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  1. Sew I bought an older Singer 211G155

    Thanks everyone for your input. I found a local brick and mortar supplier in Minneapolis. T.J. Elias. Good people and great service. I'm not disparaging the supporters of this site by any means. I prefer to do business locally if I can so maybe they will still be around tomorrow. There isn't a huge demand around here since Munsingware left. With a new hook/bobbin case assy., feed dog, needle plate , check spring and servo from Sailrite. The servo appears to be the Reliable sewquiet. However, Sailrite has a two year warranty instead of Reliables one for the same price. Also I just happened to be looking at the right time. Sailrite has a 10% discount going now. Paid for the shipping. With all adjustments made, it sews like a dream. Thanks again!
  2. Sew I bought an older Singer 211G155

    Thanks. There are a couple around Minneapolis I've discovered. I'lll check with them for parts and look into servo's. 3600 motor on this thing is a wee bit fast for a newbie to commercial. The clutch seems to be a tiny thing inside the D.E. housing. No thumbscrew adjustment. The three holes in the lever. No other obvious adjustements. I'm not sure yet if I can get a neutral out of it. Lots of slack in the belt helps with slower starting. My concern is that when hooks can be found online and the prices are from $30 to $180, theres someting wrong with that picture. Most dont list country of origin. For$30, makes me think thery're made out of "case hardened peanut butter". Between the manual and gottaknow's "Rebirth of a Singer 211G155" and a couple of other posts, I have all tweaked but can't run it as the check spring is toast.
  3. Sew I bought an older Singer 211G155

    Thanks! I'll look them up.
  4. Sew I bought an older Singer 211G155

    Love the t shirt. I feel the pain.
  5. Hi every one. I'm new to the membership. I've been following posts as a guest. Great forum! I'm not a leatherworker but needed a machine with compound for indoor/outdoor fabric/canvas. The old Pfaff 230 ,while a potato masher, doesn't like ripstop.The Pfaff 1472 is nice since I found a straight stitch plate/foot. However when I do denim and some canvas projects the 1472 is overworked. I just couldn't see ruining househld a machine when useed commercial machines are available reasonable (if your patient...looked for two years for cheap and local). There is a Pfaff 545 H4 6/01 - CLPMN with table and clutch motor locally for 700. Nice machine, But when I looked into parts, Beyond my league for a hobby. I picked up this Singer machine from a gal who lost her husband and no longer does auto upholstery. It sat for two years. They only did OEM interiors from 20's thru 50's as a hobby. It was only 75 miles away. The machine is in incredibally good mechanical condition. The table on the H frame is pretty much junk. Clutch motor screams but functions so it may need bearings.I haven't looked into that yet. The stitch length adjustment was froze up. Thats been handled with some oil and adjustment. It came with several cording feet and possibly zipper feet? (I still need to look into that). Manual and parts list. She wanted 350 without being able to sew off anything. She had gotten a dumpster and tossed all the thread/fabric. WHAT? Anyway, I negotaited to 250 so I'm comfortable. I will need to check all adjustments and make sure it set it for synchronous feed. Some questions: The hook is "blunted" a bit. I don't know if thats normal as the domestics are like a needle point. If it needs replacement, who would be a supplier for quality replacements. Prices are all over the place so i question the quality of some of the offerings. The bobbin case has one spot where it catches at one point and I dont see any visible cause? IF I go with a servo/speed reducer, whose and why? Thanks everyone.