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  1. Bobbin holder case

    Thought I'd experiment with this. I started with a top piece so reduced the height and punched out one of the rebates to make a through hole. First problem, it only laid down a single layer before starting the rebates and as you can see it's not fused together (too far apart), second it warped when I removed it even though I used a heated bed, third the rebates aren't wide enough for my Seiko bobbins and fourth I seem to have introduced some distortion while messing around with the file . Back to the drawing board (in this case 123D). Wish I knew what I was doing .
  2. Singer Age by Serial Numbers Slide Chart

    First time I've seen anything with a reference to "W" serial numbers! Nice.
  3. 111W155 handwheel bore size?

    I tend to bounce around from forum to forum sometimes.........
  4. 111W155 handwheel bore size?

    Don't know how I missed this one - I measured the original handwheel off my 111WSV77 and yep, it's 1/2", so it's a pretty safe bet that the 155 would be the same as Glenn and Bob said.
  5. Zipper installation multipurpose guide

    Of course! It's always nice to have a new toy . I reckon you'll enjoy playing with one. There are many free files available on thingiverse for all sorts of things - some of them even useful.
  6. LMAO - Couldn't Resist!

    I like it (being a Trekkie from way back when).
  7. Loking at a 111W113

    I've moved one or two of these types of things . Remove the head, remove the motor (assuming it's a clutch as they're heavy!), dismantle the legs and it all fits into the back of my Subaru XV with the seats down, of course. So should fit in a RAV4. Take along some old blankets etc for padding.
  8. Zipper installation multipurpose guide

    Maybe you should have printed just a couple first to try them out? I wonder just how critical that sideplay will be, if it's a snug fit over the zip then it shouldn't matter too much?
  9. Zipper installation multipurpose guide

    Gary, as Brian said if you buy an already-built one (look for reviews first to see what people think of it) then all you need to learn about is the slicer programme that converts to the G code needed to print. I use Slicer, it and Cura are probably the most widely used. This part of it isn't to hard to master. As for filament it's pretty cheap in the US, just start with your basic PLA. It gets complicated if you start fiddling with the operating system!
  10. Bobbin holder case

    A couple more thoughts, Brian, I measured my bobbins and the Seiko is 1", the others slightly under so although they'd be a bit loose (which won't matter) they'll fit the existing design. Not knowing the height I don't know how many would fit in each slot, of course. This would mean that all the existing lid needs is a hole in it for loading/unloading (to use the firearm vernacular ). If you made one specifically for the smaller bobbins, so it only held one in each slot then by keeping the central shaft long one could simply stack them on top of each other. Lots of possibilities here .
  11. Bobbin holder case

    That would be good and might suit a wider audience. The Singer/Pfaff bobbins aren't quite the same diameter (which I'm sure you already know) so making it for the wider one should cover a wider range of bobbins. One other thing that occurred to me is that you could obviously stack 2 or 3 of the smaller bobbins in each of the slots, so if the top piece was made with a hole in it that could be rotated to a particular slot then the bobbins in that slot could be emptied out without tipping the whole lot out.
  12. Zipper installation multipurpose guide

    Thanks mate. Some of those thinners are......nice.......wheeee.
  13. Zipper installation multipurpose guide

    I just tried a search for that glue and nothing came up. I'm curious as it must be a fairly thin contact glue to work in that small nozzle?
  14. Bobbin holder case

    I like it!! Only one slight problem (for me) - I don't use those long bobbins. What's the diameter of the holes, just wondering if my Singer/Pfaff bobbins will fit?
  15. Zipper installation multipurpose guide

    A bit of good old Aussie ingenuity! Nicely done Brian and thanks for taking the time to document this. A question - what is the red squeeze thingy you're using? I assumed it's for applying glue, but if so what glue are you using that's thin and doesn't clog the tube?