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  1. Looks Good, nice work. Chief
  2. I used a lot of leather from Tandy, back in the 70's, since then I avoid them like the plague. I use some of there products but not leather. Just my $.02 worth. I've used HO pretty much since then. Chief
  3. Thanks, it has adjustment holes, but I normally measure the strap the customer is using now and put that measurement in the middle of the adjustment range. Adjustment area looks like this. Chief
  4. Here are a couple I've done on instrument straps. Chief
  5. Small strap in the back and wide strap on the front is the way I make them to be installed. Chief
  6. I use Cova Paints on leather and I have belts and instrument straps and I've never had the paint fade off or come off, I just had a belt back in the shop from a lady who likes her name painted on the belts, I painted it over 5 years ago and she wears it every day, no paint erosion. I dye the whole belt first, then paint the letters or whatever I'm painting, then seal with two coats of 50/50 Resolene. I don't get too much call for it but when I do, I'm confident that it will last, I do it more on instrument straps and they last really well (not as much wear on the surface side as belts). Chief
  7. I recognized her, knew I'd seen her somewhere before, but when her husband introduced himself and her he said that she was a boot maker. The ship had about 4000 people on it, 3 dining rooms with 100's of tables in each dining room and we wound up at the same table, small world. Chief
  8. I can honestly say I think we were the only two leather workers on the whole ship!!! It is kind of cool. Chief
  9. My wife and I took a cruise to the Caribbean and we had assigned seating for dinner each night and seated at our table was Lisa Sorrell and her husband. What a very nice lady and great leather worker. Really enjoyed talking leather with her on the cruise and also listening to some great country music (this was the Country Family Reunion 20th Anniversary Cruise). Chief
  10. stamps

    Please send a catalog to Chief
  11. Great looking holsters Rohn, as usual. Chief
  12. Just awesome!! Never thought of lifting my leg so I tried it, my dog looks at me kind of funny now though. Seriously, beautiful work, that stamp is hard to keep aligned. Chief
  13. Thanks Bill, I appreciate the comments. Chief
  14. Bob, you're starting to get the knack of this carving thing!!! Just kidding, absolutely awesome just as always, my opinion, Bob Parks is the best western floral carver past or present there has ever been. Your pieces are museum quality, real works of art. Chief
  15. Mostly by eye, I make a light mark for the center of the first letter, then I align the other letters on that one. I've tried some alignment guides over time but never could get any of them to work well. Sorry I don't have a more technical answer. Chief