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  1. Very New... with Questions :)

    You have 2 terrific Tandy stores in your area. I have been to both the north and south ones. I have not been to the one just off I-70 but the one in Westminster is great, they have been more than willing to help me and answer questions.
  2. CB 4500 Thread Tension

    JLS, Where do you find the LL needles? Thanks, Todd
  3. CB 4500 Thread Tension

    I'd have to look at the package but pretty sure its a #25. Its what came with the machine.
  4. CB 4500 Thread Tension

    I appreciate the replies. I spent last evening doing battle and still lost. Confirmed thread path was correct, started backing off primary and secondary tension(upper) as in the utube video in 2:1 ratio primary to secondary. I got to the point where there is no primary tension and minimal secondary and you can see from the pictures there is essentially no change. Am I wanting too much or am I just missing something. Confirmed white and brown are both 277 size. First picture is the front, second is the back. weight of both test pieces is about 14 oz. Thanks, Todd
  5. CB 4500 Thread Tension

    I have a new CB 4500, thanks Cowboy Bob, it came set up with white thread and it sews great with it. I changed over to brown thread and it seems to be pulled further into the leather than the white. 277 thread in both colors and top and bottom. My question is, do you normally have to adjust tension with the different color threads. I am going to double check and make sure I have it threaded correctly tonight when I get home. Thanks, Todd
  6. I have a strip that is the same as what I make loops with and use the caliper method mentioned above. I go one more step, I keep scraps around and I will cut 2-4 slots after I figure out what I think the spacing is and try it. This lets me make the errors on scrap and not mess up good leather.
  7. Tippmann Boss for sale

    Bob, It looks like about $78.00 to ship, I estimated #50 as the machine is still bolted down and the cast aluminum one is listed at #21. Todd
  8. Tippmann Boss for sale

    I can take some measurements tonight and see what shipping would be. I only accept postal money orders for things I sell. Thank you, Todd
  9. Tippmann Boss for sale

    It is still for sale.
  10. Tippmann Boss for sale

    I will ship as long as the machine and shipping are prepaid.
  11. Will it line up

    Still looks great. Second vote for picture without the ruler.
  12. Will it line up

    It looks great but looking at it I don’t think it’s going to line up, the angles it appears are slightly different. I try to put as long a straight line as possible, in this case maybe put a straight edge down about the middle of the brand and mark lines above ithe brand and below it to work off of. I would love to see the finished product, I have a soft spot for brands. Todd
  13. What blue guns do you have left? Thanks Todd
  14. Tippmann Boss for sale

    Here is a picture of the Boss and the only belt I sewed with it.
  15. Tippmann Boss for sale

    Here are some example pictures of sewing with the Boss.