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  1. Adler 669

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaa!! I’m super jelly!!! Get it all unloaded and setup and tell me whatcha think. It’s still on my list of “to get”s...
  2. ADLER 669 M-series

  3. ADLER 669 M-series

    Me again, hope I’m not too annoying! I live in Ohio and just heard about this auction. From your experience, was the trip worth it? I’m really only interested in getting a 669 and possibly some hand tools, possibly a skiving machine if it’s cheap enough, but I’m not sure if the savings would be worth the 4 hour drive one way. I read another thread that had mixed reviews on how much one could actually save, especially on the more popular items. Since you got yours here, I figured 1 more opinion wouldn’t hurt?
  4. Adler 669

    Thanks very much!
  5. Adler 669

    Hey, can u confirm how thick in ounces the 669 will sew?
  6. Sunstar km-380 cylinder arm machine

    Thx again for all the help. I think I remembered another post where u said the binders for the 246 were hard to come by though?? Ive been on so many posts though i really cant keep up. I like the idea of being able to change the feed rather than being stuck with one type of motion. I will look into this machine again and compare it against the 335
  7. Sunstar km-380 cylinder arm machine

    Thx a bunch for that info, really appreciate it. I guess i like the fact that it uses more common feet, unlike the other 335 types
  8. Sunstar km-380 cylinder arm machine

    Hi Uwe, what are your thoughts on this brand now that you’ve had it a while? Would u describe any advantages/disadvantages of a full motion feed dog?
  9. Adler 669

    Thanks for mentioning the generic parts. I had been getting some mixed reviews on that. It’s super important that I can get spare parts easily and affordably as I’ll kinda be on my own as far as where I live and will be doing any adjustments on my own. Once u get yours setup the way you’d like I love to know from your experience how thick you’d say the 335 can sew comfortably? Now that Ive narrowed my search down to this and a 341 style, I just want to figure out which one I should buy first... whichever one will mostly everything I’d need and then I could get the second one later, if I need the second one at all!
  10. Adler 669

    Thx alot for your input! And for the reminder on the price hike... I remember reading that elsewhere. That sucks. After having this convo across a few different threads, I can say that I now know for sure Id prefer to get a cylinder with a narrow arm to get into tight bag spots, so (as of right this second) I think? the 335 may be my choice over the 227. Plus it has a synch binder, which i know Id want. With this stated, would u still suggest the 227 over a 335 type? I want the power/sewing capacity of a larger cylinder, but it possibly may not fit in areas where i really need it too. However. My fuel pump went out my mid drive earlier today. Sooo... either way this purchase just got farther away and I'll just have to deal with the price hike once i get there. ;(
  11. Adler 669

    Maaaaaaan. I’m not a cheap person (believe it or not), it’s just that I’m not sure if it will be worth it in the end. I mostly make stuff for me... Granted. Once the investment is made of course I may be way more inclined to recoup my funds, but then again I know me. Thx for the input. I knew the Adler was in a class of its own, I just wanted to be sure there wasn’t a machine a little lower to get my feet wet!
  12. Adler 669

    Ok now I’m really out here by myself lol. I found a Mauser a few weeks ago, 2500 for the head only. I had never heard the brand name before. It’s a Pfaff copy I believe, right? but I’ve heard they’re parts are crazy expensive. My nearest machine shop is 4 hours away, something goes wrong I’m screwed. Plus I know the 335 tops out just under the 15mm thickness... I’m good with traditional belts etc. I’d have the same fears pointed out by others about when the direct drive goes out then, what? It sounds like if I adjust my thickness requirement, the 335 type may work for me and may find one closer to my price range... hmmmmm
  13. Adler 669

    Nooooo don’t say that ! Man. I guess I’m going to have to consider this after all then. I definitely would want a synchronized binder and I think the narrow arm is a necessity. Hurry and buy so u can tell me if its really worth it
  14. Juki 1341 questions

    NEVERMIND! I looked it up and found the answer... I couldn’t figure out how to delete my previous question though.
  15. Juki 1341 questions

    May I ask, what is the advantage of a “synchronized” binder?? I assume there is a difference between that and one isn’t synched?