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  1. Singer 45k1 Restoration Decals

    The decal-setting solutions are used by plastic modellers, if you have any hobby shops nearby that sell plastic model kits they may be able to help. As for cutting a stencil and spraying the name, that would be a lot of work and may not look as neat, particularly on a rough surface.
  2. Singer 153W 100

    Looks a lot better than when you got it, Jeff. Nice job.

    Ok, thanks Dwight. I still wouldn't mind trying to make one sometime, could be an interesting project.

    Do the different tribes have their own pattern? I always thought that the Indians used whatever they could get hold of. Looks like I'm about to learn something new.....
  5. Ballu, be patient regarding replies as you may have to wait overnight for answers due to time differences. I don't know anything about those machines other than a google search, but the Adler is considered a very good machine from what I can find out. Either would be better than what you've got as they're both walking foot. You need to define what you mean by heavy thread? Up to #138 or heavier? If heavier then you will likely need a bigger machine than these.
  6. Have a look at this post - The Consew P1206 mentioned might be worth considering BUT if you want to use heavy thread you will need to go to a much bigger machine. You won't be able to use anything like the Ritza or Tandy thread in such a machine. As northmount said, there is lots of good advice already posted, with many asking similar questions to you.
  7. Consew P1206rb tension issues?

    Is the thread coming off the bobbin in the right direction?
  8. Is holster the right word to use? Certainly be cheap to make, no wet moulding, no stitching, minimal amount of leather required.....
  9. I reckon you've made the right decision, as I said it looks like a nice machine. Let us know how you go with it as it will be useful info for anyone else considering buying one.
  10. Singer 42-7 info?

    Thanks guys. It does use the cylindrical bobbins, so that's one big negative if it doesn't come with extras, and 24 mm (1") of leather is putting it into the realms of the Cowboy 4500, and it definitely is not in that class! That info. I printed comes from a Singer publication relating to the 42 class. Mike, that ismacs listing also says it is for "saddle stitching", whatever that means. I think the reason that the 42-7 isn't in that parts list is because it doesn't have alternating pressers so is different to those other models.The guy wants $400, and it's been listed for a while so I don't think it's going anywhere soon. Based on what Wiz has said unless it was virtually being given away I don't think I'll touch it. Besides, I've just been spending quite a bit recently getting my bike (2005 Bonneville) up to scratch, plus I've just bought an 1866 lever-action rifle (lots of $$$!), so I think maybe I'd better stop looking - unless a machine pops up as too good to resist!!
  11. Just curious. Someone is advertising a Singer 42-7 and claims it can sew two layers of 12mm leather (which I find hard to believe). I can't find out much abut this model, other than Can anyone shed any more light on this one?
  12. I would hazard a guess that tapping into the wood was slightly askew? At least, that's what's happened to me when I've used a similar process.
  13. Pfaff 335

    Sounds like a good deal, I'd say you've done well. They are a nice solid machine. I ended up replacing the handwheel on mine with an 8" pulley, might look funny but it can go slow with lots of torque. Now you just have to buy lots of needles and lots of thread .
  14. Good one. That's what it's all about . As for the "orbital action" I'm sure the leather won't care!
  15. Consew 206RB-3

    Yeah, looks good, no paint wear on the baseplate that I can see. Slowly rotate the wheel by hand to make sure nothing is binding and everything is moving as it should, if you feel any tightness stop and find out what it is. Remove the bobbin and make sure it's all clean in there. As Constabulary said, get a manual, must have a manual! As to what to avoid - DON'T start loosening screws until you understand what you're doing.