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  1. I did go back and redo the edge. Didn't notice it until I saw the picture.
  2. New tooled and hand sewn black and red belt finished and off the bench tonight.
  3. I like the colors. On this belt!
  4. Sewed after I stitched the edges. Kinda like a baseball stitch.
  5. Two new hand made hand sewn heavy gun belts off the bench. Never been fond of black, but I'm liking this one! I'm thinking about making me a black one with red stitching with a matching holster.
  6. I use a buffing wheel on my bench grinder to polish mine also good for razor knife blades and my leather knifes. just be sure the wheel is turning away from you and be careful.
  7. That's for sure
  8. Nope. Just a quart. Lol
  9. Fiebings black dye makes a hell of a mess when you shake the bottle and the lid is not tight!!! that is all
  10. Thanks Having trouble getting pictures to post
  11. This is my first belt made for a local cancer charity auction. When asked I said yes without hesitation. This organization is called Cancer Ties and I'm grateful to have been one of last years recipients.. Getting ready to start another round of chemo next week as my cancer has returned , so if y'all can keep me in your prayers I'd appreciate it.
  12. This is what I use with my glasses on.