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  1. Covering A Piece With Clear Resin

    I use resolene mix 50/50 with water. I had to use 3 good coats to get a good seal, and I allowed 24 hours drying between coats. I would do a test piece with the Super Sheen before I tried to cover the actual piece.
  2. Covering A Piece With Clear Resin

    I have covered a leather patch with clear resin in the past. The piece must be thouroughly sealed or the resin will seep in and discolor the leather. I sealed and glued a leather patch to a plastic, recessed cover. I used super glue for the bond, leveled the piece and poured the resin over it. It works as long as the leather is completely sealed.
  3. Vinegaroon Worries

    You are not going to get a good solution of vinegroon in a few days. It usually takes a couple of weeks to work through the process.
  4. Hello From Mississippi

    What part of MS are you from? I am south central, near Hattiesburg.
  5. I have done a little with that effect. I used a sea sponge like DavidL mentioned the painters doing.
  6. You did well on this hat, it looks good. Not sure about the number of notches you would need to cut, maybe one every inch.
  7. Hair Barette "wood spikes" needed

    The skewers have been holding up well on the items I have made. I have not had any complaints in the three years i have been using them. Bamboo is a very strong and flexible, even in small diameters.
  8. Hair Barette "wood spikes" needed

    Try shiskabob skewers from the grocery store. They are bamboo, can be dyed with leather dye, and a 220 grit sanding is all you need. Best of all, they are cheap.
  9. Tool Case Alternitive

    I have the exact same one you linked to. The nobbies are what I had to cut out.
  10. Tool Case Alternitive

    I have one of these and tried some of my tools in it. I found with the recess area of the handle, the box will not close with tools in it, which severely limits the number of tools you can put in it. I also found that you have to modify the tray by cutting the bottom out of the bullet tray.
  11. Business Records

    Quickbooks Priemer will allow you to build items in inventory to cover what you need. You need to set up as a manufacturing business to get this part of inventory to work.
  12. I made a canteen strap from 4 oz veg tan leather. I used vinegroon to turn it black and gave it two really heavy coats of mink oil. It softened up a good bit. Now considering this was a strap, I do not know how soft oiling would make a piece as large as a jacket. I am sure there would be a rather long break in period to keep it from being stiff.
  13. Help With Stitching Awl

    I use the Tandy Deluxe Awl Haft with the diamond and the straigt round blade. This is the adjustable haft they sell. I have been using it for over three years and do not have any complaints about it. I really like that it will not roll around if I set it down on the bench.
  14. Dwight's answer is right on the money. Stand up to get the most pressure on the ruler, sharp blades, and practice.
  15. Medieval Three-Dimensional Techniques

    Look up the technique called Repose.