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  1. Sometimes you just need to laugh it off

    Well look on the bright side... you just found a way to add a variant of an existing pattern to your product offerings, which might appeal to some more people
  2. SLC.. why have thou opened this can of worms

    Imagine that would make life easier to get your straight edge before cutting your belt straps, Brian!
  3. Home Made Clicker Die Press

    They aren't the lightest of things that's for sure... Even though mine is only a bench top mount, on the floor it stands about waist height I suppose, it is pretty solid! Wouldn't want to put it in a space you intend to use for multiple purposes.
  4. Home Made Clicker Die Press

    Patience is a virtue... I waited about a year and a half, but finally the auto parts shop at the end of my street put their 6 tonne shop press on special, just about 50% off.... was AUD$304 down to $160 with bonus $60 accessory pack... which is cool, just in case I ever need the dies. Now I just need to find a bit of plate steel... good job the father in law is a steel fabricator maybe we can dig something out of the scrap bin. Given that a little clicker press with a smaller bed width is about $1300 here.... I should be able to deck out my shop with this shop press, steel plates, cutting mat, and a heap of dies for the same price as paying for one of those. Sure, it won't be as quick as a clicker press, but it will certainly be quicker and more accurate than my scalpel for the repeatable things I make.
  5. Chevre is French for Goat. Goat is used mostly as lining leather. And is a good choice for it. Common lining skins are goat, lamb, pig, and cow... and when it comes to lining, the choice should be based on more than just being light weight, and consider instead what you want to make. lamb skins are beautifully soft and smooth grained, but can be temperamental... certainly not hard wearing, and stains.... oh the stains... good for things that will be protected from moisture and contact. Pig is nice, but tough, and has a distinctive open grain that is not as subtle. Can be stretchy... Good for hard wearing things. And budget conscious choice. Cow is the cheapest usually per sqft. Not very strong in lining weights, so won't wear too well over the long term and can be very stretchy because of its looser grain... which also has a strong texture...but it is budget friendly so great for beginner projects. Goat makes a great lining. It has a distinctive but subtle grain texture, is much harder wearing, is not stupidly expensive (unless you buy premium French stuff =p haha), doesn't stretch as bad as sheep skin or cow, and doesn't crease too bad when it bends. A great all rounder. The stuff @YinTx used here comes in a huge range of colours, and is regarded among the best in the world... and yes, I'm totes jello Beautiful work as always Yin!
  6. A few wallets and notebook covers

    Ditch the threaded barrel... get you some quick clamps This is mine, same tandy pony. @andrewsejlv beautiful stuff, I love the contrast.
  7. A couple more simple wallets. The first two are kangaroo leather. Each are 3 slots, one has an open centre pocket. The other has a burgundy latigo back, split to about 1.3mm and then lined with kangaroo leather. Sadly this one is a bit of a second... the outer was a bit thicker than normal and i didn't account enough for it so it ripples a little when closed. Might be able to save it if I cut the stitching and move the inner over a couple of stitches... but then it'd be uneven, and it works fine as it is... so I'll give it to someone for free instead.
  8. Finished Handbag

    Aha, guess the colour settings on my screen are off! Haha Thanks Interesting! Might have to check them out.
  9. Finished Handbag

    Nice! I reckon she will love it. Practical choice with the tuck lock too... i love using them, both for easy use and appearance. Which tannery did you get the dark brown latigo from? I make a lot of latigo dog collars and leads, but am pretty limited to either black or burgundy. Though I do see Wickett and Craig has some in various colours.
  10. Chrome working

    .... just out of left field but @gmace99 has some youtube vids up about burnishing edges. Veg tan stuff, but he uses pearl glue or wallpaper paste... could be worth a red hot go!
  11. Nicely done!
  12. Hahahahaha! That's mint. Although I wonder if the marketing department is giving you a "bum steer"?
  13. I bet! The lining seems intimidating too, not to make it too loose or too small... and that the pockets end up in the right place when you get it all stuck together.
  14. Great stuff! I like the way the zipper is integrated too, and would like to make one like that at some point... the mrs always says that totes should have a way to close/lock. Real pretty, I reckon those would moooove pretty quickly off the shelf!