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  1. im still building it. I have a facebook page schneider leather works you can pm, you can send me an email at justingschneider@yahoo.com. i have some on amazon but i have not posted the digital printed ones yet.
  2. by looking at the Savoy holsters i assume they have stamps for the design and they go back and either dye or paint them to embellish the stamp. looks like they might do some hand work in some spots. my guess is that they have full design stamps.
  3. i ran this on a k series cet color flatbed
  4. I used a large format digital printer and printed directly to the leather.
  5. here is a shot of one before and after molding.
  6. this is direct print digital printing. Yes it can be wet molded. I don't mold them until someone has purchased them as they fit multiple guns.
  7. as far as i know there is no one printing holsters....yet. also not all inks will flex with the leather. it must be flexible. i was worried about the ink wearing off but all of the people i have sold these to have reported them working flawlessly. Im currently stitching 12 up and will be putting them up for sale. hopefully they will sell like hotcakes. once i get a sewing machine i will be looking to mass produce these