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  1. singer 119-2 presser foot and tension issue

    bottom tension is good. had a friend who sews for a living come over he got the tension right for me but voiced concern at how tight it was too. Is this machine the same as a class 78?
  2. singer 119-2 presser foot and tension issue

    that wont mess up the sewing to just cut off the tip? so you think the spring could just be weak? maybe the original 1939 spring isn't what it once was?
  3. Hello all, I bought a singer 119-2 cylinder bed sewing machine and it is working fine after some tlc and a new servo motor. I would like to replace the walking feet with ones that would allow me to see the needle. The one i have now the needle goes through the front foot and makes it hard to see where im sewing especially around corners. Is there a replacement foot that will fit this machine? Having a hard time finding info on this. So far all i have seen is a foot that comes on the 78-3 but it has some teeth on the bottom and i was trying to stay away from that if i can since im sewing leather. Also i have my tension really high. I works fine but just seems really tight. I had to tighten it that much to get the seam right just doesn't seem right. Im using 138 size thread. Should i replace the tension assembly? Any info would help thank you.
  4. So I made a thing. For another thing.

    very nice looks beautiful
  5. refurbished sewing machine

    I sanded and repainted the base and made a new top
  6. refurbished sewing machine

    How do those attach to the machine? Do you have to drill?
  7. refurbished sewing machine

    cowboy bob will the presser feet from any of your machines work on this machine? I'm new to this so i don't know if they are interchangeable or not. Is there a foot that allows you to see the needle? Mine goes through a hole in the foot and makes it hard to see where I'm sewing. Or is this just something you have to learn how to do?
  8. refurbished sewing machine

    yes walking foot it was discontinued in the 50's and they started making the 153's. was made for leather briefcases. I put a servo motor on it and put a small 2" pulley on the motor and a 6" pulley on the machine. slowed it way down. trying different size thread on it now. Can take needles up to #25. Now i just need to learn how to sew a straight line. This one was from 1939.
  9. refurbished sewing machine

    I looked for over a year for a old one like this and was about to give up and save up for a cowboy or cobra.
  10. refurbished sewing machine

    Found this online a guy bought a house and it was in his barn. Got it for 75 dollars and refurbished it. No more hand sewing yay!
  11. Holster and Gun Belt

    Very nice!
  12. Budget starter machines

    http://ismacs.net/singer_sewing_machine_company/model-list/classes-200-299.html here is a good guide for all the singer sewing machines. lets you know what they are and what they are made for.
  13. 44 special holster

    Thank you!