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  1. Does Henley still make the knives? I have tried to call their office in Shreveport but can not get anyone. Call goes to voicemail that will not accept messages. Any ideas? If
  2. They will keep lowering the price until it sells. I have picked up machine tools and welders really cheap from them. The shipping is what gets me to Texas.
  3. hgrinc.com has several of the above presses for sale. I thought someone might be interested.
  4. What about Barge's TF product? I will check out the Renia brand.
  5. Does all contact cements have the smell and health issues as Barge and Masters?
  6. Well I am halfway there...I found a nice used Cowboy 3200 that was local. I am looking at a 1206 from Bob for my wife. I noticed the 206rb would sew 46 thru 207. The 1206 shows 69 Thur 207. That's what the manuals show any way and the safety on the 206. i like the additional thread spread on the 206 but not for the extra funds. Is the safety worth the extra for a new guy?
  7. Wife wants to sew light leather (2 to 6oz) and nylon webbing to maybe 1/4" thick. I want to make holsters, gun belts, knife sheaths, etc. I don't want to be adjusting everything. What should I be looking at for both our needs? I would like to buy used if possible. Would also like fair pricing on whatever y'all recommend. Prices seem to be all over the place for machines I have looked at on the internet. Thanks for your help. I live close to the metromess of Dallas-Ft Worth.