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  1. Maul Suggestions?

    Sorry, I’m not sure what they cost.
  2. Maul Suggestions?

    You're welcome. Clay and Maker's Leather Supply are next door to each other about 45 minutes from me. Both are great to work with and very helpful. I do have one of Clay's petal lifters which works great and will definitely be buying more tools from him in the future.
  3. Maul Suggestions?

    Check out Clay Miller tools on facebook. He is making some unique mauls with colored handles. I do not have one, but have been in his shop and they look pretty cool.
  4. Protecting Eel skin

    I purchased mine at the local Tandy. They only had about 6 skins of different colors. The one I purchased is dark brown. I was told by a lady at Tandy that I could use resolene on it so I tested it on a key chain I made for my wife. No adverse effects at this point and seems to be working. I also sold one that did not have resolene and it is holding up fine as well.
  5. Question about Stitching Pliers

    I appreciate everyone's help. I did see these pliers, but hadn't seen a photo with the stitching holes and thought they wouldn't match the diamond shaped hole the punches make. Now that I see the holes it looks like they will work. I have watched some tutorials by Chris from Fischer Workshops and he uses both punches and this type of pliers which seem to work well. It appears to be easier when trying to line up to stitching grooves when I see him use them. I am currently working on a bag with a gusset that will be a little awkward for chisels because of the angle. Thanks, again!
  6. I have 3mm diamond stitching punches and am wondering if someone makes stitching pliers with diamond prongs that will match the punches. If so, who and where would I find them? I have searched and don't seem to find any.
  7. Protecting Eel skin

    I am new to leatherwork and have been working on key chains with an eel skin inset that is dark brown. Is there a way to protect/seal the eel skin so the brown color doesn't scrape off?