plague doctor mask????

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This should probably be put in the contract forum but it's rarely visited and this is quite a specialised skill...My friend asked me to make him a plague doctor mask for halloween, and I don't really have the leather or basics on making this sort of thing.

Heres a picture he sent me.


Now he probably came to me cause I would have made it for him cheap, he's a student and doesn't have much money.

Is there anyone here willing to do this project for me, I can give you his direct number if needs be.

It just needs to be a simple thing.

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You should try sending Tammy aka TCleathercraft a pm or visit her myspace page to connect with her.

We've discussed this a bit but don't remember why. Ah I have to much online activity than my head can manage;-) Think she wanted to do one or perhaps actually did one.

Tom Banwell also has something like a plague doctor mask in his portfolio I think.


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Here are a couple of threads with beaked masks. Both makers are in the UK as well - how's that for service. Don't know if they want the job but at least you can PM them.



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