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  1. Custom Shoulder Rig

    Thank you. I had my doubts about the thread. But once it was all stitched, it turned out pretty good.
  2. Custom Shoulder Rig

    This might help.
  3. Custom Shoulder Rig

    I appreciate that! The thread is royal blue, bonded 277 nylon from thread exchange. They were running a great deal a few weeks ago and took advantage. Basically you’re looking at the center piece for the back. 4 of the straps run out from there and 2 go over each shoulder and 2 underneath to connect to the holster and mag pouch. kinda like putting on a coat.
  4. You just gonna softball that one in there?
  5. Custom Shoulder Rig

    Donated to my local Sheriff’s Office. They give out door prizes and such for their Christmas party. This was to be given to the Deputy of the Year. It went to an investigator, and a quality guy. The coin was glued and then stitched into place. Holster and mag pouch are 7/8 veg tan. Straps are 5/6 oz. Fiebings pro oil black with blue stitching. This was one of my favorite rigs to have had the pleasure of working on.
  6. I have a Tandy pattern that says you can take it to a print shop. But they advise to print it in 44x28, which is freaking huge.
  7. What supplier for 277 thread

    I get good deals from
  8. Another Heritage Set

    Thank you, Dwight For the single action, I do too. But she wanted to get him both. But I get so many inquiries and requests for the tri-weave. I guess it’s just different from what a lot of people are used to seeing. At least from what they see in the stores around here.
  9. Customer wanted to get her husband a carry holster and cowboy rig for his Heritage .22 short barrel. Gave me a chance to work on carving. And everyone loves the tie-weave. The dye is Fiebing’s Pro Dye Walnut with a coat of neats and finished with resolene/water mixture. The belt is 2” wide with 1.5” billets, nickel hardware. I wanted to tool a border and the front strap, but she didn’t want it.
  10. Crossdraw 1911 Rig

    That be the one
  11. Crossdraw 1911 Rig

    No, I made one like this a couple of years ago for the same customer using a modified @JLSleather pattern. So I was able to recreate it this time for a 2” belt.
  12. Sheath number 2

    That looks clean
  13. Off-roading

    Just to kind of jump on with this, if you’re gonna do ANY type of wheelin’, I’d invest in a good tool kit. Good jack, some wrenches, extra oil and lubricants, and some beer
  14. Off-roading

    I’d be weary of nerf bars and think about maybe selling those for some sliders. Nerf bars get bent up so easy. Lockers would definitely be my next get, though.