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  1. Stitches in t-slots

    I would put Yang Tools on probation for now. I hear nothing but poor communication and extremely slow delivery time (+90 days) recently. I would monitor his Instagram feed and ask around before placing an order. The rest of the list is solid.
  2. splitter parts

    That piece looks like cast iron. If you don’t have the pieces to braze together then I figure the best/easiest way to recreate this piece would be through a lost wax process. Using the piece that you have, you can build upon it with clay or similar, cast in 2 part RTV, make a wax positive, encase in fine sand and pour molten steel or brass. Refine shape with Dremel or files. Definitely a project.
  3. Fortschritt Bell Skiver

    Thank you for your insight @RockyAussie. I never really thought about the question of the shaft running true on these older models. Definitely going to rethink purchasing one of them and will not purchase one without running it first. I have heard of the issues with bell skiver without ejectors and I was hoping that I could live without it. Is it possible to just hook it up somehow into a dust collector system? Could you tell me what make and model you are running? Thanks again! You probably saved me a few bucks and a bunch of frustration.
  4. FYI - this crank splitter just came up on Reddit. Comes with an extra blade. Not a bad price. I would jump on this if I didn’t already have my LS440.
  5. splitter parts

    Which “handle” are you referring to? The crank handle on my American was definitely replaced with a home made one. Just looks like a flat stock of steel with a bolt welded onto one end (to fit on the body) with a set screw and a leather wrapped handle on the other end. Many machine shop could make one. If you’re taking about the adjustment handle then that’s going to be a tough one.
  6. Fortschritt Bell Skiver

    Hello All - I’ve been looking for a good quality bell skiver for a while now and one actually popped up a few minutes from me. It is described as a Fortschritt Skiving machine and seems like a Fortuna V50 clone. Can anyone tell me if the parts are typically interchangeable with Fortuna (bell, feet, feeder, etc)? Additionally, if anyone knows how much it would be if I were to purchase all the consumable parts for this unit. Thanks!
  7. Stitches in t-slots

    Lol! I have the same problem! I’m attracted to shiny objects. Thing is, all that looking had inspired me to make my own tools now so I have a second addiction just below leather. Lathe or sewing machine.....hmmm...
  8. Stitches in t-slots

    Try sending him a PM directly through Instagram. He responds pretty quickly through the platform (less the time difference).
  9. Stitches in t-slots

    I've been looking at this tool: https://factorysanta.thebase.in/items/8366986 It is used to evenly space out your stitches as you approach the end of a stitch line but it can be used to plan out and mark your stitch line in a variety of spacing. It can be a powerful tool when stitching wallet pockets.
  10. Round knife

    Take a look at Nash Anonymous. I have two custom awls and both are excellent performers and the price is right. Only heard good things about his head knives. Good communication and about three week turn around.
  11. Hello All - Hoping some bell skiver gurus can chime in here... I am looking at a few bell skiver units online: two fairly new chinese units and a Fortuna. Since I am a sucker for vintage fixer uppers I am more drawn to the Fortuna. The posting states that it's a V50. My questions are: Is this truely a V50 or perhaps a V50K or S or? Can this unit be converted to run full speed on the knife and vary speed on the feeder? Are the parts interchangeable with modern? Is there an argument to be made for choosing a modern chinese clone over an vintage Fortuna? I typically work with 1.5mm-3mm veg tan and chevre. Hoping to use the bell skiver to get down to ~0.5mm. Much appreciated - Ed
  12. Screws for Blanchard Paris Gauge

    You can also try to contact some people who sells vintage Blanchard tools on Ebay France. You may get lucky. Depending on the damage to the screw you may be able to braze or TIG material onto the screw and shape to suit or perhaps have the shop machine just a threaded rod to match so you can cut and weld on a similar head. I am interested to know the price of two custom screws if you would share. Here in the US it would be very expensive. Good luck!
  13. What's so great about Blanchard? - Discussion

    They used to be one of only a few companies that specialized in leather working tools but modern design and manufacturing techniques has put tool manufacture in the hands of craftsman and small companies who actually care if their tools are sharp out of the box. That being said, there will always be people who will buy Vergez Blanchard on name recognition, heritage and provenance but if they don't innovate or at the very least, improve the performance of their tools, they won't last another 100 years. As you said, the competition is just too stiff and the global market is too easy to access at a touch of a button. To be fair though, the scale is different. VB will sell more awls in one week than these small companies will sell in a year so who knows.
  14. The Eagle HAS landed! (Finally!)

    Nice design and execution.
  15. Box board

    Search for Bontex board (a.k.a. Texon outside the US). It is commonly available from sizes 0.6 mm - 2.0 mm thick. It is easy to cut, retains its shape and since it is commonly used in footwear, it is treated to resist odors.