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  1. Wallet credit card slot question

    Maker’s Leather Supply sells black Tyvek rolls specifically made for the interiors of this type of construction. http://makersleathersupply.com/category/SUPP.html They also did a video showing its use.
  2. Helllo Folks - can anyone advise if Bontex can be shaped or formed by wet molding or vacuforming? Thanks!
  3. splitter blade sharpening

    Are you sure that it’s at the point where you need to send it out? What does the blade look like?
  4. Latest Leather Squadron/group Etc Patches .......

    Outstanding art. Curious to see how they hold up over time. Do you have any photos of patches that were worn over a year or two? Can you also produce shadows and gradients with the paints?
  5. There are a lot of good questions here. I don’t know anyone who makes different card slot widths according to the number of slots. These slots usually break in over time or increase the overall width. A good trick is to oversize each pocket, glue up, and then trim them all at the same time to get a nice even edge rather than try to line up each pocket to the edge. Lining the pockets is done on many high end pieces. You can choose to do it or not. Many line with fabric as well. Not just leather. I recommend Fenice edge paint. There are tons of tutorials on the forum about edge tools and application. Matt is a super helpful guy. Not sure how he helps everyone and still has time to do anything else. A true asset to the community.
  6. Source Request: Precut wool felt

    Thank you Karina - They stock some beautiful material. I never knew that felt was so expensive with the price being on par with premium leathers. They have exactly what I was looking for though so I’m going to give them a shot.
  7. Hello Folks - Can anyone recommend a source for 1/4” to 1/2” wool felt sheets in various colors? Much appreciated!
  8. Edge Bevelers: Barry King vs. Ron's

    Can you PM me sizes and prices? Do you know what steel he uses? The look very nice. Would consider purchasing from Bob Douglas if only to compare the two brands. It looks like he sells off of Facebook only?
  9. Edge Bevelers: Barry King vs. Ron's

    The Feng edgers perform very well. I have the 0 (0.5mm) and 1 (0.8mm) which are both very thin and it cuts soft thin chevre nicely and veg tan excellent. I am going to purchase the 2/3/4 when funds allow. Everything he makes is to order so expect 20-30 days lead time plus shipping.
  10. VB Tools worth their price?

    Hey Mutt - Yes. Very happy with them. It took a while to get used to them, especially around tight corners but love them now. I have the 1.5 and 2.0 spaced versions and they do the trick for 95% of what I do. They’re comfortable and hold the heat well. It seems that Wuta changes their pricing according to the venue so look around. You can get free shipping on a lot of their tools but it takes 20 days+. I always opt for expedited shipping which is about 7 days but cost around 18 bucks.
  11. VB Tools worth their price?

    Here are a few of my favorite things (from Asia): Nobuyoshi skiving knives/plane (Japan) Note: they are not much to look at but the Aogami Super steel is top notch and will hold an edge like no other. Feng edgers (China) Wuta creasers (China) Nash Anonymous awl (Hong Kong) KSBlades stitching chisels (Korea)
  12. VB Tools worth their price?

    They both can be found and contacted through Instagram: Feng Tools https://www.instagram.com/feng_tools Nash Anonymous https://www.instagram.com/nash_anonymous Note: Feng offers two different types of steel for his edgers XW42 and M390. The upcharge for the M390 is worth it. I use it several times a week for six months and only recently needed to sharpen them (and edgers are a PITA to sharpen). Nash offers fully customizable awls and knives. I ordered a special awl with a longer stickout. No issues and charged the same price. They are laser sharp. Goes through 10oz veg tan like butter.
  13. Last making without wood?

    Many flea markets and antique stores sell wood or plastic lasts fairly cheap. I heard of people buying a size or two larger and then sanding down to fit their major measurements.
  14. VB Tools worth their price?

    I can’t really speak to the quality of Vergez Blanchard tools but a new crop of companies from Asia are really changing the game. To name a few: KS Blades: for stitching chisels and punches Feng Tools: for edgers Nash Anonymous: for awls Nobuyoshi: for Japanese skiving knives Wuta: for creasing irons and stitching chisels I highly recommend any of these for their performance, fit and finish and many of them are cheaper than their Blanchard counterpart.
  15. Fantasy Scale Lamellae Cuirass

    Nice job. Looks like a lot of work went into making it. Is this fantasy or are you going for a particular period with the design?