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Weaver Leather Economy EZ Edge strap edger

Purchased in 2015. Still sharp and like new. Asking $200.

Manufacturers Description:

At a value price, this machine can round two edges simultaneously with ease. Edge the top and simply flip strap over to edge the bottom. Compact, hand-operated machine does not decrease strap width. Accommodates 1/2" to 3" strap widths. Starter gig is included. Easily mounts to your workbench with screws (not included).

Users' Perspective:

Great for making collars, leashes, and bridles. I used this for about 6 months. Made clean edges quick and easy. I could round the edge on a whole strap at one time. In my opinion, works best on 3/4 inch to 3 inch wide leather. Leather should be thick enough as to not bend down the middle too easily. I'm now doing jewelry professionally. Leather still a hobby, but thinning the tools out.




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This item is sold. If you know how to delete or archive posts... Let me know.

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