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    Outdoors - Canoeing, fishing, hunting, hiking, marksmanship + bushcraft. Hobbies - leatherworking & Handloading.

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    Holsters, Knife Sheaths, Belts, pouches, hatbands
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    Western Holsters & Cartridge belts, buckskinning, Possibles bags
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    Surfing the net for leather working supplies
  1. Male Nightingale Armor Skyrim - WIP

    I’m really enjoying following this topic & learning from your whole process. Keep the updates coming!!!
  2. Ancient Greek Armor

    This is outstanding - if you replaced the leather scales with bronze ones it would actually, likely be strong & crafted well enough for actual hoplite battle armor, to serve in The phalanx. Really impressive.
  3. Knife sheath

    I love them - I actually like the thickness of the welts.
  4. Custom chest holster for rhino 60ds

    Man - I love it!!! (But I wouldn’t trust a Rhino as a field revolver...) I’d love to see it with a S&W or a Ruger ...
  5. Flap Holster

    I love it - very well executed design & should be an excellent field holster.
  6. Urban Cowboy Rig

    Wow! That's some nice gun leather. I really like the contrasting colors & double stitching on the rig.
  7. Eaglestroker, I really like your rigs! Every detail is spectacular & functional. The wheelgun is sweet too, thanks for sharing & inspiring us!
  8. Roosevelt Holster

    Very nice work! (I love the TR connection) I really enjoyed your site - especially the pommel bag holster ... really cool!
  9. Great job on that rig! Very custom The customer is always right...LOL
  10. I think it looks great! ...almost a shame that excellent tooling will be hidden IWB, but the customer should be very satisfied ...
  11. Gunrig

    Wow! Excellent rig. I really like how you used the "Texas jock-strap" type holster loop. I think having a second pistol worn cross-draw is the best way to carry a second pistol.
  12. What a great job, very nice step by step.. Looks awesome, I like how you modified the design into an open toe pattern. I still have yet to make a western holster ... I'll get a single action sometime in the near future ...
  13. Nice rig, should be great for carry with a backpack on. I really like the Idea of only forming the front side ...
  14. Digging Out...

    Eagle stroker, as always, great work & great photos!
  15. Latest Clip On Iwb

    Looks great - with a Glock it's important to have the trigger guard well covered, well done.