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  1. Finished Quiver

    Beautiful work Sir. Pride in your work is obvious. Thank you for sharing. An aside comment. Love the book case.
  2. Flexcut SlipStrop

    I have not found a Flexcut product I do not like. The Gold polishing compound works very well also. In my wood shop the basic kit and a drill press powered Powerstrop is all I use for most sharpening.
  3. Pre-stain cleaning

    Also a base coat of navy blue, or midnight blue followed by your black will produce a deeper more even black.
  4. Speed reducer question

    The unit that gives you the greatest reduction will produce the most torque. All other variables being equal.
  5. Custom collars needed

    @LeatherLegion That is some beautiful work. Enjoyed looking through your photos. Thank you.
  6. Making an impression

    @JRLeather2 In your example of the turnback you are using the tool tilted so only the toe portion is making the impression, if i am correct?
  7. Removing Chicago Screws

    @RockyAussie Man those are some beautiful belts.
  8. Removing Chicago Screws

    I do not know, but does Loctite work well on brass? Just a thought. I use the blue wood to leather with nickel plated Chicago screws all the and never had a problem. Any answers will be appreciated. As I have never used brass screws before.
  9. Removing Chicago Screws

    @SonydazeGreat thank you. I did a Google search that was the first one I found. I need one, so that will save me a few bucks. Many thanks
  10. Removing Chicago Screws

    @RockyAussie Found these on Ebay. https://www.ebay.com/i/112957220025?chn=ps
  11. New swivels

    Beautiful work. I have a love of brass. The brass one looks beautiful and very comfortable. Thank you for sharing. Do you make them for sale?
  12. Warthog, Elephant, Giraffe, Shunken bull

    pm sent
  13. For wallets and handbags

    @Leonguaranipy The dealer you purchase the machine from. Or as mentioned above Uwe, have read great reviews on his tables.
  14. How to resist spirit dyes.

    Not enough coffee in me. The previous post should read "On so many levels". I should not type before waking.
  15. How to resist spirit dyes.

    Thank you so much for sharing. Great video no many levels. Wonderful holster. Gene