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  1. Really great idea, well done!
  2. Nice collars, and a good cause. Kudos!
  3. Looks great! And congrats on your first sale, that's a great moment
  4. Really love that tooling! And such a quality build. Those look great.
  5. There is neither a Michaels, or a hobby lobby where I live... this makes me sad.
  6. Really nice work! I'd be happy with one of those in my kit.
  7. Thats awesome! Good effort for a 10yr old... and a good first attempt for most adults too i'd say. Lol Got my first kid on the way soon, can't wait to get him on the tools... he's got to earn his keep somehow, right?
  8. Bloody excellent! I think we could all use one of these in our workshops. Looks like a huge labour saver.
  9. Looks great! Really nice work. I haven't done much braiding, though always use fiebings aussie leather conditioner when doing mystery braids for the same purpose. Makes it easier to work, and protects at the same time. Especially sinc it can be hard to reach all the places after one is finished.
  10. That's some nice braiding! Any good resources we could lookup to learn how?
  11. That's one seriously free range chicken.
  12. Nice looking clutch! Well done
  13. Nice workshop! I like your airbrush extractor, mine is the garage door. If the door is open, it's extracting. If it's closed it's not. Lol I basically hold my piece outside and spray it, still wear a respirator though... but it is no good when raining. Haha
  14. Interesting! What model?
  15. Probably used dye sublimation transfer? Basically the image is printed on a paper/film (not sure), placed with the leather in a machine, and heat transfers the dye onto the leather. You can YouTube it if you're interested, but it is the same way they do leather printed phone cases and stuff. Certainly looks cool though!