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  1. The DMT stone is $170 or so for the 2 sided in the 12 x3. I hate to spend that much but have found out this time arround I want to get quality and just wait till I can afford to get it. I bought custom blades and knives and it was the best money I spent and that's how I look at stones too just want to find out what best it. All I ever used was cheap stones
  2. Looking to get a new sharpening stone. Was thinking about the 12 x3 dmt 2 sided diamond stone in 350 and 1000 grit. Any opinions on this system
  3. Anyone have an idea where you can get the brown iron buckles that are being put on headstalls for a reasonable price. Looking for 100 or so and was hoping to find a wholesale supplier
  4. Wanting to make a bobbin winder so it won't really matter
  5. Email me please
  6. I would be interested. Can you send me more pics
  7. I've tried but haven't had much luck so far
  8. I'm looking to restore a Landis #1 stitcher and was hoping someone had some pictures to give me an idea of paint or stencil ideas for the machine in general and the hand wheel in particular. The Landis #1 was the first stitcher I used 35 years ago and I'm looking to restore one completely and with a nicer paint job. Any ideas would sure be appreciated
  9. Thank you
  10. Looking for a landis 1 or pearson 6 bobbin winder in good shape. Anyone have anything for sale
  11. Anyone have a Landis #1 or pearson #6 bobbin winder for sale ? Looking for one in good shape to use. Any help would be appreciated
  12. Hot to get a contact number to call
  13. What shape was it in did they say ?
  14. I'm looking for a shoe patch machine prefer foot powered in good working order in the Dallas or Abilene Texas Oklahoma city Oklahoma area. Any ideas or leads would be appreciated
  15. Who would you recommend in Texas area to work on a Landis #1. Just wanted it gone through and timed and replace what needs replacing Any suggestions