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  1. found this a long time ago. i use .8mm tiger thread with my 4mm stitching chisels and .6mm with my 3mm stitching chisels. This might also be helpful
  2. here is the webbing and ribbon side by side.
  3. I had this same question. I went to Jo-Ann's fabric and found polyester ribbon. Much thinner than webbing.
  4. Hi guys. I seem to not have any issues with measuring the gussets. i do the math and measure with tailor's tape. My issue is attaching the gusset and adding the wholes. Tuga, could you be more detailed in how you pre punch the holes?
  5. I have had nothing but great experiences with BuckleGuy. They are local to me. I wish there was just a way for me to go pick the stuff I order up though.
  6. Here is the 2nd attempt at making a bag. I am a little embarrassed by how long it took.
  7. I saw this on this board once I think.
  9. I have been using Fiebing's leather colors. It seems to work great.
  10. It was some stuff i got from tandy. I imagine that they will stretch over time but I also don't foresee my 4 year old carrying anything too heavy. the straps are also 4/5 oz yes. When I build my bag it will have thicker straps and have some webbing inside to prevent stretching.
  11. I used some veg tan leather 4-5 oz. 2-3 for the front pocket. Not the highest quality stuff since it was my first bag and for a 4 year old.
  12. Buckles, trigger snap hooks, O ring and D rings. Also a bunch of double cap rivets.
  13. Facebook security settings
  14. I ordered some solid brass hardware from this week. I just wanted to say I am very happy with the quality of the products and how quickly I received them.