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  1. Singer 29-4 belt slipping

    If you ever do get the belt to grab better (by shortening it, treating it, etc), one thing you should do, is that when you're not using the machine, slip the belt off the pulley, and leave it slack - It won't get so stretched out that way - This is a good practice with any leather belt treadle machine.
  2. Setting up my machine

    That pedal looks like an industrial type on-off foot switch - NOT a variable speed foot control. So, you're setting the speed with the DC controller, and then just turning the machine on and off with the foot switch - It runs then, at a constant speed ?
  3. What adler is this 30-1, 30-5, 30-7?

    Whichever model that is, and whatever price he's asking, I think you should talk the seller down a bit - That motor is just too small ............
  4. Help with info on unknown machine

    Wiz is right - You'll get more specific info on a machine like this, in a forum dedicated to them :
  5. Replacing "Hook" on my 211G156

    I have a little magnetized screwdriver that I use for this - Also, a REALLY strong pair of reading glasses, so I can see them
  6. I personally think the old "H" leg stands are the strongest / most rigid, but they're going to be hard to find new - Probably could get one used from a place that buys up factory stuff
  7. Totally agree with the the Singer 107W / 143W recommendation - Very reliable and easy to maintain, in my experience. We've used them for years, with V69 bonded thread, for sail and canvas work, and they'll sew through a surprising thickness - Good, tough machines.
  8. Singer 8-8 heavy duty

    Thank you for the clarification, jimi ! And also for the cool photo - I'll add it to my "archives"
  9. Singer 8-8 heavy duty

    As long as we're on the subject of monster sewing machines, I thought to post this one - I found this photo a while ago, and have no idea what the machine is/was for, except that it's BIG, and it's obviously just an "art object", now ....
  10. Singer 8-8 heavy duty

    Set up for double needle, even ! I think you DO really need it - Just think how it would look all polished and painted - You could spend endless hours, just staring at it
  11. Singer Age by Serial Numbers Slide Chart

    Most Excellent, Gregg - Thank You !
  12. Found a Puritan on Craigslist

    Looks heavy ............
  13. I'm surprised no one suggested the CB3200 - If you don't absolutely need the 16.5" arm on the 4500, It should handle your thread range just fine :
  14. Timing got off with reducer pulley!

    Does this machine have a safety clutch ? Or maybe the needle bar got pushed up - It looks like the needle's a bit high, as the hook passes.
  15. Singer 132k6 head

    +1 Walk away - Only value here would be if you had a complete one that was cracked in half or something, and just needed the casting. Otherwise, nothing but scrap value - Someone's got a lot of nerve asking that much