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  1. Big cat

    Thank you, @Smartee! Sir, you are driving me to embarrassment Thank you for such a high rating and compliment! Looks like today my cheeks and ears fully will burn out. Thank you, Mike!
  2. Big cat

    Caracal. Leather carving and simplified embossing (without leather insert). Veg tan 4 Oz, spirit dyes. Size 3.5 x 5 inches. I applied too much lacquer and as result small fur details because of this “lost”. It's a shame until tears
  3. Tooling topography lines

    In the photo of the product to which you referred, it is clearly visible that the lines are a stitch ;) Firstly cut by Swivel knife. Here, for the outlines of the mountains, bevelers like B935, B203, B200 are used. I would apply F890, F891, F895, F896. They can also used to form the relief of the mountains. For matting / dimming, it seems that a pear shader such as P217, P975 is used. For a tree, I would apply F910. All of these stamps can be viewed either on the Tandy website https://www.tandyleather.com/en/category/leather-stamps or on LeatherCraftTools https://leathercrafttools.com/stamp/list. PS. "Topography lines" can also be obtained by first making cuts with a swivel knife, and then using a F890, F891, F895, F896 stamps. EDIT. Using modeling spoons for individual parts will also help make everything more accurate and realistic https://www.tandyleather.com/en/product/craftool-pro-modeling-tools.
  4. Tooling topography lines

    If you showed a picture / photo of what you want to get, I could try to offer a minimal set of stamps (based on what I would use in this case). There are a lot of types of stamps, some of them are used for very specific tasks, some is universal, some are interchangeable.
  5. My German Shepherd Gerda

    Thank you for so much appreciation of my work.
  6. Tooling topography lines

    The 8 books of Stohlman (in electronic form) that I bought are worth every cent paid for them. I consider this as my most profitable investment in my attempts at mastering the art of working with leather I made this beveler myself, when I needing a tool to perform delicate work when embossing figures. No, the purpose of these stamps is different. These are pear shader, which are not used for the edge (as bevelers), but for the formation of interior (the surface of petals, leaves, etc.) Yes it is beveler. But not steep. I dare to recommend this book to you https://www.leathercraftlibrary.com/product/1144/craftool-tech-tips-by-al-stohlman for start.
  7. Tooling topography lines

    For me, "Pictorial Carving Finesse" by Al Stohlman turned out to be an excellent tutorial book and gave more than many videos available on the Internet. https://www.leathercraftlibrary.com/product/1139/pictorial-carving-finesse-by-al-stohlman From my own little experience, I can add that in the case of the carving of figures, bevelers are very often used without a preliminary cut by a swivel knife. Much depends on what specific result you need to get in one case or another. For example, a very steep beveler can be used to get soft lines without cuts. You can, for example, simply with the effort "draw" them a line on the leather.
  8. My German Shepherd Gerda

    Thank you!
  9. Strap Scrap...suggestions please ;)

    @RockyAussie It seems to me that "show off" and showing wonderful works (yours) is not the same thing. This applies not only to the leather, but also to your designs and devices.
  10. Strap Scrap...suggestions please ;)

    Yes, I meant this option. I apologize for the fact that my creepy English is sometimes misleading.
  11. My German Shepherd Gerda

    Thanks for compliments! Here I tried to demonstrate the stages of work
  12. Edges and stitching are perfect! In my opinion, your work is great!
  13. Strap Scrap...suggestions please ;)

    @alpha2 Sorry for the off topic, but could not resist - your Sadie is a real beauty! And my 2 cents on the topic. Perhaps it could be leather hairpins.
  14. Tarantula

    Very realistic! Looks great.
  15. Carving dog

    Thank you, Jeff! Thanks, @DJole! Here, in addition to the obvious tools (swivel knife, hair blade, stamps F896, F895, B200, B935, F910, F902), several exotic ones were used. Mainly for wool and eye work. Sometime a neighbor came to visit us. She is a dentist and, seeing my stand with stamps, said jokingly, "Yes, it's just a dentist's office!". Thinking how best to work for embossing wool, I remembered this case and drove into the medical equipment store. It turned out that some of the tools were perfect for working "as is" and some I slightly modified. The undoubted advantages of these tools are the material (high-quality stainless steel) and a very small price (each cost me $ 2-3). Below - photo of those that I used in this work.