New Juki 1541S Keep Jamming

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I got Juki 1541S couple days a go, it worked fine till yesterday. machine got stuck, as its the feature of the safety clutch but even after unlocking it, it keeps jamming. I called the place I bought the machine from and was advised to take the bobbin casing all out as there might be thread stuck. I had very hard time putting the bobbin back together as it looked the machine is out of time.

After getting it all back together it worked for like 10min and it keeps blocking it self and some broken needles happened.

I'm having someone to come look at it next week, but I'm supper bummed out about it. What am I doing wrong? is it something this machine is know for?

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I´d had crank it with needle plate removed and check what is going on with the needle and hook. When the needle is braking it probably hits a part of the hook or the hooks it to close to the needle and is touching / braking it. Tomorrow is Monday so I´d wait for the mechanic as you already ordered him to come.

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