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  1. Antique Brass Moneyclip Hardware

    Nice clips Mike, arrived safe and sound. Kenny
  2. Skiving Machine ripping my leather

    I agree with Ferg, your blade may seem sharp, but not sharp enough. Bunched up thin leather causes this every time. I have ruined a lot of leather learning this myself. I use a weight on the foot pedal and let it sharpen away for 20 minutes sometimes to get a good cut. Hand skive your thin leather for best results. Good luck
  3. Horween sides for sale $4 per foot

    Hi Mike, Give me a call today if you get a chance. 443 553 8365 Kenny
  4. Pearson #6

    Hey, I am the guy who called you on the Pearson in Florida. If you get to speak with the seller ask him the condition of the shuttle. That small part alone will set you back around $450 -500. Good luck, Kenny Hopkins
  5. Stingray Hides

    I would like to see some photos of these.
  6. Family Sew Fs-550S Servo Motor.

    I have 3 of these and never a problem....
  7. Skull Canyon Is Moving

    After 12 years in the Arizona desert I am moving to Live Oak, Florida tomorrow. Wish me luck in the new digs.
  8. Using Acrylic Paints On Leather

    Yes I thin the Createx. It is water based and that is what I use. You do not need to thin it much, do some practice tests on scrap. I usually run my Iwata brushes between 15-30 psi. It depends on the paint and desired effect.
  9. Using Acrylic Paints On Leather

    I use Createx with an airbrush and seal it. No flaking or color loss and I have painted hundred if masks this way. Good luck
  10. Cobra Class 4 Machine For Sale

    Hey Steadybrook, This machine was a local craigslist posting. I contacted him and suggested he post it on this forum. He is in the Phoenix, AZ area. Kenny
  11. Bill Shanor, Bill has a nice shop located in Ashland, OR. His number is 541 951 0952 and a real nice guy. Good luck
  12. Which Thread For Mocs

    I use 138 polyester on my mocs, machine sewn. Polyester for the UV protection and 138 doesn't make a huge hole but is plenty strong. I double sew the upper to the sole gemini making it 277 in that section that is not visible. I know of others that use 92 or 207. To me it depends on what look you want in the end. I only use bison or bull hide for the feel and longevity at around 8/9 oz. Hope this helps.