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  1. 6 Panel Hat

    Men's or Women's, ear flaps or no. Picture might be nice.
  2. Has anyone ever used a Gold-Magic Robotemp 315?

    could try Library of Congress, local library under technical manuals. Maybe even the patent office.
  3. Randal and Osborne Splitters

    Absolutely you should clean them up, sharpen the blade and take them out for a test drive. The one with the cast handle looks like you slide it in/out for depth adjustment and lock knob on the left to retain the setting, maybe? Would also love to get my hands on it to completely measure, draw, 3d model and cast it in aluminium or brass.
  4. Tooled Wedges/Leather Wedges

    I've done numerous repairs/builds of ladies shoes. The pictures look like 1-2 pairs were traced, then sewn on, while the others appear to be done from scratch. I agree with Mattsbagger and Woodysworkshop that a cheap pair of heels (Value Village or Salvation Army) is a good way to practise. If you do it well, they can be resold.
  5. Replacing copper anvil on Osborne 155 rotary punch

    I believe the tubes unscrew. Not sure about the anvil though.
  6. Missing items

    Are you still working on the site, because the adult section and photos are not showing in my account.
  7. re-read my post and this is what I can use to create the pattern. And Yes, we do need the gun
  8. 4 or 6 inch barrel? Also, that model is a .455 cal and was generally issued to military forces with a canvas holster and shell bag. I have seen a leather holster for our RCMP as well, which look a little like an 1800's US Cavalry holster
  9. Fastening A Single Strap Button?

    copper or antique brass rivet would be in keeping with the medieval look.
  10. Tinker, where in Calgary do you get it from? Buckskin?
  11. Homemade Strap Cutter Tutorial

    sounds like a good tutorial, but without the photos for context.....
  12. Books-Leather Working W/ Engravings And Diagrams 1901&

    No problem with the third item. Many thanks for the info.
  13. I would like to know the shipping to Canada, and if to high for you would, consider paying it
  14. I would add the conch first, but then I like to hide any hardware attachments.