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  1. Some more dog collars

    Thanks guys, hardware is from Adelaide Saddlery and Leather. Good range, cost effective (as much as stuff can be here in Australia)
  2. Some more dog collars

    Just knocked out a few more collars for the web store I am launching soon. I had a mate take some photos for me, as is his hobby. These are his 'messing around on Sunday Arvo' shots... which are instantly better than anything I have done! Lol Anyway. Burgundy latigo, about 3.6mm. Edges are hand burnished. Riveted with brass saddlers rivets. Hardware is all solid cast brass. Enjoy!
  3. This'll make you hungry

    Hahaha, that's cool. The shake reminds me of master shake from Aqua teen hunger force
  4. iPhone 5 wallet case.

    Nicely done mate! She'll love it.
  5. Simple riveted handbag

    Hey guys, I made a tutorial about this bag on my YouTube channel. If you're interested, here 'tis!
  6. Simple riveted handbag

  7. Simple riveted handbag

    @Grumpymann and @MikeG hope you guys can follow this for now? Otherwise it will take me a fair while to get it into a printable format... I like to cut my patterns from poster board. Basically though, the whole thing is a big rectangle the whole width and length of the piece (585mm x 320mm). Then a smaller rectangle inside it (495mm x 244mm) defines the width of the finished bag, and the amount that it comes in from the outer rectangle defines the bags approximate depth (38mm). Then a triangle at the top peaks in the centre of the big rectangle, with the sides meeting the top of the smaller rectangle.
  8. Simple riveted handbag

    Bahahahaha I like it. People tried to tell me what parenthood was going to be like, but it was just unFATHERmable to me.
  9. Stamping fun

    Nice! I like it with the thonging, good job on the tooling too. Coffee sleeves are a bit of a favorite of mine. They can be super personalised for gifts, or branding. @YinTx make them for a medium size. They will usually fit everything bigger and most smaller. Unless you're like me and only ever buy BIG coffees =p
  10. Skinning and egg tanning squirrel/rabbit

    I hear an easy way to skin them is to use an air compressor. Good job using the lot! My grandfather always said "don't kill it unless you're going to eat it". But clearly he was shortsighted because he mentioned nothing about making things from their skins!
  11. My First Journal

    Well done! Really nice detail on the inside pocket, and tooling.
  12. Simple riveted handbag

    If I'm honest, a bit of leatherworking has been very cathartic lately. It's why I love this as a 'paying hobby'. Hobby because I do it part time for enjoyment. Paying because I get to do more stuff if someone else pays for it, and because I hope it becomes more of a full time gig some day! Cathartic because it is simple problem solving with quick satisfaction and tangible outcomes that being people enjoyment, borne from calming methodical work.... plus you get to whack stuff with a hammer
  13. Simple riveted handbag

    No probs guys, I shall put one together and share it! Will probably be a few days though, so thanks for being patient Thanks @Stetson912, she'll be ok... probably gonna be a rough few weeks ahead, but we have support around us.
  14. Simple riveted handbag

    Hahaha, being a new dad I have taken to enjoying those sort of high quality dad jokes @skoronesa thanks mate!
  15. Simple riveted handbag

    Hey guys, So inbeteeen going back to work, a sick wife in the hospital, and feeding my 8 week old newborn, I have been asked to make 3 handbags and 2 wallets as bridal party gifts! The client asked for something very simple (lucky for me!) and showed me some photos of things she wanted, which was a riveted bag. I have created one like it, with my own flair of course! So, this is my prototype for a riveted bag. It is chrome tanned leather body, assembled in such a way there is no gap in the bottom for stuff to fall out, and with no stitching is very quick to assemble. Austin double shoulders in Tan colour were used for the strap and brand plate. The strap is adjustable with a simple conway buckle, with edges tipped with a strap end punch for a simple detail, and is riveted down the outside of the bag with double cap rivets. A 4 strand braided chord made from tan kangaroo lace works well with a simple concho, as a bag closure. I know this is in showoff, but feel free to comment and let me know what you think! If anyone wants a pattern, I can make one to provide.