Thank you.