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  1. Cherry blossoms wallet and key fob

    Excellent selection of colors! Handsomely! This combined with high-quality stitching look admirable.
  2. WIP. The first attempt to emboss the human face

    Mike, your advice really works great! In the photo I used, it helps especially well to look at hair and hairstyle. Thanks again!
  3. WIP. The first attempt to emboss the human face

    Thank you for advice, Mike! I'll try to play in the editor, as you described.
  4. WIP. The first attempt to emboss the human face

    Mike, thank you so much!
  5. WIP. The first attempt to emboss the human face

    Thank you, Sir! Unfortunately, I have already insert the work into the frame that prevents me make a photo that fully demonstrates embossing. I am personally fascinated by how the facial expression changes when the angle of view changes. Perhaps that is why I like embossing so much.
  6. WIP. The first attempt to emboss the human face

    I tried to play this photo. Unfortunately, it is precisely in this resolution, so it was very problematic to consider the small details. It is clear that I still have something to work on. In particular, above the eyes, eyebrows, hair, as Mike (@immiketoo) rightly pointed out. And the line of the mouth, despite all my efforts, is not quite similar.
  7. WIP. The first attempt to emboss the human face

    Mike, I'm not 100% sure yet that the finish I used provides the necessary level of UV protection. Although in the summer I exposed out on sun for a long time a piece of leather with several types of finishes applied and chose two of them, which practically kept the leather color unchanged. Apparently, the only way to check this is to wait. I will definitely share with you the result. Unfortunately, I do not have any art education and my main profession is a programmer. And all my experience is the small time that has passed since the day when I really liked some kind of leather work seen on the Internet. I really wanted to achieved the same results. This is still far away, but the goal has been set I have no abilities (at least I haven’t found them yet) to draw something from memory I will be very grateful to you if you can in the future point me to my mistakes and help me with advice - a critical look from the outside is very important for moving forward.
  8. WIP. The first attempt to emboss the human face

    Mike, thank you so much for taking the time and willingness to pay attention to my work! It probably took about 30-40% of the time on the lips in this work, because it was not possible for a long time to get the necessary form. It turns out that even the smallest details radically affect the result. It was a very valuable experience for me. Eyes are still a weak point for me. With your comment on the hair, I absolutely agree and accept the recommendation with gratefully. Regarding the coloring I want to ask your opinion. The fact is that in this work (as well as in several previous works with animals) I first perform a protective dye with an alcohol dye on all surface, in the specification to which the manufacturer reports that this dye provides protection against ultraviolet. After that, I primer the area, which are to be colored, with white paint diluted by isopropyl alcohol. And only after that I perform coloring of the primed areas with alcohol dyes. Upon completion, the work is covered by the finish. Will there be a darkening that you mentioned in case this technology? I use several things myself that are made in this way. So far I have not noticed darkening. True, the oldest of them is only 6 months old. You have the experience and use of products much longer than mine, so your opinion plays a big role. Regarding the quest with 2 of your first works... I have already seen the first photo in one of the topics of this forum with your comment that this is the first work with figured carving. I tend to believe you With great respect and gratitude, Andrey
  9. Tandy swivel knives

    I am glad to see you in good humor and good mood PS. I apologize for possibly excessive familiarity.
  10. Tandy swivel knives

    Mike (@immiketoo), thanks for coming back to the forum. Without you and your really useful comments and advice, something was missing (at least for me).
  11. First handbag

    I fully agree with @RockyAussie. Your bag is gorgeous!
  12. DSC_0645.JPG

    Sir, thank you for such compliment.
  13. DSC_0645.JPG

    I'm glad that she is recognizable in my work. Thank you!