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  1. Show your Shop

    Maybe I will take some stills after this christmas when I do my big tidy up and reorganise But in the meantime, you can see mine being built in my "operation wedgetail nest" vlog on youtube! Channel is called wedgetail leather. Project follows getting a shed built, so if you're not interested in that, or in me building storage shelving etc. Then probably the last couple of vids in the series would be the best starting point. I also have some quick tips and a couple of tutorials on that channel for anyone interested in the most basic basics of leathercrafting... I'm no pro, that's for sure.
  2. Custom Dual Strap Satchel

    Nicely done! Classic design, done well.
  3. New Tools

    Look great! It is always satisfying when you make functional tools for yourself that suit your needs perfectly
  4. @leathersmyth sensational! I can get my hands on some of that really easily.
  5. Good call @fredk, i was watching that in my video and thinking exactly the same thing. Would be a good improvement. @leathersmyth I'd like to see a photo of that! I have a train line at the end of my street with a bunch of track laying around waiting for disposal. (It has been removed, replaced with new track, and waiting to be collected for like 3 years) @veedub3 thanks! I hope it helps
  6. G'day guys, I have been tinkering away in my workshop again and had a simple idea about how to make a basic long anvil to get into all those hard to reach places on your leatherworking projects for hole punching and rivet setting. I made this one using scrap and some basic clamps I had laying around... Enjoy, and I hope you learn something! And if you get a chance, check out some of my other videos and subscribe to my channel.
  7. CHRISTINA bag, recently finished.

    Beautiful! I know a few ladies who would love a bag like that. Well done
  8. Notebook cover

    Cool! I like it
  9. vegetable tanned leather Australia

    Agree depends what you are looking for, and where you are. But yes, veg tan here is rediculously expensive... australia tax. I like Adelaide Saddlery and Leather for hardware. Birdsall for leather, and kangaroo skins Packer leather for kangaroo is better, I hear, but not so good for bovine. Tandy.... well... if they actually manage to send you the right thing, or have it in stock, then they are OK (if not mildly extortionate). You can get lots of good stuff from leffler leather, and they are the aussie distributor for claytons, but I'll let you draw your own conclusions about their prices...
  10. Why can't life be kind?

    Life or death is of no consequence. Accept that, accept your utter insignificance in the universe, accept that there is no good or bad but merely what is or is not, and you will find happiness in the smallest of things and enjoy life for what it is; because you will know that none of it matters anyway, and you are truly free. ... Bit of a nihilist. Clearly not a religious either... But you know, to each their own.
  11. Makers mark stamping on belts

    My makers mark is just an eagle with no words. I put it on the tongue end of the belt. (Where it adds to the aesthetic) Don't want my logo? Don't buy my stuff. Now... if it's a custom order, I'll ask where they want the logo. Most of the time they're happy to have it displayed prominently.
  12. Casual Weekender

    Nice one! Well done mate.
  13. Chicago screws, Aka screw posts, aka posts with screws. Tandy, buckleguy, saddlery trade suppliers, and you may find them at craft stores too... or book binding suppliers, it is very common to use screw posts in that business. But all in small volume... means more $$$. For my 2c, it pays to buy more in bulk and have a bunch of these in different colours and sizes on hand... trust me there is nothing worse than having to place a whole order where the shipping price is 10x more than the item, after already going out if your way hunting around town just because you need one 3.5mm brass screwpost and all you can find is 5mm nickel plated... #lessonslearned.
  14. Nyah nyah nyah NYAH NYAH!

    I would be envious... but really this reads as follows: Man works hard, cashes in on the fruits of his labour. Well deserved I reckon.
  15. Examples of stencil dyed custom orders. The crow silhoette on a coffee sleeve was one of the first I tried. The book and cover were for fellow wargamers. Even the words on that bookmark are stencil cut using the laser and then sprayed on with dye... just need to find a font with bridges to each of the voids... like e's amd p's for example... pretty damned durable, and really cool. Anyway, just some ideas.