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  1. VOV that menpo is really cool! I like them all!
  2. Vov I like that slpatter idea! Decent handmade:)
  3. Thank you!:) Yes, yes. I can attach a fingertab, if someone like it, or using that techniques. I prefer the thumb type archery. (with a thumb ring) my bow is a shorter one, the three or two finger technic not so comfortable with him. I had a previous armguard, which has an "Y" gloves build in. We're thinking with a same practical way. :D
  4. Hey! I wrote here for a long time ago. Aaand i just finished my latest project! I'd like to present you our newest armguards. This is the "Bulcsú" armguard. We made this by leather. Its contains many layers of diferent leather, a hardened one too! They are reliable at fencing and its has a great resistance. This armguard made by a with hunnic - hungarian pattern. We used a many historical elements when we designed it. I hope you like it!
  5. Thank you!:) Sadly it's just replicas, but the pattern comes from archeology. We have many of these. Like this and this They used ornaments like this from Bc 1000 -> Ac 1500. Thank you! I'm in contact with many engraver and smith. But one day i'd like to make an own "workshop" for that.
  6. Hi! I just finished a new belt. Its ornaments came from central europe (Ac. 700-1000) The hunnis, magyar, warriors and nobles (woman and men too) wore belts, like this. (with more additional ornaments) I hope you like it. I hope soon i can start the helmet project.
  7. Hello everyone! I'd like to make a leather gloves. I crawling through the internet, and there are many so many pattern. So i'd like to queston you if anyone have a good patter, that worked? (or tutorial, pdf ect) My project is a protective gloves with beewaxed lamellar protection for hema, or any martial sports. And i never made a glowes before, so im stucked atm. I hunted down a pattern, and i cut it down from paper and i think its not as good, what i'd like to make. Pls help me out!:D Thank you:)
  8. My Gf just made a series of "animal like purses", wallet, creditcard holder, and anything what can fit in. :D
  9. Oh my, thats a word! :D I read some old script where they translated to "quiver" and always need to think about wich is the right word. Thank you!:) (omm how can i change the name of the topic? i found the "edit" button nowhere)
  10. Thank you!:) It was a handy accessary, when the enemies came close. The turanic "tribes" were mostly archers, horsearchers in the battlefield, so that was they first weapon. When a fight gone messy they put the bow to this holster and able to grab a shield and a one handed weapon or shortern polearm. My next project is a full armour. I hope i can show soon how this technique works.
  11. Wow i like it! Its polmerclay? or some kinde of plexi?
  12. Soooo we finished my Bow Quiver.. It was a hell of a weekend, but its alive!:D I hope you like it.
  13. Sajnos az még nem. még.
  14. Its a hunnic ornamented belt. On the belt, there are two tipes of ornament. One is the " octopus" which mean: The power of the ancestors, gods or god. The second is the "lily" which mean: The lily is the most used flower, what is growing on the worldtree on the "tree of life" its simple meaning: one from the nation.