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  1. shipping to Germany would be a challenge - but maybe you can ask for an Air Drop over my house - tell the jumpmaster he has to look for purple smoke signals
  2. Absolutely agree with EVO!!! As I said in an earlier thread - its easy to blame the shipping Co. but most of the time it is the sellers fault who poorly packs up this kind of heavy stuff. I just bought a Singer head from southern Germany and told the seller to use 40mm styrofoam plates on all sides. He used just 30mm styrofoam plates (10mm less make a difference) and the machine feet punched through 30mm styrofoam on the bottom side. If he doubled the plates on the bottom side (as he did on all other sides) it would have been fine. He also did not stuff the space enough and even used air pillows (does not make much sense for heavy items). So even when you tell people how to they often do not listen or think they know better or think their packaging is sufficient. Machine fortunately arrived undamaged but the packaging was not properly done for a heavy sewing machine head. Shipping small and / or lightweight stuff is easy (most of the times) but shipping heavy things or larger things that can easily break can be a challenge. Styrofoam flakes and air pillows are nice but are totally nonsense for heavy items like sewing machines.
  3. too cool - would like to have one too
  4. cool old machine!!!
  5. I think this is the one... or?
  6. I probably have a bobbin winder for this machine but not sure... will check...
  7. Too bad... Striping and welding is too expensive I´d say. I would drill 2 or 3 small holes in the casting and the broken piece fill them with JB Weld push dowel pins JB Weld filled holes and glue it. Not much you can do beside welding or trying to glue it. If you buy a sewing machine head and have it shipped by parcel service - always ask the seller if he can put 1.5" thick styrofoam plates on either side top and bottom of the box - pay for that extra packaging and you should be on the safe side. I know its too late but...
  8. you are welcome - found it somewhere on the web and its indeed a well structured manual.
  9. Looks like a short version of the Singer 31-19 or 31-47 - kind of...
  10. yeah Uwe is "manipulating" all of us with his great videos...
  11. cannot open the file... Twice around is not correct - being precise its 1 + 1/2 time as it comes from the top and goes to the top - but thats a bit of quibbling Agree - the manual that is avail. on the Duerkopp page is a pain ITA
  12. Maybe this manual of a 441 type machine is more helpful for your cylinder arm machine - see attached PDF inst-441.pdf
  13. Most machines of this type are threaded the same way - hope this helps Important is. COMPLETELY AROUND THE TENSION WHEEL
  14. From the historical aspect - wow - what a nice old motor. I love these old "devices". Form the technical aspect - get rid of it - I personally would not use a motor of this age. If you want to use it in a business I´d have it checked by someone professional who gives you an "okay" for it - otherwise I would not use it. Better buy a new servo motor. Yes - a modern servo is "ugly" and does not match a vintage sewing machine setup but your security (or security of employees or family members) should be first priority.
  15. what you mean is a spool pin (or thread guide pin). That's an easy fix - if you are using a "external" thread stand you don´t even need it. What I have posted is the upper tension unit which is missing on your machine and you need this tension unit. It belongs to the backside of the machine there you see the small wire hoop attached with a screw. Compare with the 105 picture. $250 is a GREAT DEAL! Wife is not killing you - she would be just mad for a day or two - or three... Buy her some shoes or handbag - solved