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  1. Bloody excellent. Kickstarter that.
  2. Nice! I like the idea of a customer being able to buy more than one (say, different colours) and swap between them quickly... Or just rip your phone out to talk on it without your whole wallet up to your ear. The next time I get a few hours in the shed for myself, I might make myself a prototype... though my 6 week old kid might make that a long wait. Haha
  3. Velcro would absolutely work well for this too, great suggestion @Ferg. Do you glue the velcro, rivet, or stitch it somehow?
  4. For the strap closure yeah, I am talking about using them on the plastic phone case that goes inside the wallet so that you can remove the phone from the wallet.
  5. Ok @YinTx and @Brianm77, I just had an epiphany... If magnets are too risky, then I suppose all you really need is something to snap them together. And the smallest snaps I can think of which would also be strong enough to hold a phone securely under normal use, are glove snaps. Not as seamless as a magnet hidden under a lining... but I have seen less elegant solutions sold commercially! For my choice, I would probably put the male ends in the case/wallet side and the female on the phone cover side so it felt better in your hand. Two snaps, one each centered near the top and bottom would do the job. Just thinking out loud.
  6. Yeeeeeeeesh that's a pity! Anyone tried to do he electro-line-limbo yet? I hear it's a shocking display of bravado.
  7. Well, now you've done it... She'll expect that quality and effort for every gift from now on! Should've given her a gift card for makeup instead, to keep her guessing whether it was sweet or self serving =p
  8. Beautiful! and you gotta colour coordinate, chicks love matching sets
  9. That is some beautiful work! I love the colour contrast between the natural, black, and silver. It really shows off the tooling too. Excellent work! Can we see it in action too?
  10. Hey @YinTx, Try slicking the edges down with some tallow fat maybe? You can buy it from most grocery stores for a couple of bucks, here in Australia it comes branded as Supafry. A fellow from UK Saddlery put me onto it for doing edges on belts in response to me while I was on here bitching about burnishing edges on a bridle leather belt that I couldn't get rid of all the fuzzies, or get a stain to take. He mentions it in one of his videos, but basically just put some tallow fat in a piece of canvas or denim, heat it slightly with a lighter, and the rub it along the edge. Once I did that, burnishing worked perfectly and it took a water based stain too. This is his video here: Your project is looking great too, by the way
  11. Its also about duration. Even the weakest magnets could wipe a credit card or phone if they have enough exposure time. But then again, your phone itself emits a magnetic field and could also wipe your cards over a long enough period... maybe even demagnetise a small magnet too. It is an interesting subject that I also don't know enough about to say definitively what will work and what won't... and I'm not sure who would be able to speak on the topic with authority. Maybe an electronics engineer? Any of those on this forum?
  12. It entirely depends on the type of magnets you use. There are so many different kinds, and it is absolutely a risk if you get it wrong. That said, there is product out there using them, which means it is feasible.
  13. Really great idea, well done!
  14. Nice collars, and a good cause. Kudos!
  15. Looks great! And congrats on your first sale, that's a great moment