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  1. says the chain smoker to the tobacco dealer
  2. $50-$100 binder

    Whats wrong with your "ebay binders"? I´m using "cheap" binders too - not a single problem with them. I run ~1mm cotton tape through them. What machine are you using?
  3. Dürkopp 18 Patcher Restoration - long journey...

    Thanks a lot Here is a list of subclasses for the Dürkopp 17 and 18 Class (German language - sorry). I think this list is from the early 1930´s
  4. Bauer 1919 harness machine

    HOLY SMOKES - what a nice chunk of cast iron. But its not a needle feed, right? I guess its a top feed only machine - though I´m not sure. Would like to see some close up pictures.
  5. Dürkopp 18 Patcher Restoration - long journey...

    uploading right now - hope it will work - as I said I´m no video artist (obviously)
  6. Dürkopp 18 Patcher Restoration - long journey...

    Mike - unfortunately I most likely will not keep it - though the stitch length and the whole machine is really tempting to keep but I do not have enough space for it and I do not have enough work for another patcher. I cannot justify it to myself (though it sucks a bit). Yet no Video but I figured I can sew up to 9-10mm thick material with it. I´m no video artists so I will try to put something together that is worth watching - hopefully.
  7. Dürkopp 18 Patcher Restoration - long journey...

    Indeed! But I had to make some adjustments on the cam that controls the thread lever and the hook that garbs the thread - I ended with 8.5mm when practical sewing and so far no skipping stitches. I think I have to do fine tuning but it can´t be much. I will test some thicker materials too - this is 2.5mm synthetic material. I´m really impressed! I never expected this stitch length from a decades old patcher machine! I mean if you compare this with old Singer 29K´s or Adler 30 of the same age ... thats really impressive!!!
  8. Dürkopp 18 Patcher Restoration - long journey...

    Jimi, I´ll let you know if it works better with or without the Pfennig I´m almost done. I think I can finish it later today - maybe tomorrow if it needs some tuning... I just did some dry stitches and increased the stitch length contentiously - HOLY SMOKES - seems it can do 9mm - 9.5mm long stitches. Thats not even mention in the manual and by far the longest stitch length I ever have seen from a patcher machine - longest yet was 7mm on a CLAES. I´m pretty impressed! Will post pictures and maybe a Video when I´m done
  9. Not my business but maybe someone is interested. This Ebay seller (NOT ME) has some cheap (I think they are) lots of clicker dies for the shoe business. If someone is really interested I could forward them if the seller will not ship to the US or elsewhere. I just think its a bargain, isn´t it?
  10. Singer 111W 105 Missing stitches

    I´d check the needle hight and the the needle hook timing.
  11. A Singer Patcher, But not a 29K....?

    WOW - now thats a beauty! very nice original decals
  12. Aerostar Servo Motors

    These motors are not bad! Especially for lighter applications - but when you sew slow all the time they tend to become "quite warm" and you can smell it. however they are really nor bad!
  13. Pedersen 309 operator Manual needed

    Maybe a Sutton Rapid E 317 Manual helps a bit: Rapid E 317.pdf