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  1. Card Wallet

    I forgot I had this pattern that I borrowed from jlsleather. So, I made a thing. Wanted to get a weathered look out of the mahogany. It turned out like I wanted it to. Stuffed about 7 cards in this beast. I’ve gotten really into making wallets lately. It’s good times.
  2. Colt 1911 gun rig

    I think it looks fantastic. Well done
  3. Something about Glocks and accessories. It isn’t that hard. I just brought the stitch line straight down, and formed it like usual. As for that reflex sight, you’ll need to cut a groove, and, like mentioned above, you might want to add a thumb break
  4. Blackhawk Paddles

    This is how I do it as well. Looks great!
  5. shoulder rig

    The ones that I’ve dyed, I’ve just put a few coats of resolene on them. They’re doing just fine.
  6. Rifle cuff sliding

    You’re probably right
  7. Rifle cuff sliding

    Thinking out loud here, but what about some rubber cement on the back side and let it dry. Wonder what the cons would be with that. Good call about the drawer lining, though.
  8. Thin bridle belt

    The belt looks great, but I also love that buckle
  9. Show your Shop

    When I think of the term “workshop”, this is exactly what I see in my head.
  10. J-Frame Day

    Thank you!
  11. Christmas Belts

    Those look great!
  12. Got a couple of orders for smith and Wesson’s Air-weight. One’s a vertical shoulder holster, the other is just a pants holster.
  13. Show your Shop

    Just cleaned it up