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  1. ADLER 669 M-series

    Not really the info I was looking for. I'm looking for user-expirience, the "is it better tthen another machine" or " its the best machine on the market" kinda info. The "I love (or hate) it because........ " kinda posts that want you to jump up and run to the store, or start looking for another machine
  2. ADLER 669 M-series

    Hi I had my eye on the ADLER 669, but I have the feeling little information is available, except from the standard folders from the firm. Does anyone own such a machine and give me some pointers on whether I should go for it, or consider another machine? Thanks Didier
  3. Where I Can Buy This Machine

    Did you buy the 669 and how does it work for you?
  4. Advice for cylinder arm machine

    There are so many versions and clones about, its getting a bit much to find the perfect machine. I found a Shanggong GC-335 and also a Typical GC-2603 Are those good clones? better then the original? I precsume the GC335 is a clone of the Pfaff 335, but what is the GC-2603? I live in Belgium, Europe, so American models like cowboy etc are not available. I think someone should see the hole in the market and start a website with reviews and all necessary info about industrial machines for leather