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  1. Kimber K6S Holster

    Both of those are sexy
  2. I would definitely leave negative feedback if you can. And that’s one reason I hate selling on eBay. They protect the buyers every time, and the seller has no protection from scammers or people with buyers remorse. I hate to hear that. I hope you find a way to get some of that money back.
  3. Most popular gun and holster?

    The Taurus .38s have a $40 Mail in rebate and are going on sale in most shops. I've had several inquiries, but no customers.
  4. Most popular gun and holster?

    I get more Glock 42 and 43 than anything else.
  5. First Gun Show

    I don't know how your gun show went, but I did my first one last December in Jackson, Mississippi. Between the various holsters I made as "stock", the booth fee, and the banner, I MIGHT have broke even. I took 3 custom orders and sold 1 holster. Granted, I didn't have anything super sexy on the table. But my personal observation was most people at this show like to window shop and most are looking to get something for nothing. I might do another show next summer, but for me it isn't worth it. It was weird because I was the only leather vendor there. Most people seemed more interested in the kydex booth where they'd make you a $15 holster on the spot.
  6. Rjf Leather

    I only order from Roger. I usually get about 25-30 sq ft of 7/8 ounce veg tan. I've only gotten one piece that had a few problem areas. Nothing major. I pay through PayPal. The only downside is it seems like it takes about 10 days for me to get my order. So now I just plan my orders better so I don't run out again. He's a super nice guy and will answer any questions you throw at him.
  7. Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I completed one of these for a customer. I hated the design, but it's what the customer wanted. I doubt I'll do another one because I just don't like them, but who knows