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  1. Todays work

    I've started my second stool new post pics as I go along
  2. Thank you for your comments I did break 4 needles while putting it together. It is a real thick welt 5 pieces thick 7 with outer, but I think the thickness actually is a real cool look. Sure it makes the job much harder but in the end that's what makes the difference taking the easy route is less rewarding
  3. Thx Scobby, I appreciate your comments
  4. I was asked to do this but, didn't want to it a look like a case for a Pez dispenser. Because of its shape I wanted to get away from its natural looks. So I used one of my basic design for a sheath and built up a welt really thick 5 layer. I was able to keep it from looking like it didn't belong. I used 3 different colors to dye tan, mahogany, and black
  5. Harley and dragon almost there

    Quarter inch dense padding probably took close to an hour to do attachment to bottom, well worth it will do another
  6. Harley and dragon almost there

    New $15. stool very difficult stretching it so there would be smooth transition. Lots of water use putty knife to pull did Four Corners first and then in between, staple and then the real work began. Pretty sure good way to get arthritis. Finally trim with razor blade
  7. Todays work

    Thx it was so much fun I plan on doing another stool with the different dragon as well as a different Harley logo
  8. Knife Sheaths

    Glad to have been of some help
  9. Knife Sheaths

    This little cam actually feels as though it locks in place as knife passes here's a pic hope this helps
  10. Knife Sheaths

    Thinking back to when I did that, actually had small piece of skin that would be wasted. I put it to use. Little more about the welts. With a small cam in the welt, knife actually lock as it's going in sheath
  11. Knife Sheaths

    Yes use welts, and no advantage just Aesthetics just got carried away with the creative process