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  1. Sewing canvas

    What machine is best for sewing heavy canvas. I have the oportunity to build bedrolls and tarps for a feller but question the pearson #6 or landis#1 to do this light if sewing. Any ideas ?
  2. Hand Cranked Sewing Machines

    Look for a landis #1. They can be adjusted to sew very well. People who disagree just don't know how to set them up. They are not quite up to the level of a pearson #6 but very close and can be bought for under $1000
  3. Shuttle for Landis #1

    Looking for a Landis #1 shuttle in VERY good shaoe. I am looking to get some made and need 1 for the machinist to use as a pattern .please contact me
  4. Landis #1 shuttle

    Looking for a Landis #1 shuttle in VERY good condition.I am looking to get some made and need 1 to use as a pattern for the machinist to copy. If anyone has anything please contact me
  5. Pearson #6 and Landis #1

    I have a pearson #6 and a Landis #1. I like both machines equally well.They each have their strong points and their place in the shop. I was hoping we could get the wners and users of these fine machines together in one place to share tips and possibly a few parts from those who have extras
  6. Pearson #6 and Landis #1

    How many of these machines are in use today with leatherworkers. I used my Pearson #6 as a lone machine for everything until I got the Landis #1 now I'm using them both
  7. Landis #1 stitcher owners shuttles

    If someone were to get new shuttles made for the Landis #1 how many people would be interested. Would there be enough demand to make it a fordable
  8. Landis #1

    Ok thanks for the information. Here it is It is not as refined as the Pearson by a long shot but this one sews good and if much better than my first one
  9. Landis #1

    Can' figure out how to post a picture. Says it' too big
  10. Landis #1

    Newest stitcher. Can' stitch here because I can' get the bobbin out of the shuttle. Need a thinner screwdriver Maybe have to make it. Machine is good and tight and the sample of sewing looks good. Pretty excited to get it going
  11. Landis #1 date of manufacture

    What year would a Landis #1 serial # 7234 have been made . Looking for anything close and yes tge serial number is stamped on the machine frame
  12. Best place to buy linen thread

    Looking for best place to get top quality linen thread
  13. Best place to buy linen thread

    Where is the best place to get top quality linen thread
  14. Anyone machine sewing with waxed linnen thread

    . Is anyone using waxed linen thread in The older pearson /landis type machines. Or is everyone using the nylon/poly thread. About all I've ever used has been the modern thread but seems like there is information out there that the waxed linen has several advantages. Can anyone that has used both chime in with some good info
  15. Machine sewing with waxed thread

    I was thinking about using it in my pearson#6 or landis#1 but didn' know if there is any advantage Since you use both what is your thoughts