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  1. Made from Hermann Oak (c) 7/8 oz. Chief
  2. The Big Red swivel knife sharpening jig will hold Barry's or Tandy's one end is smaller diameter inside than the other. It also comes with a device for setting the correct angle. Best sharpening tool I've found for swivel knives. Chuck Smith makes them, several places sell them. Chief
  3. I've been wondering about the versa groover they sold, I have one and love it but have replaced the blade once (after about 1 year), I don't have anymore replacement tips and don't know of a source for them, does anyone have any idea?
  4. It is normal to replace the oils in the leather after dying by applying Neetsfoot oil or some other conditioner. I use Neetsfoot oil most of the time and Feibings Aussie on projects that need perspiration or weather resistance. There are other products and probably other ideas about how to condition leather but most leather workers I know do some kind of conditioning after the dying process. I normally apply a finish after the conditioner has migrated appropriately (for me 12-24 hours).
  5. Style of the mandolin. A style is the "Pear" shaped mandolins you see while an F Style has a scroll at the top. F-Style first then an A-Style As pictured here.
  6. PM Sent Chief
  7. Never seen 1-1/2" or 2" sets, once it gets over 1" I carve the letters. Chief
  8. PM Sent Chief
  9. Thanks Thanks Thor, I do like braiding, although on a project this size, it takes some time. Chief
  10. Thanks, Chief
  11. Don't get much call for these anymore, but some folks still like them. This is from a Pattern I got from Tandy 25-30 years ago, cut from Hermann Oak 9/10 oz, lined with Glazed Pigskin. Finished with Mexican Basket Weave lacing. Chief
  12. Mexican Basket Weave lacing on a 6 card wallet, made from 4/5 oz Hermann Oak with a Glazed Pigskin interior. The back is lined with Faille Cloth. Chief
  13. Sewing machine impressions, they are lighter than they look in the picture. Chief