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  1. simplesling.jpg

    Very clean and neat
  2. Tippmann Boss $1200 shipped

  3. One year on.

    One of my favorite things is getting pictures from customers of items I’ve made for them. I encourage them to email or text me pictures, or upload them to my Facebook page. It’s a really cool thing to see over time.
  4. Tippmann Boss $1200 shipped

    Price drop $1050 shipped with all accessories.
  5. Butt stock sleeve/cover

    I dig the pebbled textured border. Great job
  6. Tippmann Boss $1200 shipped

    Also the LED light, so you can stare at your beautiful stitch work.
  7. Tippmann Boss $1200 shipped

    I’m pulling the trigger on a new machine, so I’m selling off the workhorse. It has many hours of use, just today. But it still works like it should. She’s a frustrating mistress at times, but she gets the job done. My production is going up, and so it’s time to part ways. Selling everything off for $1200, to include shipping. I’m also gonna put it on eBay if no one wants it here. Included in the sale and not pictured, but can give you pictures on request: Center foot - 2 (I don’t know why, but I have 2) Normal presser foot Extra AR-10 Gear Needles - (7) #200 chisel Needles - (7) #180 Left presser foot 4oz spool brown thread size 138 4oz spool black thread size 138 Stirrup attachment 5 bobbins Thread nippers all allen wrenches that came with it and mini tool case i believe i kept the original box it came in, so you can have that too. Along with the owners manual eirher PM me here or email me at thank you for lookong
  8. Veg Tan Knife Roll

    Imagination. And a small piece of scrap as a welt. I was all ready to, and then I had the straps there and for some weird reason, I liked how it looked. But I should have burnished them. All of it was stitched with the boss. So less fingertip pain, and more elbow/shoulder pain.
  9. Made out of 4/5 oz Hermann Oak veg tan. Used Fiebings walnut dye and then finished it with some carnauba cream. The pocket flap is 3/4 oz and the straps are 1/4” 7/8 oz. buckles came from buckleguy. The customer loves it. He’s messaged me twice already telling me how much he loves it.
  10. Rhino 60ds

    Have you checked for the mold?
  11. "ManKind" (The Wrestler) Mask Pattern

    eBay has them for sale. That might help ”Have a nice day”
  12. I’d really like to see the difference between the Outlaw and the Boss. Does the Outlaw come ready with blood pressure pills?
  13. What did they do at SLC?

    I gave them my tax ID number and they changed my account to now when I log in, I get a wholesale discount, or something similar. Tandy’s law enforcement discount is helpful, too, but I prefer SLCs veg tan. My only gripe is their lack of line snap assortment.
  14. Thank you Yes, walnut pro oil. I used a 50/50 resolene-Water mixture as a finish. I think the natural stitching over the walnut dye is my new favorite combo