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    Very interested in being able to do better leather work than I do.

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    Knife sheath, seats, chairs, stool, coaster versus Wallet

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  1. Doing Solo Bobber- Video

    Much appreciate your tooling work, very nice job
  2. Todays work

    This will be 3rd seat
  3. Moving forward king queen Harley seat

    toThe stitching begins this is after 4 hours, there is no easy way. That's not even halfway lol
  4. King n Queen seat harley update

    This project is coming along nicely challenges along the way I have about 22 hours in it now. Since I hav never done anything like big, its problem solveing every step of the way. I still have time to screw it up
  5. Moving forward king queen Harley seat

    Well over 1000 holes. Two tone blacks used antique black and then Black die which caused a matt and gloss finish in desired areas scrubbed to make it happen the weather look which caused some brown highlights. What you're seeing is mostly light reflections
  6. Tooled Wallet

    Very nice awesome knife work
  7. Xian Leather videos

    Very inspiring if you take this craft seriously and want to take it to another level well worth watching. Plus his work is phenomenal
  8. King n Queen seat harley update

    Here's another update. Keep plugging away at this, it's over four and a half feet long. Hope you like it's been a lot of work it's over 900 holes been punched
  9. King n Queen seat harley update

    I'm doing this part Antique black and the rest will be black dye. One should be a matt other glossy. Hoping for contrast. Any suggestions would be appreciated
  10. Practice piece

    You're funny an you have major talent