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    Restoring vintage sewing machines. Sewing + repairing military canvas + leather items

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  1. Sewing canvas

    agree for large scale tarps - since he said bedroll I assumed sizes of ground sheets for outdoor / camping or the like
  2. Just brought a singer 29k

    Parts list for your machine: SINGER 29K51,29k56.pdf
  3. Sewing canvas

    any triple feed / walking foot upholstery machine will do the job - they usually sew up to 8-9mm material with up to 138 thread - few ca handle 207. Models like Singer 111, 211, Juki 562, 563, Adler 67, 167, Pfaff 145, 545, Consew 206, Durkopp 239 and similar machines.
  4. Just brought a singer 29k

    There are a few 29 (w/o K) which were made in the US. Singer had factories all over the world, F.I. German machines had a D until 1945 (factory then disassembled by the Russians) D for Deutschland and later from the 1950´s they used a G for Germany (Made in Karlsruhe) US machines either do not have a letter suffix or have W for the former Wheeler and Wilson plant. K suffix is for the Kilbowie, Clydebank, Scotland Singer factory. Lots of history.... You never know what you get from China you may have luck or not - I have ordered all my restoration bits from College Sewing and I´m quite pleased. Their 29K shuttles and shuttle carrier are excellent - made by TOWA in Japan Cheap prices are always tempting - most likely I would have ordered from China too but back then these parts where not available directly from China / on Ebay. But as I said before - the parts from CS are good, the only bad 29K part I had was the ball tip spring for the shuttle carrier. But the TOWA shuttle carrier came with a good spring!
  5. Bobbin holder case

    Not my design - just a DIY I did. The original afaik is from GRABOBBIN. So far I found no better bobbin holder than the magnetic ones. I soon want to make some for different size bobbins as for 132K´s, 29K´s, 45K´s and the like but need some larger router bits... But thats off topic here.
  6. Just brought a singer 29k

    Have you noticed the PDF manual I have linked in post # 5 Here it is again: If you can´t download it the problem is probably your "internet device". I can download it to my PC - are you using a cell phone / smartphone? #1 is for adjusting the presser foot hight depending on the material thickness you want to sew. #2 is for adjusting the top thread tension #3 is for locking the revolving handles
  7. Isn´t it a bias tape binder? Do you run leather tape through it? If so how thick is the leather tape? Would be nice to see a small video. I guess a right angle binder would be the better choice especially for sewing curved items.
  8. Just brought a singer 29k

    Toledo sewing machines has a nice needle / thread chart:
  9. Just brought a singer 29k

    regarding needle - you can use 29x3 / 29x4 (same as 332) - or - 135x16 / 135x17 needles.
  10. Just brought a singer 29k

    Not a too bad choice - the 29K5x series is very similar to the later 29K7x series - major difference it the gear box - yours has a fixed horn and "drop out" gear box with very fine teeth pinions - no replacement parts are available for this gear box, the pinions of the 29K7x series DO NOT FIT (so be careful when you remove the gear box for cleaning - do not loose or damage the pinions!!!). Compared with the 29K51 your machine has a slightly narrower horn tip - everything else is the same as on the 29K51. The head is almost the same as from the 29K7x series and almost all parts for the head are available from College Sewing in the UK. Only difference that I recall is that the needle bar driving lever is pinned on your machine - the 29K7x series levers are not pinned... that's at least what I recall. You can get the bobbins from College sewing too:,29USewingMachineParts If you cannot find a manual you can use the 29K71 manual - you will notice the difference but threading, bobbin winding and so forth are all the same. Singer 29K71, 29K72, 29K73.pdf
  11. Just brought a singer 29k

    92 or at max. 138 makes sense. However - I have seen Adler 30-1 setup for 207 thread (they are using the same shuttle as the 29K so no big difference technically) but it depends on the needle plate (needle hole in particular) and if the thread hole in the shuttle is wide enough. BUT 207 really make no sense for these machines because of the very small capacity of the bobbin. These machines are designed for repair work and not for producing leather goods. Prior polyester and nylon cotton and linen thread have been used.
  12. Singer 29k71 not sewing, need help!

    I don´t know how many different Chinese Co´s (re) fabricate parts for the 29K7X models but you "at least" are able to find parts for your machine. It´s no longer the OEM quality you get but you CAN get parts. For older 29K models you almost find nothing but used (worn?) parts. Most likely the new after market 29K parts you can buy nowadays are made to fit the Chinese clone machines and they (probably) have slightly different dimensions than the original British made 29K Singers from the good old days. Nothing beats OEM parts! BTW - the shuttle carrier I bought worked w/o problems only the pinion was tight but it worked. This was my 29K71 experience: this
  13. Maximum thread size for Singer 211U566A

    Most machines of this class can handle size 20 / 138 (with 22 / 140 needle approx) thread but some even size 15 / 207 (with 23 / 160 needle approx) - but depends on how they are setup.
  14. Adler 669 suppliers/dealers

    Check with in Germany - afaik they ship world wide: