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  1. Well I am halfway there...I found a nice used Cowboy 3200 that was local. I am looking at a 1206 from Bob for my wife. I noticed the 206rb would sew 46 thru 207. The 1206 shows 69 Thur 207. That's what the manuals show any way and the safety on the 206. i like the additional thread spread on the 206 but not for the extra funds. Is the safety worth the extra for a new guy?
  2. Wife wants to sew light leather (2 to 6oz) and nylon webbing to maybe 1/4" thick. I want to make holsters, gun belts, knife sheaths, etc. I don't want to be adjusting everything. What should I be looking at for both our needs? I would like to buy used if possible. Would also like fair pricing on whatever y'all recommend. Prices seem to be all over the place for machines I have looked at on the internet. Thanks for your help. I live close to the metromess of Dallas-Ft Worth.