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  1. Gun Show Signs

    We made a rack that we clamp to the tables. The wire is grid wall. A 3 inch wide board with a 1/4 groove in it for the grid wall to seat into. Small clamps hold the grid wall and board to the tables. I am setting up a slide program that will run company name, product photos, shop work photos. Flat screen monitors are fairly inexpensive, especially used ones. Most of the spaces we set up in are 8x8 or 10x10 U-shaped booths a monitor on each end table at head high will scroll your photo gallery and company name. A 30 inch high table height and 48 inch grid wall height puts the monitor above most heads. Also a six foot long by 30 inch wide tabletop gives you 15 sq foot of display space. Add to that two 18"inch deep x 48" high end panels and a 6' wide x 48" tall back panel and you turn the 15 foot table top into 51 square foot of display space for the same entry fee. The vertical part of which is more visible from a distance. Plus makes a very good impression. I am not to the launch point yet. But I have seen competitors make it work for some time now. Depending on your budget small programmable signs can be had from many sources for not a lot of bucks. Good luck
  2. Decided to retire so Cobra 4

    Which of the variations of that model do you have for sale?
  3. Two new artwork pieces

    Great work. I especially like the eagle. Thank you for sharing..
  4. When you amaze yourself

    That is gorgeous. You realize it will be a shame to arrive at the range with that cartridge case and not have a matching gun case. OOPs did I say that out loud. Great work thank you for sharing.
  5. Where can I find one

    @Aven and @YinTx Thank you both.
  6. Where can I find one

    I have a theory of what this is. But can someone explain please?
  7. Some days the mind has had all it can absorb. Lately it seems more often than not. Thank you Sir.
  8. Being ignorant of W&C unfinished black. What does the unfinished mean?
  9. thumbnail (1).jpg

    I smell roses and gunpowder. Great work. I like the carving.
  10. Sweet work. Thank you for sharing.
  11. Leather edge finishing from the professionals with an sander

    The final process of buffing is not done with a sand stone. That is a 4 or 5 inch wide cloth buffing wheel, dressed with a wax block to charge the fibers in the wheel. No sand stone there except in the Dremel tool.
  12. Two new cowboy holsters

    Good looking work. I like your patterns. Great use of simple stamps to achieve a anything but simple appearance.
  13. Doc's Visit.

    At my doctors, it was always the nurse. Her name was Bobbie. If Doc left and said Bobbie will be back in to see you in a minute. You may as well drop your trousers. In twenty five years, I don't think the woman ever put an injection in my arm.
  14. @CowboyBob Do you have an estimate of the differences at this point? The tax will only apply to the import price I assume?
  15. Doc's Visit.

    I seem to remember some such occurrence in the distant past.