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  1. Finished Handbag

    Aha, guess the colour settings on my screen are off! Haha Thanks Interesting! Might have to check them out.
  2. Finished Handbag

    Nice! I reckon she will love it. Practical choice with the tuck lock too... i love using them, both for easy use and appearance. Which tannery did you get the dark brown latigo from? I make a lot of latigo dog collars and leads, but am pretty limited to either black or burgundy. Though I do see Wickett and Craig has some in various colours.
  3. Chrome working

    .... just out of left field but @gmace99 has some youtube vids up about burnishing edges. Veg tan stuff, but he uses pearl glue or wallpaper paste... could be worth a red hot go!
  4. Crocodile ridge Bracelets

    Nicely done!
  5. Hair on hide tote with blood knots and cow horn

    Hahahahaha! That's mint. Although I wonder if the marketing department is giving you a "bum steer"?
  6. Hair on hide tote with blood knots and cow horn

    I bet! The lining seems intimidating too, not to make it too loose or too small... and that the pockets end up in the right place when you get it all stuck together.
  7. Hair on hide tote with blood knots and cow horn

    Great stuff! I like the way the zipper is integrated too, and would like to make one like that at some point... the mrs always says that totes should have a way to close/lock. Real pretty, I reckon those would moooove pretty quickly off the shelf!
  8. Kangaroo Leather Moleskine Cover

    Here is one I put together last night for a work mate, took me about 3hrs. Might have to make myself one now!
  9. Edge paint

    I've not had much experience with painting edges compared to these other members, but did have a crack at using the pencil once or twice. The key difference between a pencil and a cone shaped applicator with grooves in it is that the applicator rolls. If you don't roll the pencil too, you'll just end up smudging paint around... that and the grooves store more paint for longer and smoother runs. But for both, if you are getting a bead of paint on the applicator that looks like a drop, you've got too much paint and will end up with a big glob at the start which will give you a wobbly line for sure. Less paint, roll the pencil along the edge. Those are my tips Now I do have a fair amount of experience with painting models and miniatures. So if you want to have a crack at using a small paint brush (good for corners mostly) try this: Thin the paint down a bit, load the brush so that it gets the paint right into the middle of the bristles (that's where the paint should be carried by a brush, not on the outside bristles). Wipe off excess on a cloth or paper towel so it is not globbed on the bristles, and use the side of the brush, not the tip, to apply the paint... think about applying the paint by using the side of the brush at an angle like you would use to sharpen a knife. For me, a brush is best for tight spots.
  10. Kangaroo Clutch Purse - Wuta template

    Thanks guys, Yeah I love love love my pricking irons from wuta, very good quality and a much better tool than the price point suggests. The templates are pretty good too, except I wasn't a fan of the tassel template. The parts are all the correct sizes, but I'd have expected the slots to be fully cut like a hair comb so you don't have to measure the cuts and do them one at a time like normal... maybe acrylic isn't a suitable medium for that? I dunno... maybe I'll try my own when the ol' laser is back up and running. Zippers, ah, zippers... they my nemesis. If anyone knows a good supplier of zippers that either is in or will ship to australia for reasonable money, let me know! Quality aside, zippers can be tempermental little buggers. If it's not aligned just right they can bunch up and then you have to hold the zip at just the right angle to get it sliding easily. This one, I got right and it opens easy enough... but better quality zipper = better experience for the end user.
  11. Just a simple little clutch for Mrs Wedgetail on her birthday. It is made from cognac coloured glazed Kangaroo skin, with a chrome tanned kangaroo tassel. The interior is lined with pigskin, with a card pocket made from the same kangaroo as the outer. The outside is saddle stitched at 3.38mm spacing using Wuta pricking irons, and 1mm black braided poly... would have been better to use .6 or .8. Edges are painted with black edge paint, my first attempt using edge paint instead of burnishing! Easy enough to do, takes longer, but looks great I think. If you're interested, the template for this came from Wuta which you can find online. The templates are good and accurate... instructions would be good for new leathercrafters but with a bit of a 'cuppa and a think' and maybe watching a bit of youtube, most should be able to figure it out. It also called for some specific thickness of leather on the templates, but since veg roo is stiff I used thinner stuff and it worked out fine. I normally make my own templates, but blew up my laser Enjoy, and let me know what you think.
  12. Simple card slot

    Thanks @Prusty! My stitching was pretty woeful before, but it's getting better Lots of patience, more practice, and a good set of pricking irons.
  13. Simple card slot

    Thanks mate, It's a good material, firmer than something like goat which makes it a bit easier to work with in some ways (and harder in others). Just got to stop it hopping away from you in between processes. Yeah it is Lekoza slam thread, and hammered down which flattened it out a bit. Pity they aren't making the stuff anymore, it's my favourite thread... though haven't tried tiger yet. Actually you know... that could be 0.8... have to find my invoice to check.
  14. Simple card slot

    From the workbench today, a simple kangaroo leather cardslot. Made from vegetable tanned kangaroo, and saddle stitched in 0.6mm white braided polyester thread. These card slots are perfect for the train pass or work access card.
  15. Hobble belt

    G'day all, Made a hobble belt for my client. Seemed an odd choice, since he doesn't own a horse... But it turns out the rings are good for clipping stuff onto (like gloves, torch, etc) for a work belt. At least that's what he says Made it from sedgwicks traditional english bridle with solid brass hardware and rings, and brass rivet burrs that are all hand peened. That's some bloody nice leather to work with! All round, it's a pretty solid duty work belt. And has a soft hand for something more 'extra curricular' if you're into that sort of thing, I included some 50 shades of greyscale photos below that we had 50 shades of fun taking. No judgment here!