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  1. A couple of Bible Covers off the bench recently

    Thanks, Thank You, Thanks Thanks Bob.
  2. Thanks Rohn That one belongs to Touring dobro player and the emblem is a trademark of Tut Taylor's that he has permission to use. Studio-N made the embossing plate for the dobroholic emblem. He does a great job on embossing stamps if you need any custom. Thanks, I use that technique on belts and it was much more popular during bygone days, not as much call for it anymore, really easy to do after you lay it out. Chief
  3. A couple of Bible Covers off the bench recently

    Thanks everyone.
  4. Thanks for the nice comments, most do collaborate, they have an idea of something they want, however, from time-to-time someone will just say do whatever you want with it. Chief
  5. Never had them do that, they are quite tight to begin with and relax a little so that they retract easily but don't slip. Takes a little work to get them in and out so they are there. I haven't found a better way.
  6. Includes a Harmonica Bandolier as well as a lot of Dobro Straps, and a few mandolin, banjo and guitar straps. All made from Hermann Oak.
  7. Haven't posted in a while so here goes, Bible covers made from Hermann Oak with Pigskin Liners
  8. Custom Embossing Stamps and Plates

    I had a need for a custom stamp 2" wide X 2" high and contacted Studio-N (member here) to see if it could be done. He responded immediately, communicated really well, and made me an excellent product at a very reasonable price. Anyone needing stamps or embossing plates should contact him at: Excellent quality, excellent customer service, and extremely reasonable prices, I will be ordering more!!!! Chief
  9. More sheaths

    Great looking sheaths, very nice craftsmanship. Chief
  10. Depending on the situation, I either use Clear Lac or Resolene (cut 50/50 with Distilled Water). This particular strap was finished with Clear Lac. Thanks, Chief
  11. Camo Guitar Strap

    Thanks, I got this from Springfield Leather, but they don't carry it anymore. I had made some wallets and money clips, so I thought I'd make a few guitar straps and rifle slings as more or less novelty items to put on the table at festivals. If they do well, I may seek another source. I think I asked Kevin a while back and he told me where he got it from but I forget what he said. This was a whole side, I also got some other type from him that I liked a little better, but he's not carrying it anymore either and I didn't have a whole side of it. It looked like this. Chief
  12. Camo Guitar Strap

    Had some of this leather so I decided to make a couple of guitar straps and a couple of rifle slings out of it. Chief