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  1. Thanks, saw you're belts, looking really good!!! Thanks Rohn,
  2. Five guitar straps, two mandolin straps and a dobro strap off the bench last week.
  3. Thanks Thank you, Rohn, I think a Mandolin strap would be a better option, Dobro straps go out to about 74" long and average around 68", Mandolin straps are much shorter and attach with either a slip over loop or by attaching it to the headstock with a leather shoe lace or a piece of Para Cord. They look something like these, I would make it 1-1/2" to 2" wide.
  4. Recent projects completed.
  5. First time anyone asked to get Bead Work put on an instrument strap. I like figuring out how to do new techniques. This bead work was provided by the customer, I glued and sewed it to a piece of pigskin, then used that as an inlay in the strap. I didn't like the idea of just gluing and sewing it to the top of the strap, not sure if there is a better way to do this, but I think it is an interesting look on instrument straps. Chief
  6. I line some of them, but not many, I've got some in use that have been being played on the stage for over 25 years and they haven't stretched yet. Never heard of that being a problem. Chief
  7. Here's one that has a two buckle system and is double layered with 1/4" padding between the layers. I don't usually do them this way but the customer really likes the buckle sets and requested it be done that way.
  8. Thanks, that's pretty long for a guitar strap, however, dobro straps average around there, I've done a few at 72" or so. The BRL templates do a great job I think you'll be happy with them. Thanks, some folks want them, some don't makes no difference to me, but my personal dobro strap has a buckle system on the front loop strap. Thanks,
  9. Thanks Rohn. Thanks, Thank you, Not exactly, this is a crown of thorns and three nails, I normally carve these on Bible covers, but this guy wanted one on his guitar strap. Thanks,
  10. This group from April runs the gammut, Dobro, Guitar, Banjo and Mandolin straps. The ones with the buckles are squareneck dobro (buckles are almost always used and there is a reason for it, with the dobro they never get near the instrument), ones with snap hooks are banjo, ones with loop and no buckle are mandolin, Guitar straps are self explanatory. Chief
  11. Thanks Bikermutt07. Thanks, appreciate the comments about the videos, some people like them, some don't. I hope they help a few folks. Thanks, they are pretty popular, particularly in the fall from when hunting season opens till Christmas. The are made from Hermann Oak, 44" long. It depends on the festival (more accurately it depends on the star power of the artists. A show with Rhonda Vincent will charge more then one with several 2nd tier bands. Craft fairs are the same way, some are more expensive than others. Thanks for the nice comment. Chief
  12. Mandolin Strap, couple of Banjo Straps, several Dobro Straps, Rifle Sling, Checkbook cover, Musicians (Mechanics) Belt with a matching capo case for a Dobro PLayer, etc. Been a while, just thought I'd throw out a few things, will be getting busy soon, Music Festival Season is quickly approaching.
  13. Looks Good, nice work. Chief
  14. I used a lot of leather from Tandy, back in the 70's, since then I avoid them like the plague. I use some of there products but not leather. Just my $.02 worth. I've used HO pretty much since then. Chief
  15. Thanks, it has adjustment holes, but I normally measure the strap the customer is using now and put that measurement in the middle of the adjustment range. Adjustment area looks like this. Chief