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  1. Techsew 3650 feed dog question

    Suffice to say, I should not have been in front of my machine last night!! After a good night sleep, I calmly sat back down at my Beastly Techsew and we had a chat. I have learned that it isn't the machine, but rather the operator!!! I am new at this and these machines are a learning curve. I figured out how to correct the missed stitches when I stop, and that she goes well both slow and fast! I will still save for a Cowboy or a Cobra, but now that we have this understanding, it is a decent machine!! For the price of it!! Thanks for all the relpies and support!
  2. Techsew 3650 feed dog question

    That is what I am currently looking at!! Where is the best place to get one? I have a US address so I can clear customs on my own, just need it shipped to NY. For the price difference between the 3200 and the 4500 its worth it to go a but bigger so I don't have to worry about thickness.
  3. Techsew 3650 feed dog question

    I have had it with my Techsew GA5-1. I bought it second hand and had it fully serviced by the Techsew company in Montreal. (Since I live 3 hrs from there, I actually drove there for servicing.) They cleaned it and got her all working great. But the feed dogs destroy the back of all my leather products. I tried to shave them down so they werent so aggressive. That didnt help. It skips the odd stitch, it sews inconsistent stitches, and it is just too gd finicky. Tjey fixed the tim8ng on it. I tried to get help with the techs at Techsew but they make it seem like a secret squirrel club where heaven forbid they actually show you how to use the machine on site or give you pointers as a new owner. But here's the manual, figure it out. I have spent about $500 just to get it working for me and my leather and it SUCKS. I would not recommend this machine AT ALL for anyone doing leather. Now I have to try and sell the stupid and recover the $1200 I pd for it plus the accessories I bought. All I am trying to make is horse tack. Nosebands, breast collars, halters, dog collars and leashes. I am nkt making saddles or pistol holders. What would be a good go to machine? The CB4500 seems popular as does a cobra. I just dont know where a good start is again. Feeling extremely aggravated and upset. HELP!!!
  4. Which leather burnishing machine to buy?

    Northmount and BDAZ, THANK YOU!!!! That actually helped alot and disuaded me from the tandy burnisher!! Now i HATE my Techsew GA5-1 sewing machine and looking fir something next quest. This machine is HORRIBLE.
  5. Which leather burnishing machine to buy?

    I have been looking at the same Tandy burnisher as well. I debated on a drill press but what would I use for sanding drums and burnishers? Where do I get that? I am also Canadian and I have no interest in trying to build one myself because I wouldn't even know where to start. I use a Dremel too now and 1 piece of leather wipes out a grinding stone. Also, British pounds or something from the UK is out of the question because it is much too expensive. A simple answer would be appreciated! I just make horse tack and I want it to look great and professional. One thing I like about the Tandy one is you can sharpen your tools with it. RivetandChain, what did you actually end up getting? Thanks for any help!
  6. Techsew GA5-1 Timing issue?

    Wizcraft, Thank you, I will do that tomorrow. I just thought perhaps someone may have encountered this issue in the meantime! Cheers!
  7. I just purchased a used Techsew GA5-1. I am pretty sure I have threaded it correctly. My problem is, is that the top thread is not snagging the bobbin thread. So as I try to sew my leather, I get the holes but nothing threads! (Dont worry, using scrap first!!) Any info and help would be great! Not much on the internet about these bad boys!