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  1. How to keep my ruler from sliding?

    No worries mate! It gave me an idea for another quick tip video for my youtube channel
  2. How to keep my ruler from sliding?

    Glue.... thin coat, let it dry thoroughly. Too thick or too wet and it may mark your leather or pull up the surface finish (practice on scrap). I use tanners bond contact cement. You can do the same thing to acrylic or wooden templates.
  3. Portfolio

    @MoRoadglide11 @Rossr thanks for the compliments, and you guys are so right... i desperately want some machinery in my workshop! I enjoyed it, but stitching is not my favorite part of this work... especially doing small spacing. My Wuta 3.38 mm pricking irons = 8 stitches per inch. Lol But unfortunately my beat up old singer 201k wasn't up to the task! =p haha Lets say the wishlist is growing, with each project I undertake.
  4. Portfolio

    Thanks guys! I want to make one for myself now, but at the same time I don't want to do all that stitching again unless I'm getting paid for it... haha That tuck lock is my favourite part too blingy, but subtle enough to be elegant still. ... Not totally practical if you want to write on both sides of the page, because it makes the left side sit unevenly... But the hard cover book helps with that, and you wouldn't want to write on the page without something protecting the leather underneath from your pen impressions anyway. So, i figured it'll be alright!
  5. Portfolio

    hahahaha, well that does sound great! just gotta get a day off from baby duty, the day job, and the honey-do list... They are not necessarily prioritized in that order. I'll take you up on that one day.
  6. Portfolio

    Like for starters... i should get a bell skiver (or a schar-fix? However they're spelled in ze german language), so I can consistently skive the edges and not need to punch through 8mm of veg tan with an awl! Lol
  7. Portfolio

    Thanks mate! I learned a lot from this one...
  8. Portfolio

  9. Portfolio

  10. Portfolio

    Alright guys, I posted some WIP shots of this one earlier. Now done, and ready to hand over to the client. It is 2mm italian veg tan, with a pigment finish coat. Beautiful stuff, and great to work with. It is stacked up to 4 layers thick where the cardslots are on the left side, so it is a fairly substantial feeling piece, and punching those stitch holes with the awl was both character building, and a great learning experience! The lining is 1mm chrome tanned kangaroo skin in a tan colour. The whole thing is hand stitched, with waxed linen thread. There is a tuck lock closure, which adds a nice bit of bling. Enjoy! Comments, questions, and feedback is always welcome: I'm here to learn, and share what i have learned the hard way.
  11. Bag terminology help?

    Yeah the difference beteen this and yours appears only to be layers of stiffener and a lining. FYI guys, Craftsman gus youtube channel also just released a video which used a similar approach. I'm like you @RockyAussie, self taught... except I had the benefit of youtube to get me started.
  12. Bag terminology help?

  13. Variations on a theme- More totes!

    Whoa, I need one of those in my life...
  14. Variations on a theme- More totes!

    They look beautiful! Curious, what dies? Like... for the whole body? That'd want a sizeable clicker press...
  15. Strap I made will be in a Marvel Movie

    How exciting! That's pretty awesome.