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  1. Consew 226 or consew 206rb?

    Thats interesting. I know its an intuitive thing and "a feel" you get over time, but any suggestions on what to look for and where when it comes to slack? Thought asking this might also help the OP.
  2. Good things come to those that wait

    You’re not in Los Angeles are you? Didnt know this was such a good deal. I had a guy offer me one for $1400 but I didn’t need that heavy of a machine. Should have jumped on it :X
  3. I had a similar looking bottom stitch. Switching to a diamond point leather needle cleaned up the stitch a lot. Was this by chance stitched with a standard needle?
  4. Light leather sewing machine choices

    Im new, but I couldn’t agree more with this statement. This guy is trying to sell you what he has, not what you need.
  5. Use PETG for stamp rather than ABS

    The only PETG I use is 3DxTech but they are expensive and it’s more of an aesthetic thing. I like the way their filament looks. Most PETG bought from a reputable source are great. The quality problems of the early days of 3D printing are more or less gone. Something like hatchbox is great and usually available on Amazon Just know that if you use 3DxTech you have to put glue stick down on your bed or it will adhere so strongly it will damage it. It will peel off nonstick coating and will even take chunks of glass out of glass top beds. Nasty stuff but great quality. Other PETGs don’t usually have that kind of bonding problem. Specifically for stamping though I would look at the hardness of nylon vs PETG. strength won’t be a problem for them but the harder the filament the more crisp your stamping will be. also, for resolution on the plane of the bed, look into a .25mm nozzle. It will give you much more detail than a .4mm. That was a bit much but hope it helps. Best of luck.
  6. Use PETG for stamp rather than ABS

    I use PETG regularly. Abs is not a good choice because it will warp without a heated enclosure and it actually offgasses. So more than smell it is also toxic and requires ventilation. PETG is an outstanding material, and is easier to print than nylon, however if you are capable of printing nylon it will wear better and I believe has a higher strength Just know that that moving from PLA to almost any high strength filament is tricky. It take much more fine tuning and often doesn’t print as smoothly and beautifully.
  7. Video: https://imgur.com/gallery/5ovdyUa (Sorry about the sound my 3D printer is running in the background. ) i have two questions about the way my 206rb is feeding. I’ve been slowly dialing her in as I learn the mechanics (First part of the video) My first question: is it normal for the feed dog to impact the outer presser foot as it comes up and before the foot lifts? Is this timing or should I grind off the inner back side of the presser foot where it makes contact? When sewing I noticed that my material sometimes gets pressed forward and I think this might be the cause (Second part of the video) My second question: my material is getting pulled and it’s hard to keep it straight. You can see it pulling up (I’m assuming during tensioning) right as the vibrating presser foot hits it’s highest point and begins to come back down. You’ll see the fabric flare up and it pulls it to the side. Can this be fixed?
  8. Singer 111W153 & table resto project

    Awesome. Thank you for the great info. I think I’ll do the same. Mind if I ask why you ended up choose wax over something more durable/permanent like a polyeurethane coating, etc?
  9. Singer 111W153 & table resto project

    Wow that’s a big daddy welding rig you got there. Nice. Also did you do anything before applying the wax to the top? Was it just paste wax? If you ever want to apply a urethane or shallac will the wax be a problem? i have the same top and was looking to put a new top finish without ruining the patina.
  10. This is so awesome. I want to do this to a Singer or Adler patcher, hopefully soon
  11. Steel plate table top?

    100% badassery. Very cool, Don.
  12. I think I agree with this because it does seem to be cutting in quite a bit. I did it based on a video I saw where you “yo-yo” the thread and it drops then stops. I think I was on the tighter end of that yo-yo trick though.
  13. consew 227 r-2

    Other people will be better informed, but if you live in a major city, yea, that is likely in the ballpark.
  14. Great. I’ll do that and get some matching thread to minimize it visually. Do you recommend diamond or the S type. I think it’s s, basically the sharpened standard tip vs diamond.
  15. No, that is my next buy though. Will that fix a lot of this?