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  1. Variations on a theme- More totes!

    Looks real nice Mike. by the way, I got my box of HOH from you and love it!
  2. I’ve ordered a couple of sides from these people lately. I know it’s probably foreign tanned, but it’s been good leather and the price is right. Rich Leather International Savannah,Ga i live in Ga. so I get it the next day on ups.
  3. Prototype Notepad holder

    Very very nice! i love that cream colored thread. I use it a lot
  4. Very nice work sir.
  5. Just a little curious...

    59 here.
  6. Rattlesnake Knife Sheath

    That’s a beautiful piece of hair on hide too!
  7. It does seem that way sometimes Dwight . Thanks Bikermutt
  8. Left handed holster I made from a JLS pattern. For a Shield 9mm.
  9. Rattlesnake Knife Sheath

    Very nice job. Well done
  10. What's happened to Hermann Oak?

    I’ve been using HO from SLC and noticed it is not as good quality as I used to get I’m gonna try some W&C direct from the tannery next.
  11. Thanks. Not my idea. They’ve been around for a long time. this is just my version of it.
  12. New project off the bench. Made this for a friend to use for quail hunting. You put it on your belt and stick shotgun butt in it when your just standing or sitting to help relieve the heaviness of the gun. I would guess it would be a help for deer hunters to.
  13. Looks good.
  14. My try at a Padfolio

    Looks very good nice work