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  1. Leather edge finishing from the professionals with an sander

    The final process of buffing is not done with a sand stone. That is a 4 or 5 inch wide cloth buffing wheel, dressed with a wax block to charge the fibers in the wheel. No sand stone there except in the Dremel tool.
  2. Two new cowboy holsters

    Good looking work. I like your patterns. Great use of simple stamps to achieve a anything but simple appearance.
  3. Doc's Visit.

    At my doctors, it was always the nurse. Her name was Bobbie. If Doc left and said Bobbie will be back in to see you in a minute. You may as well drop your trousers. In twenty five years, I don't think the woman ever put an injection in my arm.
  4. @CowboyBob Do you have an estimate of the differences at this point? The tax will only apply to the import price I assume?
  5. Doc's Visit.

    I seem to remember some such occurrence in the distant past.
  6. The Sailor

    Good work. Do you have a picture of the display? A public display is never a bad thing. Congratulations Sir. Your kids may never let them go. My father used to manage small a foundry, I still have most of the, what his guys called, fun pieces they did that he kept for himself.
  7. Leather Folding Chair

    Great chair. Look forward to seeing what you do with it. If you decide to make a duplicate. I would entertain buying a pattern if you wish to share.
  8. Dry leather glue issue

    I use wood filler in my work shop. It comes in a 16oz paint type can. It is stored upside down to prevent evaporation, to the extent the label is installed upside down on the can. That way it reminds you to turn it back onto the cap when finished using. It does seem to work better than the old way. Also the SDS sheet for Barge Cement Thinner can be found here. https://images.mooremedical.com/skuDocuments/187pp_sds.pdf It is composed of Toluene 50-75%, Hepthane 22-40%, Ethyl acetate 5-15%.
  9. 2 industrial clicker presses for sale - Swhabe 25 ton, Fales

    Also the electrical requirements for operation would be nice.
  10. WIP. Wallet with Floral design (but not Sheridan)

    @ABHandmade It appears I need to find and study that book. Thank you
  11. WIP. Wallet with Floral design (but not Sheridan)

    @ABHandmade Thank you for the time to answer my questions. The cougar I had seen when you posted it. But a second look helped me understand better. What I was asking about. The Tandy manager who I started to learn from, used leather powder, made from sanding leather into dust and glue to make a filler for the slight indention's on the backside. His train of thought was that the filling would hold the embossed section from flattening after wear. His wallet still showed good depth even after having been carried for several years at that time. The offset I saw to that was it also showed a great deal of polish/wear from standing proud of the surrounding leather. His carving was a Koi fish going from top to bottom of a biker style wallet. The depth was what made me wish to learn to do the embossed method. I must admit I let my interest slip away after he left and the new manager of the store may have been a great manager, but a poor leather worker.
  12. WIP. Wallet with Floral design (but not Sheridan)

    I read all your descriptions. Would it be too much trouble to ask for a photo of the embossing from the backside? Do you back fill the embossed sections once your finished with the tooling? I love embossing. I had started taking a few classes from the manager of my local Tandy store several years ago. He got transferred before I could get very far into the class. The depth amazes me. I always smile when I see your post. Thank you
  13. WIP. Wallet with Floral design (but not Sheridan)

    Thank you for the continued photos. Man that is beautiful.
  14. WIP. Wallet with Floral design (but not Sheridan)

    That is awesome. Those roses look real and so much depth. What is the thickness of the leather used if I may ask? Can't wait to see the color go on it.
  15. Leather burnisher, blueprints anyone?

    Thank you Sir. Now I feel silly. I have a much smaller one made by Flexcut that goes into my drill press. The vertical appearance threw me.