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  1. Large Satchel

    This bag looks amazing. How does it look now?? And what finish did you decide to go with? I too like the lighter shade of veg tan and I am still milling about trying to find a finish that will not significantly darken! Every single product has mixed reviews!
  2. Yea looks like thats what Ill have to do. I've also found Skidmores in this process and that too seems to darken leather in some cases quite drastically. Im starting to think that a lot of leather workers who also prefer this pink veg tan over russet may not be putting any finish on their stuff… Or they have some sort of miracle product… I will just do things the old fashioned way and try stuff out!
  3. Ive made a few. You just need to carefully take the shoes apart, study the components and put them back together again. And dont cover every single thing with python. Thats how you learn! Have fun.
  4. Does anyone have more to add on this?? Good discussion, but right now I am still stuck between (way too many) products. Some say resolene, others say tan kote, then I've got suggestions for dyo cream, bick 4, urad cream, mixed reviews on whether the neatsfoot does or does not darken… I realize personal tests is probably the best since our views on lightness may all be different, but u seriously shouldn't have to buy 6 or 7 products just for a test!! Should you? Has anybody already bitten the bullet on this and is willing to share their results? I too prefer my veg tan more on the "pink" side and would refer to keep it that way. I dont find the russet color very appealing, and definitely not on a brand new product. But Id still like to add at least 1 layer of protection, especially for my wallets and bespoke footwear which naturally gets lots of traffic from use. ANybody?
  5. Hey guys, long time no talk. I have a Consew 206, it was my first machine. I picked up a post bed last year so its been sitting for a while, but Ive been getting back to using it these past few weeks. I would like to tackle making a Veg Tan purse with a gusset for the first time, and would prefer to use this machine. This will be a 2 part (maybe even 3 part) question. Im going to post 2 videos and a photo on my public Facebook business page, because everything I try to upload here is too big. For more background, I am a shoemaker, but i also do leather goods such as wallets, and would like to do belts with this machine eventually too. So far I sew nothing over 6-7 oz thick. 2 SHORT VIDEOS HERE: 1.) Im self taught, so Ive never truly mastered getting the tension correct. But id like too! Ive seemed to have gotten 69 tension pretty well. Only skips a stitch rarely and Ive been able to move down to a size 18 needle. But when it comes to 92, thats a different story. Ive read through many threads before posting and didnt quite get this specific question answered. 1 video shows and asks this question clearly, but in case the video doesnt work, basically, when i stick my bobbin into the shuttle(?) and give it a slight pull, before trying to catch the thread, it is VERY TIGHT. With 69 thread, I give it a tug its no problem. I have tried loosening the bobbin, tightening the bobbin, putting the thread spool in both ways as well. Again Ive read much (from Wiz specifically:) ) and I know this thing can handle 138... so why is this happening?? 2.) The second video and photo will detail my tension discs. They are loose, even when the screw is as tight as it will go. I have no idea on what to do with this. Ive tried taking some things off and changing the order around, but that really seemed not to work, so I put it back how it was. Also, feel free to comment on if the way I have the top threaded is wrong, BUT PLEASE, do NOT refer me to a 30 year old manual where I cant make anything out! It isnt very helpful. 3.) My 3rd question is on feet. I searched through ebay, and read a really good thread on feet for this machine from June 2013. I have to say though, im just unsure of which to go with. There are almost too many options. Going back to the aforementioned, Id like to tackle a bag with gusset, and something i learned from a maker doing so on a similar machine on Youtube was to use a zipper foot, as it allows you to get close to the edge and isnt as bulky as the original foot. But the zipper foot has teeth, which is a big nono for veg tan. So then i saw Wiz mentioned a double toe foot... no clue what that is, or if it allows you to get close like a zipper foot would. So then I also saw a spring loaded guide foot. Seems really convenient on one hand, but certainly not for sewing around a gusset in a firmer leather! So THEN... I saw an edge guide foot, which comes in different widths. Great right?... The real issue is - the majority of ebay photos leave you staring at the bottom of the feet. No top view, which would help me better decide which to go with. Looking at it from the side doesnt seem to do much for me. I know you cant tell me what to buy. But if you could narrow all these options down to maybe 2, that would really help me. So far the only criteria for feet is id relaly prefer the bottom to be flat to avoid marks, an gets me closer to the edge than the traditional foot. Thx very much for reading this essay.
  6. Thx Gregg! I'm gonna look into this setup. I used it before on an old machine and really liked it
  7. Yea, when I got my first machine, a consew 206, I though I needed size 18 needles. So I bought some. Eventually, I tried to use it and it worked, but barely. Would make a stitch or 2, then it would just put holes through the leather. I was confused for a while. Turns out there was a size 22 in there originally lol. (This is the old 206, and had been sitting for years before I bought it). It's because of this experience that I think I may at least be able to go to a size 20 on my post bed, with the right needle system, maybe a 18 simply because it's a new machine and all tuned up. I guess we will find out! I'd love to use a size 16 but I really don't want to alter my machine because id also like to use the roller to my advantage sew some more complicated card holder wallets with #138 thread
  8. Sorry I'm so late and thanks a lot for that info! I decided to get 18, 20, and 22s. I opted not to get 16s. I just didn't want to be disappointed. I got the right system, dpx5, and I got some "reuglar point", which I'm going to try and some some jeans and wool material with, and of course leather points. I think I will need titanium point to sew stingray?? I'll get those once I discover which of these sizes actually work!
  9. Thx!! I will into and see if it's something I really want to fool with. Probably not. Lol. I really just feel like some of these components should be more adjustable at this point (especially when your you're buying a new machine). do you u think I could do the foot lift thing on this machine??
  10. Ok so here u can see I have turned around as suggested up above. The issue I'm having now is, there is too much "slack". So basically, I got it moved out of my way so I can sit in front of my machine, but now when I swing my leg out, it makes contact, but I really have to swing my leg to the right to get it too lift. I figure I could add some extra padding, but then that puts its right back in my way again. I feel like I need the thingy (no clue what it's called) under to make more immediate contact when I press it, instead of there being so much "give". I tried adjusting it but the whole wasn't big enough.
  11. Yes Gregg! I will soon as I get in from work. Ps: do you sell any Teflon or "roller" style feet for a consew 206 rb? I have the traditional leather foot with teeth, but I can't "see" what I'm sewing. I'd like to use my flat bed for sewing certain parts of my shoe uppers, but I need a different foot option. Any suggestions/pics on that??
  12. WHOA!!!! Mine is L shaped too! What a great idea! Thx so much for the quick response!! im not sure if my pad has a bolt on the end of it or if it can be turned around like you've suggested but I will surely find out. Thx a lot!
  13. Hey thank u so much! I'm familiar with Bobs but as u said it's a little vague, the other really was informative! Im thinking I will buy some size 18 or 20. And of course 22 in case the other 2 don't work, and buy a couple different points to see which hole I like best.