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  1. 1st. Shriner Fez case

    I cut the cylinder at the bottom and made tabs. Then riveted them to the bottom. the lid is what gave me the most problems. I had to reinforce it with 1/8” plywood on the inside.
  2. 1st. Shriner Fez case

  3. 1st. Shriner Fez case

    Just finished this fez case for a lifelong friend who is the new Potentate of our Shrine temple. not perfect by ant means, but I think it turned out okay.
  4. Sheridan tote bag

    Very very nice work Ryan!!! Which bar grounders did you use.? I’m wanting to get some myself.
  5. Leather Satchel

    It looks good. Nice work.
  6. 20181231_133915.jpg

    Which basket weave stamp is that?
  7. JLS-Leather-stamps.jpg

    Looks real good Jeff
  8. Clickers 'n' stuff

    They are good folks to deal with for sure. Fast good work and shipping.
  9. Razor Sharp system

    I’ve got some of these paper wheels on a grinder and they work good. Give you some advice I learned the hard way. Turn your grinder around so wheels rotate away from you. If the knife catches it will throw it away from you.
  10. Decisions, decisions ...

    I don’t see anything wrong with it. Sell for full price.
  11. WHO got the stuff?

    Acadia Leather has some nice distressed and pull up leather at reasonable cost. I buy some from them for wallets and bags.
  12. Ferdco juki 2000

    I have a Ferdco 2000 and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.
  13. It’s 5-5.5 oz chrome tanned. The pocket and pen holders are The same leather. Finidhed size is 12”x14”