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  1. I have no need for a replacement but this is a good hint! I always wondered if parts from new machines could fit the old Singer 45K and Adler Class 4 & 5. At least worth checking it out when someone is in need of replacement parts. I´m sure a lot more parts will fit but for sure depends on the machine.
  2. I can only speak for JACK Servo motors. I have two 750W motor + speed reducer in use and I´m very pleased with them very good control and plenty of torque. I sometimes switch my machine heads so I can use 2 motors with 6 - 7 different machines depending on what work I have. I have tried 550W Jack motors and I somehow felt they have a weaker stop brake. So when you have machines with a heavy fly wheel (like Singer 45K or the like) and sew at higher speed the needle seem not to stop at the moment you step of the pedal. I somehow felt the needle still moves a bit when I step off the pedal. So for my purposes I would buy the 750W version again they seem to have a harder / better brake. I´m using theses setups even for "light work" such as binding (Pfaff 345) and zigzag sewing (Singer 307G2) or heavier sewing (Singer 45K, 133K, 111G156) I never had any issues beside the needle positioner does not work in combination with the speed reducers but I figured I do not need the needle positioning at all - I can easily turn off this feature. Some may say this setup (750w + speed reducer) is over powered for some machines but as I said - up to the current day I never had any problems.
  3. for a small spring loaded pin coming from the bottom side of the plate it holds the plate in place - maybe it is missing on your machine...
  4. ask hubby - he probably used it for brewing outdoor coffee or so. But better you just find unknown socks you probably can associate with someone living in your house instead of finding other parts of underwear that you cannot associate with someone living in your house
  5. This "heavy" leather sewing thing with plastic and other domestic machines will probably never disappear, right? What did the manual say how thick heavy leather is? A "light leather" needle is 100 - 120 metric the "medium leather" needle is approx 140 - 160 metric and "heavier leather" is approx 160 - 180 metric the "heavy leather" needle is 200 and above I´d say. But it depends.... Being skeptical is good! Sell the machine on ebay for a few bucks or keep it for some garment repairs and then start again with this thread: The Type Of Sewing Machine You Need To Sew Leather or
  6. me is first with the stool....
  7. Spam mail? Baaad world out there....
  8. Build a feeder for the squirrels so they no longer raid the bird feeder - thats like buying a car for the wife so she no longer takes yours Regarding making coffee - buy some instant coffee - boil some water and combine these two things (but be care full don´t overdose it - meaning do not take too much instant coffee powder - when the mixture looks muddy you have not enough water) - but better check youtube - you may find some tutorial Videos of how to combine instant coffee and hot (boiled) water. But don´t hurt your self - better ask google first. If you already hurt your self - please don´t pull the water company to court because they did not tell you hat hot water is hot. regarding socks - buy just black socks in same size and same material - thats the secret. I have more life hacks but I don´t think thats probably the right place here. Oh - BTW - dogs often do what the leader of the pack thought them. Probably opening the door for the dogs could have solved the problem - though I´m not sure...
  9. Nice setup and well displayed! There are Singer crazy people out there who would kill for one of these stools - thats what I´ve heard
  10. Uwe is right, the feed dog is not oscillating it just goes back and forth but thats no issue. Some pictures of my machine I took when I sld it - yours is much nicer!
  11. Alex, CLAES / TEXTIMA machines are really excellent machine and price wise underrated I´d say. I picked up a lot of "Garden decoration sewing machine" and the suitcase full of rusted parts a while ago (in this lot also came my 45D91 I have restored) and in this lot also came a CLAES 230-1 but it was not functional (bent needle bar, missing tension unit parts....). You can actually use some Singer parts in this machine. I replaced the tension unit (Singer 107w) and needle bar (Singer 111) and it all worked w/o problems . These were more or less designed as synchronized binding machines. I have set up the machine for 134R needles. Not sure what the original needle system as.Will check if I can find the pictures of mine. Hook parts are different and so are the bobbins (Singer bobbins do not fit) - the CLAES has a larger hook which is pinned to a long shaft - not sure if I still have one... will take a look... vintage Singer, Duerkopp and CLAES machines often share a lot of parts as I figured!!! F.I. the Dürkopp 239 is like a Singer 111. I have replaced some worn parts on my 111G156 with Dürkopp parts... Lots of similarities... They also share the same feet. EDIT: But seems yours has a different tension unit - mine was like the 107w tension unit BTW- if you need a spare hook, just found this on Ebay - dirt cheap
  12. not sure but maybe you can make something out of Singer 31-19 or 132K piping feet cause the have a very low shank and can probably be attached to some sort of DIY foot adapter - or so - dunu - just a wild idea.,132K,133KSewingMachineParts I´m sure you can find the feet in the US as well...
  13. I´m with you - I`m sometimes a Cheap Charley and I´m looking for low cost solutions for month before I swallow the frog but then I´m (usually) happy with the purchase and ask my self why have I been waiting? On the other hand waiting sometimes pays off - I made a few good deals when I kept my wallet closed for some time. It´s of course a different story when you run a serious business and need certain things to get a job done. An investment of $120 for a certain foot most likely pays off when this or the next job is done! Buy a Dodge WC51 instead - has not all the bells and whistles (obviously) but it will last for decades and you can do a lot repairs by your self and lots of NOS and even aftermarket parts are available. I´m sure you can convince her And you don´t have trouble with German Diesel technology
  14. Machine "appears" to be cheap cause you got it for a bargain but spare parts sometimes seem to expensive in comparison but when you need a certain part for finishing a job it is "acceptable". You have to see the possible value of your machine and not what you have paid for it. I paid approx the same price for a binder bracket and binder attachment as for my Pffaf 345 machine head but I needed the bracket and attachments for bidding edges - I do not regret that I bought the accessories they help me doing a job. No matter if hobby or business. But I admit that $130 for a foot is really expensive but thats because they are original ADLER. You barely find "special" feet used or as an aftermarket part. So you sometimes have to swallow the frog.