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  1. Reupholstering a Baseball (how do I do that!)

    Thanks. I’ll look for it!
  2. George Barnsley plough gauge

    I don’t think George Barnsley gets enough love. They are well designed and manufactured tools at a reasonable price. Nice tool! Enjoy it!
  3. Hello All - I am trying to re-cover a baseball and was hoping to get a few pointers: Can I use the existing skin as a direct template (or maybe make it a little smaller to account for the stretch when wet)? How do I end the baseball stitch so that it’s hidden? Should I glue the leather down before stitching it up? There are a few “tutorials” online but too vague to follow. Any tips or tricks on doing this is appreciated! - Thanks
  4. DIY Filler for Edges?

    It should be possible to thicken up edge paint with either fumed Silica or strait Silica. Depending on the percentage, you should be able to achieve a viscosity of anything from syrup to a semi-solid. The drawback of this system is that they typically leave a matte finish when dry.
  5. Cowboy 810 Burnishing Machine

    What is the HP/wattage and RPM of the motor? I like the small footprint of the unit.
  6. Calculating prong punching distances?

    I’ve found that many issues pertaining to stitching can be avoided with templates. Take the time when making your templates to calculate the stitch spacing and do a dry run with your tools. I’ve been using Adobe Illustrator to make my templates and you can create stitch lines in various spacing using the Line tool. I do this regardless if I’m using a chisel or awl to make sure things make sense and my stitches end up where I want them to.
  7. Leathercrafting helped save my life

    “You beat cancer by how you live, why you live and the manner in which you live” - by what I can gather through your post - you got this. Looking forward to seeing more of your incredible work in the years to come. Speedy recovery.
  8. Asian craftsman?

    Congratulations on turning one of your passions into a business. I hear that the Philippines is a difficult place to find leather and leather crafting tools but, from what I see here and on Instagram, there are many talented artists. Keep up the good work and best wishes on growing your brand.
  9. Center Line On Edges

    As @JLSleather said, oversize the piece by 1/4-1/2 inch and trim the excess to size. It’s a perfect edge every time.
  10. How good are Wuta products and delivery time

    I had purchased their stitching chisels and edge creasers. Both were good. I ended up selling the chisels when I purchased KSBlades. Still use the creasers. I contacted them directly by email and paid 27ish dollars for expedited shipping (~8 days). Check around. Pricing is different depending on the venue. I believe that ebay is cheaper than Amazon.
  11. Making a clicker knife

    Thanks Fred - Lol - I’ve been trying to get the screw heads to line up! I already ruined a screw trying to get it right. Yes. Will get some polish to clean it up before sending them out. Brass is great to work with but takes on scratches VERY easily.
  12. Making a clicker knife

    Hello all - Just thought some of you might get a kick out of this. I'm making a few of these for gifts. I find that making tools is a fun way to pass the time between leather projects. If you get inspired to make one yourself make sure you wear eye protection and a respirator! Cutting metal is nasty work and brass dust will get everywhere. I wore a full face respirator for most of the work after losing a few years of my life breathing in some nasty metal dust. Also clamp the metal down whenever exposing the metal to any bit of torque when cutting, sanding, etc. Safety first! I started off with a piece of brass from the junkyard. 20 bucks for a nice long piece of 360 Brass. You can also buy some pre cut pieces from MSCDirect at a fair price. Note that most brass cannot be heat hardened only work hardened. I found this to be a blessing and a curse. On one hand it's an easy metal to work with but will scratch if you look at it wrong. Using a miter saw I cut the brass down to length using a 80 TPI carbide tipped saw blade. Slow and steady here. I then clamped a pneumatic cut off saw (Husky from Home Depot) perpendicular to a 6" cross slide vice (Harbor Freight with coupon) and was able to mill the piece down to the correct width. While I was at it, I also milled the channel that the blade will eventually sit in. At this point I was covered in brass dust and seriously thinking of buying a Bridgeport mill (added to the long list of equipment wanted but can't afford). I clamped the piece into a vice and heated the back spine of the brass handle with a propane torch. While heating, I slowly pinched the bottom of the brass handle together. No need to get it too hot. Its a soft metal and easy to work with. Using a file I shaped the handle to fit nicely in my hand and using sand paper from 320-1000 grit I smoothed everything out. I also had to use some small files to open up the hole in the front to accommodate the blade. From here I drilled and tapped the holes (1/4"x20) using a bottoming tap and secured the blade using slotted set screws purchased from Amazon. You will have to grind down the height of the screws to fit. Cuts like a champ using Blanchard blades from Rocky Mountain Leather Supply (I had to regrind and strop the cutting edge though). If anyone has questions on any part of the process let me know. Thanks!
  13. Yangtools

    Yang is officially off my list. A buddy had to file a PayPal claim after months of chasing him up through email and Instagram. I’ve seen other similar posts on Instagram. It’s too bad. He puts out a lot of nice stuff but I can’t be bothered with poor communication and aggravation. It’s just not worth it.
  14. Screws for Blanchard Paris Gauge

    Interesting life experiences and those are some beautiful clips. It’s also nice to hear that your son is in the business and will carry on the making tradition. Can you provide a link to the finished sling?
  15. Screws for Blanchard Paris Gauge

    That’s a fine bit of detective work!