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  1. Edge paint VS Burnished edges showdown!!!

    Speaking about the benefits of Gary's tests and saving money, I was referring to the fact that some limits of applicability of the product were demonstrated. And it is confirmed that there is no ideal product that allows you to abandon other ways of processing the edge. Therefore, one should treat it as one of many options and not buy immediately all the colors by liter bottles
  2. Edge paint VS Burnished edges showdown!!!

    Gary, thank you very much for the experiment. It helped save me some money
  3. Carving, what am I doing wrong?

    My comments had a goal not to let you be disappointed. And I'm happy to see that you are serious about achievement of result. Good luck! And I hope to see soon your carved dog
  4. Carving, what am I doing wrong?

    I was not be too lazy and find Z-B197 from the very Chinese set, from which I tried to start work. On the photo - on the left Z-B197 (China nameless), on the right B203 (Kyoshin Elle, inexpensive but quite qualitative for his cost tool). Above the beveling without a cut, below - with a cut. Just compare. Surely, there are professionals who can use and absolutely horrible tool to do a good job, a super-expensive tool will not make a beginner at once a professional. But a novice using a horrible tool is unlikely to make a masterpiece.
  5. Carving, what am I doing wrong?

    I bought my own from a local Ukrainian reseller. I do not think that there is a sense of recommending it for sale in Norway In principle, in the same price category and similar quality, you can buy several stamps for starting from Craftool. As a starting point, you can go here https://www.tandyleather.eu/en/category/craftool-stamps-leathercraft. Probably, the members of the forum-Europeans will be able to offer several more best options.
  6. Carving, what am I doing wrong?

    This set of low-quality Chinese stamps seems to have been created in order to refuse any desire to work with the leather. When last November I decided to try carving for the first time and bought a set of "20 stamps for $ 20" for ignorance, I was extremely upset and thought that my hands were growing from the wrong place. I was particularly disappointed with the bevel. Only buying a few low-cost but completely fulfilling its function of CRAFT JAPAN stamps saved me from giving up the idea to carving of leather.
  7. Billfold for a Friend

    I really liked your horse! His movement is very realistic!
  8. Hair on hide tote with blood knots and cow horn

    Very original, beautiful and high-quality product!
  9. puma_2.jpg

    My puma was supposed to have a more serious look, but turned out slightly surprised
  10. puma_4.jpg

    Thank you, Ryan! Andrey.
  11. Book Trunk

    Really nice and useful work!
  12. Cougar carving & embossing

    Thank you, Bill! Given the fact that I was explained here about another type of cougars, I seem to have a little chance in my 48 years
  13. Cougar carving & embossing

    Thank you for such a appreciation my work! I myself also study, trying in every new work to learn and apply the advice and methods set forth by Al Stohlman in his great books "Finesse Figure Carving" and "The Art of Embossing Leather".
  14. puma_4.jpg

    Thanks for your feedback and appreciation of my work!
  15. puma_4.jpg

    That's my fault. I just wanted to give a photo of the product from different angles and use a link to them in a thread. I was misled by this message about the appointment of the gallery "Our Leatherwork Galleries": "This is a temporary album that holds all the member albums from before the update. I have to sort them all ot again. This album is visible to the public, and can be shared to Facebook." I apologize for the inconvenience.