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  1. Sewing Machines Question and Recommendation

    As a current Boss user I don't think it is the machine that will do all the things you want. It does great on the thicker items but I think you would really struggle to sew wallets, etc. with it.
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I will do another one with about a 20 degree forward cant and see if that is better. Thanks agan. Todd
  3. I built the holster pictured below for a Ruger Redhawk with a 4" barrel. Gun fit is great, first holster to actually get a click when the gun is inserted. I wore it for an extended period over the 3 day weekend and I like the fit with the exception that it rides to high to comfortably draw the gun. Would it help to have a forward cant for the gun, I don't think there is much room to move the belt slot and tunnel up much to lower the gun. All suggestions welcome. Please ignore the stitch line over the reinforcement piece on the back, I forgot to transfer my stitch line to that side of the pattern and drew up the reinforcement piece and didn't catch the mistake until I had sewn that piece on and was about to sew the holster shut. Todd
  4. List of Members sewing machines

    I have a well used Tippmann Boss that I sew holsters and belts with. I have not convinced the finance committee(wife) that I really need a Cowboy 4500 for my hobby but I am still trying.
  5. First 'Clam shell' CCW/ open carry holster.

    Apologies, I did not see which section it was posted in, it was just in the current thread feed on the right of my monitor. I will pay closer attention to which sub forum it is from.
  6. First 'Clam shell' CCW/ open carry holster.

    ComputerDoc, There is a wealth on information on holster making on this site. If you open your mind up and listen to what others have to say about your design and execution. If you don't want advice then I would state that in your initial post. You have been given some great advice but seem to just react negatively to anything that does not agree with you. You have a great foundation to build from, I like the tooling and finish on your holster. Todd
  7. Which leather burnishing machine to buy?

    JKHelms, That is exactly what I did for mine, then I bought a cheap grinder stand and its self contained. Todd
  8. Keep up the good work and thank you many times over for your sharing here. I am a relative newby to the holster world. This forum and your posts in particular have helped me more than I can relate. I am still on my journey of reading all of pages in this sub forum( I have about 50 pages left) and the information I have found is priceless. Todd
  9. Thanks guys thats pretty much the concussion I came to I just wondered if I had missed something. Todd
  10. How do you guys do a belt slide for rifle shells? I tried one I drew up and it is way to deep for my taste, 30-06 shells are right at 3.25” so with enough height to protect the full length it ends up being very large. Thanks Todd
  11. Sewing Machine conundrum

    As a current Boss users I definitely would not recommend spending what it would cost to get a new one, look for an older cast iron model. I bought mine well used for $700 bucks and after 2+ years of tinkering and reading I finally have it dialed in and sewing decent on a consistent basis. If I had known I could get a Cowboy 4500 with all the trimmings for less than $3000 I would have waited. I am getting by with the Boss at the hobby level but if I decide to take it up any further production wise I will be investing in a Cowboy 4500. If you definitely want to save the money then I would look at the new Cowboy hand machine, it has a deeper throat than the Boss and that really is a pain on some things getting them bent up so it will clear.
  12. How much do you want for the tools then shipping would be on top of that?
  13. Do you by chance have a rough weight and what is your zip code so shipping could be calculated. Is that 4 sets of 3/4" letters or just 4 3/4" letters? Thanks, Todd
  14. Thanks Dwight. I think I am going to give this a go for my next project.