Found Some Stuff In Mom's Garage

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Hey folks!  I'm new here, so first off, hi.  I've been slowly introducing myself to the realm of leather working, and in my exploits, I naturally stumbled upon this site when I had questions.  So I want to say thanks to you all for the great community you all have here.

Anyhoot, I was cleaning through a bench box in my mom's garage the other day and I thought I would share with you guys the stuff that I found.  In addition to my brothers' and my old baseball gloves, baseballs, and old socks, I found some pretty neat leather polish, white spray wax, a bottle of waterproofing solution, and polishing brushes.

Most of the polishes are Kiwi brand, as well as the Cavalier Mink Oil (which, according to the back of the tin, was made by The Kiwi Polish Co.).  There's also a large tin of "Propert's Specially Prepared Leather and Saddle Soap" that apparently came from the Yale Co-op!  Sadly, most of the stuff are well dried up, given that these polishes and such are all over 20 years old and were stored in a garage, but wouldn't you know it, the mink oil still seems to be in pretty good condition!

Then there are brushes.  There are a couple of what I guess are nook-and-cranny brushes and then five shoe brushes.  Some of them seem like they were well-used in their day as their bristles are caked in polish, but a couple are still clean.  One of them is labeled "100% Horsehair" and "Made in Israel" and it is so soft.

I also found an old bottle of Nikwax waterproofing.  You know how you're not supposed to freeze that stuff?  Well, that ship has sailed... and sunk... and been eaten by a swamp of hagfish.  The manufacturing date was printed on the bottle, and that thing is nearly as old as I am!

I've included some pictures of the stuff with some colorful commentary compliments of me, so I hope you all enjoy!  I certainly got a kick out of finding all of this stuff.  I apologize for the graininess of the photos, I had to size them down to accommodate the forum's upload maximum of 1.46mb.

1 - All Finds.JPG

2 - Polishes, Mink Oil, Saddle Soap.jpg

4 - Fine Brushes.JPG

5 - NikWax.JPG

7 - Shoe Brushes 4.jpg

10 - Shoe Brush Horsehair.JPG

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This collection reminds me of my grand dads shoe polish collection.

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Do the tins have UPC codes?  Might be fun to clean them out and keep them to store your small hardware pieces like rivets, grommets and snaps.

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looks like the things every man I know has right now.   Every guy in the military has the same stuff. 

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