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  1. Razor Sharp system

    I’ve got some of these paper wheels on a grinder and they work good. Give you some advice I learned the hard way. Turn your grinder around so wheels rotate away from you. If the knife catches it will throw it away from you.
  2. Decisions, decisions ...

    I don’t see anything wrong with it. Sell for full price.
  3. One of these things is not like the others ,...

    Keeper is not stitched.
  4. WHO got the stuff?

    Acadia Leather has some nice distressed and pull up leather at reasonable cost. I buy some from them for wallets and bags.
  5. Ferdco juki 2000

    I have a Ferdco 2000 and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.
  6. It’s 5-5.5 oz chrome tanned. The pocket and pen holders are The same leather. Finidhed size is 12”x14”
  7. New prototype tote bag I made today. Gonna make some changes to the next, but overall pretty good. Don’t know that I’ll do a turned bag on the next one.
  8. Shield 380 EZ

    Looks good Jeff!
  9. Wallet Templates

    Makers Leather Supply has some good ones too.
  10. Nope. They are all the same size. I just opened the 2 to show the inside.
  11. New front pocket wallets finished and ready for Christmas, and making more everyday. Has 4 card slots and a money clip. Makers Leather Supply pattern.
  12. Leather Wheel True up help needed

    I made one like this and mounted it on my buffer. Used an angle grinder with a 80 grit flapper wheel to true it up. Works pretty good.
  13. Cartridge Belts

    Very nice Dwight