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  1. Wallet Templates

    Makers Leather Supply has some good ones too.
  2. Front pocket money clip wallets

    Nope. They are all the same size. I just opened the 2 to show the inside.
  3. Front pocket money clip wallets

    Not on these. Cut by hand.
  4. Front pocket money clip wallets

    New front pocket wallets finished and ready for Christmas, and making more everyday. Has 4 card slots and a money clip. Makers Leather Supply pattern.
  5. Leather Wheel True up help needed

    I made one like this and mounted it on my buffer. Used an angle grinder with a 80 grit flapper wheel to true it up. Works pretty good.
  6. Cartridge Belts

    Very nice Dwight
  7. Leather burnisher, blueprints anyone?

    It’s a series of scrap leather discs I cut and glued together to use for stropping my cutting tools. Works pretty good.
  8. 1998 Ferdco/Juki Pro 2000

    I use a cowboy 4500 manual or the Cobra 4 pretty much the same machine. Most parts will interchange,but I have found the Cowboy and Cobra presser feet are about a 1/4" longer. I reworked my feet so I didn't have to keep adjusting the machine. Got called a redneck and dumbass for doing it, but it worked for me. LOL
  9. 1998 Ferdco/Juki Pro 2000

    I have that same machine and love it.I paid 2k for mine used. Mine doesn't have the thread lubricant pot on top though. I also changed the clutch motor out with a servomotor I already had. Good machine.
  10. Leather burnisher, blueprints anyone?

    I bought one of the replacement burnishers from Tandy for 30 something dollars and bored it out 8n the lathe and threaded the end to fit arbor on my HF buffer. Works like a charm.
  11. Best value for leather

    I just got a side of 12 oz. W&C English bridle off their overstock. I think it was 165.00. beautiful leather
  12. Good source for Timber Rattlesnake hides

    There is a guy down here in South Ga. that makes a lot of rattlesnake belts. You might see if he will sell you some. His name is Bryan Wynn @ Bull and Briar Leather. I know he has a Facebook page and I think a web site.
  13. Clicker Press Dies

    International Die in Ga. does this for me all the time
  14. Burnisher attachments

    I have one for a dremel, but find the small arbor is easily bent and vibrates like the devil.
  15. Which leather burnishing machine to buy?

    I ordered the Tandy burnisher and reworked it to fit my HF buffer. Made a leather stropping wheel for the other end. Way less than a $100 Buck’s in it. Makes burnishing belts and holsters a dream.