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  1. Dwight, Springfield Leather sells HO by the square foot, and will sell you as little as 1 sq foot. I would call them and tell them what I need. They're the only place I know of that will sell small pieces like this. Chief
  2. Thanks Tom, I used to do them as well, I've done a couple of guitar straps recently with roses but this is the only dobro strap I've done with them. I like to do them as well. Chief
  3. Dobro Strap (AKA Resonator Guitar) for a square neck style dobro. Made from Hermann Oak (c) 7/8 oz leather. Don't get to carve roses very often, most dobro pickers are male. Chief
  4. I'm sure it's available from other sources as well. I would google it and see. Not sure how Tandy overseas works but you should be able to order from the website and get it shipped to you. Chief
  5. The shielding is available at Tandy and it's pretty reasonable. The last time I checked on it, it was like then wire mesh, this is like a sheet of paper, doesn't add any stiffness. Thanks Bob. Chief
  6. Thanks, love your patterns, very nice of you to do that. Big Fan! Chief
  7. Passport Wallet made from Hermann Oak (c) 4/5 oz leather, glazed pigskin pockets (5 credit card/ID slots and two currency storage areas) and a faille cloth liner. Since Passports have RFID chips embedded in the back cover and the information can be stolen this wallet has a RFID Shield embedded between the outer leather and the liner, this prevents ID theft. Chief
  8. Nice work. Chief
  9. Rohn, Thanks, I had a song on Youtube for a while but I think I took it down. Might be interesting to put one up. Chief
  10. Not many people are familiar with dobro guitars and the straps we use on them, so I thought I'd post a picture of one mounted on a dobro along with some of the other accessories used in playing dobro (resonator guitar). Dobro guitars come in to types, Round Neck and Square Neck, this is for a square neck, it is played flat on your lap or flat on the strap. A round neck is played like a standard guitar and uses a normal guitar strap. Also a picture of me playing a square neck dobro, good lookin' feller ain't I? Chief
  11. The rifle sling season usually fires up in early September and runs through Christmas. This is the first one for this season. Made from Hermann Oak, 44" Long using the KHS Rifle Sling Template from Black River Laser. Chief
  12. Thanks, Thanks Thanks Wild Bill, I was in your area last week, one of these times when I'm coming up we need to get together and trade secrets, etc. Chief
  13. They start at $79.95 and go up depending on whether they're hand carved or just tooled. Hand carving takes them to $99.95, double layered start at 159.95, that includes stitching if they want them laced then that adds $50.00. Lacing is time consuming, sewing is done on a sewing machine, doesn't take nearly as long.
  14. I don't like taking the chance of dye bleed on shirts, and I've never liked the look of dyed flesh side of leather, I like it better when it looks like leather. If I double layer the strap then both sides are dyed, but then the backsides are glued together and don't show. Just me, but there is an option to have the back dyed when they order and I've not had very many take that option. I'll dye it and seal it if they want but most don't want it. Chief
  15. What a nice compliment. I have a video out on you tube concerning the arrowhead basket weaving technique, hadn't thought about the others since they are pretty standard and there's lots of folks out here that do basket weave better than I. I will try to get in the shop and do some techniques on video and get it posted. Chief Standard width for guitar straps is 2-1/2 inches but I've made them from 1-1/2 to 3-1/2" wide for different folks. Thanks, Chief