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  1. Brass Rivets

    Looking for a source of semi-tubular brass rivets with a flat head. It seems like the semi-tubular rivets available online has a round or oval head. I'm also searching for #12 solid brass rivets wit a head smaller than 3/8". Don't know if these are even available, but figured this was the best place to ask.
  2. Top thread breaking/fraying

    I checked the timing and everything looks good.
  3. What would cause the top thread to break on a 441 clone ONLY when making a turn? The timing seems to be in check. The needle seems A bit close to the presser foot. I've tried new needles, but I get the same result every time
  4. Cb4500 tension

    That's what I'm going to do. After much wasted material and few gray hairs.... thanks to to everyone who responded
  5. Cb4500 tension

    Sorry for the poor quality pic. Yes I'm still using the s point. Biothanes website recommends a round point in either #25 or 26
  6. Cb4500 tension

    The first pic is the top side of the stitch. Forward is the top with the tail and the bottom is reverse. The second pic is the bottom side of the stitches. Top is forward and bottom reverse. As you can see the bottom stitch is slightly smaller and the bottom side of reverse looks like it just runs on
  7. Cb4500 tension

    Black 277 top and 207 bottom the brand is cowboy
  8. Cb4500 tension

    The machine appears to be in time. I'm using silicon lube that I got from Ryan Neal
  9. Cb4500 tension

    North east Pennsylvania
  10. Cb4500 tension

    Not sure if this can be of any help in diagnosing the problem, but I did a few test pieces just sewing backwards. The machine skips a stitch every 3-4 one. The underside also looks very sloppy. Bobbin thread loose and not pulled tight to the material
  11. Cb4500 tension

    After messing with the tension I had it sewing perfect. Then when I went to use it today I was having problems with it in reverse. When I start my leashes, I start it in reverse, sew 3 stitches and then sew forward. Well today the bottoms of the rev/forward look like spaghetti on the bottom. It's also now skipping stitches i.e. On the 3rd stitch in reverse I go past the bottom dead center and go forward. It just skips the last stitch and leaves me with a hole where the needle went in. This also happens when doing a turn. The needle goes in, then I go past BCD and turn. The thread just pulls out and skips the last stitch. Could this be a timing issue?
  12. Cb4500 tension

    I finally got the knots to pull through to the center, but they are inconsistent. Some stitches has the knot pulling to the upper piece of beta and other stitches have the knot more towards the bottom. Could this be caused by loose bobbin tension?
  13. Cb4500 tension

    What kind of needle should I be using?
  14. Cb4500 tension

    I'm using a 794S size 26. How I have the top tension pretty tight. How tight should the bobbin tension be in comparison to the top tension? I had 277 on the top and accidentally had 138 on the bottom. The knots were pulling right into the center. When I went up to 207 no matter what I did, the knots wouldn't budge