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  1. Original Singer 45K Users Manual

    I had to reduce the file size so quality is not as good as the original file Singer 45K Descriptions of Subclasses.pdf Singer 45K Instructions Manual - User Guide (1).pdf
  2. singer machines

    what kind of machines are you talking about - do you have pictures?
  3. 19th century Hugo Werteim shoe patcher

    All standard 29K have the same (small) hook - the one for the 100 years old 29K3 is the same as for the 29K51 from the 1930´s and later model 29K71 and so forth - there is a larger hook too but as I said its larger and will never fit your machine. You have to look for an original hook and that pretty much is a challenge. To said it with WIZ´s words - "They are made out of unoptanium". The rattling sound is a bit "unhealthy" but thats probbaly you have no shuttle driver installed.
  4. Singer 107w1 tension release rod

    KInd of - chewing fingernails... I´m down to the bones now... Since in Down Under sewing machines are bit more pricey I think you have a something to increase your pension a little bit. I´m curious - do you have a list with model numbers?
  5. Sewing machine repair book.

    There are some sort repair books in German language called: "Der Nähmaschinenfachmann" by Wilhelm Renters. You can download them here: They are not only about repairs but also give a lot of instructions and explain everything that has to do with sewing.
  6. New Outlaw hand crank Boss clone

    There may be reasons for a hand cracked stitcher but for $1295 I would rather save my pennies and buy a fully setup Cowboy 3200 but of course depends on your purposes.
  7. Don´t know. Or replace the spring if it has burrs or a rough end (or just smoothen it) Or try the spring from your other patcher maybe that helps. The spring remained the same for a century or more.
  8. usually there is a 1mm felt or leather washer between the bottom tension disc and the head casting - that thin washer rises the tension discs a bit and could solve the thread hanging - check if it the washer is present
  9. Singer 107w1 tension release rod

    So I guess you solved it - what was the problem?
  10. no used machine is like the other - I would try to increase the bottom tension or shorten the upper tension spring by 1 or 2 coils if you cannot find other "faults". Both are simple tasks and will not hurt trying.
  11. Singer 107w1 tension release rod

    Check your tension unit there is probably the "tension release piece" missing or it´s rod is broken of or worn. Just a guess... If it is the tension unit that is causing the problem new tension units are cheap on Ebay - OR - Could be that the TU just sticks out a bit too far. Loosen the set screw that holds the TU in place push it with your thumb into the casting and tighten the screw again.
  12. or bottom tension too low (worn tension spring on shuttle?) or the shuttle has a grove under the tension spring (worn out by the thread) you can also try shortening the upper tension spring. Post pictures of your thread path.
  13. 19th century Hugo Werteim shoe patcher

    check the link again Reg. shuttle - check with LW member SHOEPATCHER - he has a huge collection of patcher machines.
  14. 19th century Hugo Werteim shoe patcher

    These "Colibri" / Patent Elastic type patcher have been sold by many Co. in Germany who often just relabeled them. You can find the same patcher with many different Mfg. names on them - just like the Chinese sewing machines nowadays. Yours (I guess) is made by CLAES, the auto bobbin winder is pretty distinguishing. If I recall correctly CLAES & FLENTJES (as a manufacturer) only had this type of bobbin winder. But I´m not 100% sure - there are just too many with sometimes just minor differences. To get an idea check out this website - maybe you find one similar to yours:
  15. Juki LU 563