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  1. I personally think the old "H" leg stands are the strongest / most rigid, but they're going to be hard to find new - Probably could get one used from a place that buys up factory stuff
  2. Totally agree with the the Singer 107W / 143W recommendation - Very reliable and easy to maintain, in my experience. We've used them for years, with V69 bonded thread, for sail and canvas work, and they'll sew through a surprising thickness - Good, tough machines.
  3. Singer 8-8 heavy duty

    Thank you for the clarification, jimi ! And also for the cool photo - I'll add it to my "archives"
  4. Singer 8-8 heavy duty

    As long as we're on the subject of monster sewing machines, I thought to post this one - I found this photo a while ago, and have no idea what the machine is/was for, except that it's BIG, and it's obviously just an "art object", now ....
  5. Singer 8-8 heavy duty

    Set up for double needle, even ! I think you DO really need it - Just think how it would look all polished and painted - You could spend endless hours, just staring at it
  6. Singer Age by Serial Numbers Slide Chart

    Most Excellent, Gregg - Thank You !
  7. Found a Puritan on Craigslist

    Looks heavy ............
  8. I'm surprised no one suggested the CB3200 - If you don't absolutely need the 16.5" arm on the 4500, It should handle your thread range just fine :
  9. Timing got off with reducer pulley!

    Does this machine have a safety clutch ? Or maybe the needle bar got pushed up - It looks like the needle's a bit high, as the hook passes.
  10. Singer 132k6 head

    +1 Walk away - Only value here would be if you had a complete one that was cracked in half or something, and just needed the casting. Otherwise, nothing but scrap value - Someone's got a lot of nerve asking that much
  11. Suggestions for slowing down machine

    Have you checked that shaft with a caliper? It might be 20mm, not 3/4" .
  12. New toy

    I like the 2 speed handwheel ! Show us more pitchers, please :~)
  13. **Help Identify Machine**

    +1 - Picture #18 shows the little motor on the back - It's just a Chinese 15 class clone, home type machine
  14. Anyone recognize this machine

    7 Class - Very Large
  15. Singer 91K5 Glove Sewing Machine Parts

    Have you thought about trying to get a looper from one of these Chinese glove machines, and seeing if it might fit, or at least be adapted ? The Chinese often copy and modify existing designs for their sewing machines, and who knows, maybe the looper is the same - Stranger things have happened ........