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  1. Urk. That video was a bit hard to watch, glad it was short.
  2. 29K Broken Base

    Ouch! Is there any substantial stress at that point? If not JBWeld will certainly give a neat finish. Any chance of fitting a supporting bar (or two) underneath the area? They could be glued on to give a bit of support or drilled through and screwed on. Obviously welding would the be the ideal solution - if you know someone who can do it properly!
  3. 29K Broken Base

    Can you post a photo of exactly what is broken? It will make it easier to advise on the type of repair needed.
  4. Machine Recommendation

    Simple, really - if you're going to sew leather you can't beat fitting a servo.
  5. (or maybe ). Not a problem when you wear suspenders - no belt loops.
  6. Techsew GA5-1 Timing issue?

    Or needle timing?
  7. Sewing Machine Issues

    What do you mean by "too long"? Electronics are generally pretty reliable these days so leaving it on shouldn't normally be an issue. I left one of my servos on for over a day with no problems. Look for a fuse, most likely on the back of the control box, and check that, if that's ok try what Tom said and unplug it for a while. If it still doesn't work then it's most likely been damaged by a power surge or spike on the line. Sometimes, if you know what you're doing and you're very lucky, you can open up the control box and may see a damaged component that can be replaced - but these days you've got to be real lucky for that to work! From what I've found you can't buy the control box separately, only consolation is complete servos are relatively cheap.
  8. That scenario would have caused me sleepless nights - I don't have the room for a collection of that size and yet the thought of them going to the dump........not good.
  9. servo motor grumble

    Good that you found the problem (operator error?) but I must admit I'm a bit confused by what you mean by a "simpler motor".
  10. Looks good. I'm not surprised you had a problem with the claw blade. Now, this is just me, but on the Sig holster you have some right-angled stitch lines around the trigger area, I reckon it would look neater if you curved the stitch line. It wouldn't make it any stronger but aesthetically I think it would look better.
  11. We don't get re-runs of the good old Westerns on tv here, it's mostly "reality" -type programmes (I call it garbage!!). Other than the news we don't watch a lot of commercial tv (funny that). I don't understand how the maker could think something like that was acceptable. I stitched a belt once (on a machine) and part way along I got the same thing, nothing for it but to remove all the stitches and start again.
  12. I'm gobsmacked! I only knew about the 20 you mentioned you got recently, but another 10...... You'll have Constabulary drooling over his keyboard .
  13. You have been a busy girl! A nicely grained piece of wood is always pleasing to look at. So, one down and 19 to go.......
  14. I mentioned in another post that a chap asked me to basically duplicate his strongside holster as a crossdraw (he saw Gene Barry's holster in Bat Masterson and liked it). No big deal, although trying to copy an existing one is a bit of a pain, but I got pretty close. Two pieces, 8-9 oz. and 4-5 oz.all handstitched. I fitted a small spacer for the trigger guard, as per the original, but after it was finished realised it should have been thicker. Oh well, never done that before so didn't know how it would turn out. After gluing the pieces together I gave them a coat of Fiebing's black to put some colour in before working it.It came out patchy, which didn't matter as it was getting another coat, but interestingly when I wet it down to shape it the colour lost a lot of the patchy look. (Word of warning - if the gun being used to shape it has synthetic ivory handles wrap them up before messing with dye!! Fortunately the black marks cleaned off! Dumb!). The original holster has steel liners in it (which I don't use) and I eventually realised why - I reckon he used pre-dyed leather, which remains soft and won't hold a shape. The last photo is the back of the belt that he bought. Although the guy obviously had a decent sewing machine I thought the stitching left a lot to be desired.
  15. So, it sounds like the whole tension assembly was moving slightly when that rod was pushed in?