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  1. Does anyone have a source for bobbins that will fit an original Pearson #6 shuttle. I have a new shuttle and bobbins but the bobbins won't interchange. Any ideas?
  2. Are any of the tack or saddle makers using waxed linnen thread in their machines
  3. I was curious if any of the pearson #6 owners were using the waxed thread in making their tack or saddles. Or I guess any machines
  4. Looking for the little screws that hold the spring clip in the pearson #6 shuttle thread tension adjustment. Anyone know the size these are seems like someone must make tgem
  5. Looking for the little screws that hold the spring clip in the pearson #6 shuttle thread tension adjustment. Anyone have any for sale or know a source
  6. Looking to see if anyone sews with this heavy thread in making hard use gear or is the #346 as heavy as you go
  7. Is anyone using this heavy of thread in the saddle or tack making side of things.
  8. I could have bought one of the Chinese clones and had money left over but didn't and am glad the Pearson is much simpler and more robust than those and honestly easier to sew with. It is better machined than a landis#1 even though they look similar and in my opinion much superior to any other machine I've sewn on . It would be your favorite machine pretty quick I bet . My plan is to get another machine and have one set up for light work only and one for heavy sewing only with a good supply of needles on hand
  9. Ok hopefully that worked and I'll get more up. I'm still in the market for another machine and will hopefully get it within this next month or so
  10. I will try that to get them resized I've been using #346 thread and a 230 needle. Even used a little bit of #346 top and #277 bottom. Have a few needles of 25 and 30 size for bigger thread but haven't tried it yet Your machine is nice. Mine is on a treadle stand but I've only used it as a hand crank so far my floor is not level and it tends to rock a little. I may build a platform for it
  11. I've been trying to get pictures of my pearson #6 and some of the stitching but so far I keep getting the picturesv th oo big and they won't post. I just changed phones and can't seem to get them to resize. Hopefully I can soon. I really like the stitch quality and simplicity of function as well as the precision you can sew with these machines
  12. Owners and admirers of the Pearson #6 should have a group to share knowledge about these machines like the 441 people do
  13. Just wondering if anyone uses 415 or 554 thread and what for. Could you post some pictures of this thread used
  14. I use mine daily and am convinced it is far and away a better stitcher than any modern machine I've used and I've sewn on most of them . I wouldn't trade it for any of them
  15. I'll be in contact by email