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  1. Roller Guide for 441 clones

    Is this still for sale.
  2. Anyone have a pattern for a hat box? One of my Shriner brothers wants me to make him a leather fez case.
  3. Alligator Field Notes Cover

    Very nicely done!
  4. They are good punches. Should do what you want.
  5. Leather needle/foot for normal sewing machine?

    I have this same machine and just ordered a servo motor for it. Hoping it will slow it down enough ..
  6. Recommendations for dremel burnishers

    A member here named slipknot made this one for me to use in my Dremel. Works great. Made from lignum vitae. It's hard as woodpecker lips.
  7. New Home 764

    It's not actually rust ,but plastic plugs in the holes and it does have an oil pump but no pan. Does the spam can work pretty good?
  8. New Home 764

    I got it in a deal with a functional and running Singer 241-12. After I looked at it closer, I think the New Home is worth fixing. The only parts missing are the bobbin carrier and bobbins that I can see. Finding these might be the problem. Any idea what it's a clone of.Wiz?
  9. New Home 764

    I didn't know where else to put it. Just looks like a decent machine.
  10. New Home 764

    I bought a couple of sewing machines at a good deal and one is a New Home764. does anyone have any knowledge of this machine, like what needles and bobbins it takes? thanks in advance.
  11. First belt

    Very nice job!
  12. Pfaff 463

    I saving my coin to get a Cowboy 3200 from you. Any specials coming up on this machine anytime soon?
  13. Pfaff 463

    Okay thanks. He is advertising it as such.
  14. Pfaff 463

    I'm looking at a used Pfaff 463 sewing machine. It has a walking foot. The guy uses it to sew auto upholstery. I want to sew up to 2 pcs 9 oz veg tan. Will this machine do that? And what is the largest size theeadcand needle it will take?
  15. Satchel

    No problem.