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  1. Acrylic needle plate - EXCELLENT IDEA - not only for Cowboy 4500
  2. Is it probably the shuttle race spacer where the thread keeps hanging? Aren´t there different size shuttle race spacers out there? At least the 441 parts list shows a range of spacers in the listing. Idea is when you add a thinner spacer (don´t know in what thickness they come) the hook goes in a bit deeper and then there is a bit more clearance between "shuttle driver tip" and shuttle so the thread can easier pass through. Just a a wild guess guess Or try thinner thread and check it it still does the same thing... Have attached a 441 type parts list where the spacers are listed (#44 -#50) part-441.pdf
  3. I don´t wanted you to remove the pictures of this interesting machine entirely. But people (too) often quote posts just because they want to notify the original poster that they have answered a post (I think) but this only works when notifications are turned on (AFAIK). That for sure makes sense (sometimes) but quoting a long post incl. all pictures just makes the threads annoyingly long. I´d recommend editing a quote text to a reasonable minimum and remove all pictures except the member has a question that requires a certain picture in the quote. Thats all I wanted to say. Just my 2 cents.
  4. aaaahh - well - folks - if you quote a post it would be good you´d remove the pictures from the quote - this makes a thread annoyingly looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong w/o giving new information... I´m not a mod but I think you know what I mean... - no offense! The pictures Gregg posted now appear 3 times in one thread - does not make sense, or does it?
  5. I see the manual w/o being logged in / signed up on google - I can download it as a ready PDF. I have no problems...
  6. It for sure sews leather - domestic machines also sew leather - question is it the right machine for your project. Sewing a few straight lines on some scrap leather is not really leather work - if you know what I mean.
  7. Read the manual - if it still does not work ask again. No offense but the manual should always be the 1st check. Not for 111G156 in particular but the threading is the same
  8. I think privacy is very important. But country and / or region should be mandatory during the registration and it should be shown in the public profile in the forum thread. No country / region = no registration. I think a ZIP or even narrowed down to county or town is a bit too much and should be optional. I´d send a message to all members (should be possible in a high end forum like this) that they HAVE TO update their profile with country / region.
  9. I´m using AdBlock Plus for Firefox - but it happens that some sites tell you to turn it off because they live from the adds - well thats their opinion my opinion is I don´t want to see theses adds and I don´t even click them so why bother. And IF I want to see adds I can turn it on again but that almost never happens. Even if a site blocks their content because of the use of ABP you can turn it on temporarily... I also have turned off the web notifications in my browser this reduced some annoying notification pop ups too.
  10. I´d think twice if you really want this machine for leather work. It´s for sure great for very heavy canvas and webbing work. Look at it, test sew it and then decide.
  11. Sounds like a good deal. If it really is a 30-5 then it is a small (standard) bobbin machine but it is using 332 L (LONG) needles instead of the standard 332 / 29x1 needles. These needles 332 L are 10mm longer than 332 needles. Just wanted to have it mentioned. You can find a manual for this machine here: Adler Class 30 Manual To get in touch with the seller click the gray REPLY button top left side above the picture.
  12. ......... .........
  13. I think ideal is a flat bed machine with wheel feed (dog) and roller foot. If the 345 is very cheap I´d buy it anyway! How much is it? When you make sharp turn while sewing the stitches become longer / shorter. There are some interesting Videos from Lisa Sorrell (Boot maker) showing her technique - check her other videos too.
  14. Should be mentioned in the Consew 206 manual Page 14. 206RB-5 Instruction Manual - Consew 206RB-5 Parts Book - Consew The hook supporting plate (#4 see attached parts list page 14) has a small finger which holds the inner parts of the hook in place so the outer part can rotate. The small finger 0n #4 has to sit inside the notch (see pictures)
  15. and the adjustment manual: Adjustment Manual-Pfaff-138.pdf