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  1. Show me your wallet

  2. Octopus guitar strap

    I used my hole punch and just hand pressed it in for the suction cups. And it took a while to background it but not too bad.
  3. Double shoulder holster

    i started with the al stohlman book design and had to modify the size and some of the hole alignments and then mirror it for the other side. i used elastic webbing to connect in the back so you can put it on easy but it has tension to hold in place. i used a suspender clip on the webbing to make it fully adjustable. holsters were just pancake design with tabs to attach to the shoulder harness. made it out of 6-7oz veg tan leather.
  4. Double shoulder holster

    22 mag revolver on one side and a s&w m&p 9mm on the other.
  5. More digital printed holsters

    im still building it. I have a facebook page schneider leather works you can pm, you can send me an email at justingschneider@yahoo.com. i have some on amazon but i have not posted the digital printed ones yet.
  6. 17424678_10154929190071113_2011333649939752008_n.jpg

    k2 1000