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  1. 1860 Army Black Powder Rig

    Thank you all for the kind words! They are much appreciated!
  2. Rawhide Sheath

    Very cool! I've never worked with rawhide, how is it?
  3. Here's one I recently wrapped up for one of the Cabela's 1860 army replicas. I figured out a new process along the way that adds a nice antiquing effect with tandy water stains. I applied the dark brown water stain too thick on the belt, and it looked essentially black. I took some denatured alcohol and and old (clean) sock and rubbed it down. Not only did I get the color I wanted, but it stayed dark in the tooling and gave it a little artificial wear. I liked it so much I did it to the holster and cap pouch as well. SO test it out on a scrap and see if you like the effect. I have gotten so much from this forum I wanted to share what I found. It works best when the surface has dried but hasn't quite gone all the way, although the belt had 24 hours before I tried it.
  4. Flasks

    You've done a nice job here of capturing an old timey feel, from the lettering, to the antiquing, to the embellishments on the top and bottom. If you don't mind my asking, what did you use for the dye and/or antique?
  5. Well done! Impressive construction.
  6. This Weeks Work....

    Lookin good! Well constructed and nice coloring.
  7. Here's a rig I did for a friend, for his Super Blackhawk. The belt body and bullet loops are Royal Meadow 5-6oz from Tandy, which I find great for this type of belt. It's super clean and not very stiff, but it holds a tooling impression reasonably well if you keep it simple. The rest is Hermann Oak skirting. Tandy medium brown water stain watered down a bit for the color. Thanks for looking!
  8. That is one fine looking wallet! Excellent construction and creative design. Well done!
  9. 1911 Holster For My Dad

    Thanks! I appreciate it!
  10. 1911 Holster For My Dad

    Thanks everyone for the kind words! And thank you for the tip Mike! I will give that a shot.
  11. This is my first attempt at a pancake holster, with inspiration from Lobo's enhanced pancake design. I decided to add some length to the front piece to make it more flat backed. Very comfortable. I have to say, welting with a flat back allowed for some pretty tight stitch lines around the gun, and I am pretty happy with the result. I will say it is kind of a pain to line everything up this way, and I don't know that it adds that much.... Shaved down some Hermann Oak skirting for this piece, and used some watered down Tandy Pro waterstain in medium brown for the color. Used the dark brown waterstain for the edges, and find that it buffs up very nicely. Still need to find a snap for the thumb break, as the line 20 snaps I had on hand seemed like they might scratch the gun. I hope my dad will enjoy his Christmas gift! Comments/critiques welcome!
  12. Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated!
  13. This is really nice, superbly done!