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  1. Leather Coat Repair Question

    Is it on a seam, or in the leather itself?
  2. Handtools for sale

    I know I'm late to the game. Anything left?
  3. I'm seriously considering getting a set of dremel burnishers. Any recommendations for a good one?
  4. Dogs Playing Poker

    Love it!
  5. Crossroads Cuff

    As a matter of fact... it IS a voodoo symbol
  6. Drawing flowers, leaves, scrolls etc.

    I second this. Look in the art section, not the leather section. There's a plethora of art books out there on how to draw flora.
  7. Sewing fur away from the edge

    I'm trying to figure out how you mean to put it together. Do you intend to make the pouch out of part of the skin and attach the legs and tail separately? Or have it all one piece and leave the legs and tail as a flap on the bottom hanging below the stitch line?
  8. Stitching a circle end of a duffle bag

    The way I've found works best for me, is to mark your stitching holes on what is going to be the exterior before gluing the pieces together, and then use an awl to punch all the way through the two pieces.
  9. With veg tan, I case and form it with the clip or a similar diameter dowel inside. While the dowel is inside, I mark where my stitch line has to be for a snug fit, then I take the dowel out and stitch. Usually I have to put a little oil on the clip's rod to get it to slide into the finished product.
  10. "Panhead" Solo

    I always enjoy seeing your work
  11. Try stores that carry jewellery making supplies. I've seen these type of plates there before.
  12. Banging my head into a wall

    With that last one, it almost looks like your machine or needle may be out of alignment. Also, do you take your time with the stitching, or do you rush it through?
  13. Stealing Pictures of Others Work

    Good that this guy was shut down, at least for now. As for Pinterest, it's essentially an image based bookmarking system. If you're not wild about your work being pinned by someone, you can contact Pinterest and they will remove the pin.