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  1. I have found pint rest is a good source for tooling patterns
  2. That gives me an idea.... Thanks for posting
  3. Really nice work. Edges are top notch. Nice use of exotics.
  4. Thanks for sharing
  5. Thanks for posting
  6. Very interesting topic of discussion. I think the problem that The United States is facing now is "The Entitled"... you know.... The get a trophy just for participating or throw yourself down in the aisle of Toys R Us throwing a screaming fit until you get what you want generation has reached voting age, and since they have never faced real defeat, got the first taste of how life can be difficult to manage. I have to agree with CD, we have risen from our own ashes many times stronger than before. But it takes work, patience, and dedication to your task to do so. Not sure people are willing to that as a whole yet. We have the ability and the knowledge. I am a Millwright by trade, so I know about working with your hands and sadly they are trying to slowly phase out my craft. On a positive note they are finding out that they need us more than ever. Oddly on Wednesday, we are getting orders for more products than we have seen in a long while ( 6 years) and our stock shot up. I have traveled the world on the Governments ticket, albeit to places that weren't the best places to be at the time. But it showed me a lot of how the world works. I haven't posted any works lately because my skills aren't quite where I want them to be quite yet. But because of many of you I have focused more on the areas that I was lacking and I thank all of you for helping. By making that statement it means that I know where my weakness lies, and I am willing to improve on it. Hopefully the more will realize this
  7. I too would like to learn the flame technique as well. Stunning work as always
  8. As always. Awesome work
  9. Thanks Shadow. I appreciate all the help.
  10. Really nice. What weight did you use?
  11. Really nice work... I would be stoked if mine turned out that nice
  12. Always stunned by your work. I only hope to be half as good when I start doing seats
  13. Thank You. I Appreciate Your Help
  14. Really cool idea. Could you take a pic of the inside possibly?
  15. Awesome work. Wish someone would do a tutorial on braiding lace like that on seats. Ha Ha