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    Restoring vintage sewing machines. Sewing + repairing military canvas + leather items

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  1. Which sewing machine ?

    Yes, I have one for the Adler II and Adler III - I can send you both when you send me a PM with your email address. I have used 794 needles back then. System 794 needles are approx 68-70mm long so I think whey could work IF the needle you have is the original needle - you never know. This was my project back then:
  2. Recommendation - Jack Jk-561A-1 Servo Motor

    I haven`teven tried to find out more - I just removed the NPS and I´m good. You can turn of the NPS.
  3. How to Connect a Quick Rotan setup

    You at least know the models you could look for. Servo motors come with different voltage you may find the same models with 220V / 240V but keep in mind 220V in the US is 3 phase not single phase as in the EU / NZ or other countries.
  4. Which sewing machine ?

    Thats actually and ADLER II or III - I had one of these - very cool and smooth machine it was but Yours even has the gear reduction! You also find them branded with CLAES, ATLAS or DROSSNER and other brands. I think I still have the copy of the German manual - let me check... EDIT - looks like an Adler II... later...
  5. Found Pfaff parts for a gold 1245 machine

    agree - I´d use a sticky synthetic chain lube on the open gears & gear boxes. I quit filling gear boxes with grease I only clean them and spray in sticky chain lube from time to time. No issues and seems some gears run a bit more silent with this stuff. It just works for me - everyone has his own "magic recipe" for lube & grease
  6. Found Pfaff parts for a gold 1245 machine

    It will not hurt running the machine w/o the cover - machines like Singer 111 or Dürkopp 239 have open gears to - that's not an issue at all. Personably I think open gears are even easier to service. Grease filled gear boxed in the hook area can be a "magnet" for lint, thread pieces or broken needle tips - not necessarily but I have found this stuff in gear boxes.
  7. Needle system for Mitsubishi DB-130

    if you have tons of 16x257 and they have the same shaft diameter you can probably adjust the needle bar to make this needle system work - that's not unusual to do.
  8. Just had a request where I found the flip up split needle assys - they are from Ebay and they are on sale right now: Just for the case someone else is looking too.
  9. BUSMC #6 HM (Head + Bobbin winder) - I can ship

    Hell, your OD UNIMOG in snow reminds me of Bosnia when we went to the firing range on Igman mountain during the winter... I had a 2to Flat bed UNIMOG with MSA (Modulare Schutzausstaung) with other words it was bullet proof. Men this throws me back in time I will check shipping options - I´ll send you a PM
  10. BUSMC #6 HM (Head + Bobbin winder) - I can ship

    I´ll check tomorrow and let you know. No matter the weight - shipping is included in the above price! However - as mentioned above shipping will cost a bit more now since the UPS voucher expired. But it will not cost a lot more I think. If you are interested I´ll check it again. The stand has approx 3 or 4 times the weight of the machine - I seriously doubt it will be economic to ship the stand to Canada. Not sure if I can put the stand on my scale at all but I`ll try. I would have to use a EURO pallet (120x80cm) as base for the crate because for moving the crate you need a fork lift and / or lifting cart so all that together (stand + machine + pallet + crate and so forth) weights A LOT! The crate is not the problem (technically) but the insurance / tracking is the problem. When I take paypal I have to ship insured with tracking and I don´t think a freight forwarder tracking is accepted by paypal so the risk is on my side and I cannot take it - so I´m sorry. I cannot afford losing the money so I rather don´t ship the stand. I can ship the machine head (as offered above) in a custom built crate by UPS incl. full tracking from the minute I bought the shipping label onward - that is no problem at all! But the stand is not possible to ship when I have to accept paypal. I just do not take the risk. Another option would be a Western Union Money Order but then the whole risk is on your side. Then I would do the work and crate the whole thing and ship by freight forwarder by sea freight. So that is up to you. Let me know. ==== EDIT: I packed sea freight containers when my unit moved back from Bosnia in 2001 (SFOR) so I pretty much know what I´m doing when I ship things over the pond
  11. Missing parts.

    No - I just want to bother you Yes - it´s fro sale. I ´ll s end you a PM
  12. Missing parts.

    I have this part - will post pictures in a few minutes EDIT: This is the complete lever w. spring and screw. Parts are original Singer - not after market / Chinese parts.
  13. When you know you can live with 5mm stitches (I can) and the smaller bobbin keep the Seiko. I personally like these bullet proof "Singer based" sewing machines. They are easy to service (almost all aspects of this machine is covered with a PDF user guide or Service manual or a proper YT video) and parts and accessories are available almost everywhere and often cost a lot less than Pfaff parts (even after market parts). Personally I do not like built in bobbin winders. I prefer external ones. I´d most likely sell the Pfaff and buy 1 or 2 other machines that could be useful for you hobby or business. Just my personal "Singer crazy" & low tech loving opinion.
  14. Cobra Class 26, Servo Motor Speed Controling

    I would assume your V-belt and / or hand wheel is too tight. Just a guess w/o sitting in front of your machine. If you bought the machine from a dealer just check with the dealer. Where in Germany have you bought a Cobra 26?
  15. How to Connect a Quick Rotan setup

    You get a good motor overview on the KEYSEW website - they have all kind of motors from clutch motors and low end servo to high end servo: this one could probably be an option: