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  1. Custom banjo strap

    in the last photo they were not done yet i had just sewn on the liner
  2. Custom banjo strap

  3. Dying Drum Dyed Leather

    nice thanks for the response didn't know if the finish would effect dying. did you strip it with alcohol or anything before dying?
  4. Dying Drum Dyed Leather

    I have found some light tan drum dyed leather for a great price. I can use the tan color but also need some black leather for a project. Does anyone know if you can dye already drum dyed leather?
  5. Singer 78-3 Treadle

    I have a 119-2 which looks like a class 78 but with a cylinder arm. have you found any good place to get replacement parts for the 78s? I guess this is a rare find because i can not find parts for the 119-2 but so far the parts for the 78 match the part numbers for the 119-2.
  6. SLC's Gift to you!

    Do these legs burnish or do you just sand and add edge coat?
  7. Tooled Guitar Strap

    That looks awesome. love the two tone.
  8. caiman tail bi-fold wallet

    no its more matte
  9. caiman tail bi-fold wallet

    i sanded burnished and then applied some edge coat from tandy. i thing it was the eco flo brand.
  10. caiman tail bi-fold wallet

    its a grey caiman tail with denim blue buffalo interior from springfield leather
  11. caiman tail bi-fold wallet

    it is very tough. my friend was really loving the caiman tail so i made it. i also read that it can crack. i strategically placed the fold of the wallet on the gap between the scales. time will tell what will happen to it. i backed it with a piece of leather so hopefully that will reinforce it. real pain to sew tho. i was not happy with the stitching on the caiman side of the wallet. very rough looking from the bumpy surface the stitches lay across. he was happy and i guess that is all that matters.
  12. This is a caiman tail back and denim buffalo interior wallet I made recently.