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  1. Age of Singer 132k6

    Well these machines are like tanks! I have a 133K3 from 1932 and it is working very smooth and I also have a 132K6 from the 1950s. You still get a lot of parts for these machines. New clones of these machine are still made by some companies. F.I. Seiko has the Model SK-8 and Mitsubishi making the DY-253. Not sure where you live but College Sewing in the UK has a lot of parts:,132K,133KSewingMachineParts You can download a manual here:
  2. Age of Singer 132k6

    you can date most Singer machines by the serial number - or - you can try to narrow down the mfg. date by the kind of badge the attached to the machine Serial number on the 132K6 usually is on the right backside of the flat bed. Please post some pictures of your machine
  3. Singer 196K205 age and maintenance

    I´m sure some of the dealers here have some more information they often have kept records of older machines. What info you need in particular?
  4. The Grayish Blue? Color Singer 29k71 & 29k73

    WOW - lots of old cast iron. You should get int ouch with our LW Member SHOEPATCHER - he has tons of vintage patchers too. Maybe he will jump in here soon Is the serial number clearly EX or is it EY? My 29K71 clearly has a EY serial number prefix.
  5. Singer 196K205 age and maintenance

    If I were you I would repaint it with Hammertone silver. I´m sure I still have some black Singer decals from my restorations - will check. They would look like this (see below picture). Don´t know the differences in particular between 96K and 196K.I would assume the sewing capacity is the same. Major difference is the casting I guess. Both are using the same accessories like feet, needle plates and so on. I´m sure you know the College Sewing website and SewEurope, right?
  6. Singer 196K205 age and maintenance

    I guess its approx a mid to late 1960´s machine if not newer. My 29K71 also has a serial number starting with EY but number is lower and when I restored it I found a date 64 date (don´t recall month) on the gear box. Pretty unusual you find dates on parts but In have once restored a 29K73 and it also had a date on the gear box. Also the badge is typical for late 1950´s and 1960´s machines - don´t know for how long Singer used this "colored" badge.
  7. Adler 067 GK-373 tension problem (advanced)

    Guess you mean the bobbin case opener - that would have been my suggestion. I´m sure UWE has a YT Video how to adjust it. I would probbaly try to increase both top and bottom tension a bit and I´d also play with the tension of the thread regulator spring (check spring). Just a guess w/o sitting in front of your machine.
  8. Singer 45K58 serial number

    I´m sure it does. My old cast iron horde is working well too. My oldest Singer is from 1905
  9. Singer 45K58 serial number

    Your machine most likely has been refurbished, restored or rebuild once (or twice?). The Date / Model list usually shows the base model but not the subclasses so its well possible that your 45K58 is one of the 3000 45K´s. built back then. Only very few subclasses are listed as you probably have noticed.
  10. Dürkopp 18 Patcher Restoration - long journey...

    Ha - now I recall you and your machine... sorry
  11. This Is My Singer 29-4 Cobbler Machine

    Rubber Tire on your bobbin winder is missing
  12. cobra 4 sewing machine suppliers in UK or Europe

    Check with, or Frank Brunnet they at least supply Hightex / Cowboy 441 clone machines similar to the Cobra 4. But maybe the FBA of LW Member UWE is an option for you. If Uwe can ship this to Germany (he has German roots BTW) and add an invoice to the custom declaration or in a separate plastic bag right on top of the package you most likely don't have to go to the customs office. When the customs at Frankfurt Airport see a proper invoice they usually do the custom work and you pay the duties directly to the Postman when he delivers the package. Thats at least my experience. Uwe also has a custom made "Inline Foot Set" for the 441 machines:
  13. CB3200 "Click"

    Can you post a video? Have you checked with a Cowboy dealer?
  14. Needles for Singer 112W139

    so it depends on the needle hole in the needle bar - maybe it can accommodate the 135x17
  15. Binder

    your question is extremely precise - like need a tire for Ford car where to start? I would check with a Juki dealer like Keystone Sewing or other sewing machine dealers you probably have local and tell em how thick your binding tape is, what material the binding tape is and how thick your material is you want to bind. BTW - lots of info on google Or if you want: