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  1. Just a FYI, I recently purchased a Cameo Silhouette Printer and Cutter for the wife's birthday who does non-leather crafting. However, the application to leather work is tremendous: no more transfer paper! Easy stencil producer. Easy to import a font of your choice, easy to import a picture of your choice, easy to center and size the appropriate font, simply insert cardstock, and you have a stencil after the cutter works it's magic! Attached is a sample leather project utilizing lost saloon font with a paladin or chess piece logo for a local gun store. It was a 16 inch by 20 inch 8-9 oz leather. The store owner obviously liked the old western "Have Gun Will Travel". The actual design process easily within minutes: a stencil produced! A stylus to transfer the stencil, and a swivel knife to get cutting is all that is required. And, most importantly, unlike forgetting a stylus line on transfer paper, the stencil is really easy to re-align to finish the complete transfer of the design (If you miss a letter.... or some lines). Additionally, the cutter can utilize large size card stock, so your design is centered easily on your project as well. It can be a tremendous time saver, and frustration avoider, IMHO.
  2. Here are two monogrammed photo albums (parents and in-laws respectively), and one letter size portfolio for girl friends etsy shop.
  3. No, they are no longer available. I donate the sets that I did not sell to our local Boy Scouts in North Florida. Thanks for your interest. Thanks again, bill
  4. Alain Eon's New Book

    Just received Alain Eon's new book entitled "Restoring Vintage Western Saddles". It is a great resource to everyone's leather-craft library. Color pictures and translated captions on how to best perform leather restoration techniques for old saddles that vividly translates into other leather applications and repairs. Plus you get a personally signed and mailed book! 45$ US and 15$ Shipping & Handling Alain Eon 168, rue Maurice Arnoux 92120 Montrouge, France
  5. Sorry for the delayed response: Volumes 1999, 2001, & 2003 SOLD. Partial Volumes 1993 & 1994 SOLD. The other volumes are still available: 1995,96,97,98,00,02,04 etcetera. Thanks bill
  6. Great resource: for ideas and projects Partial Issues Volume 3 Issue # 2 @ 2 copies (1993) Volume 3 Issue # 6 (1993) Volume 4 Issues 2 thru 6 (1994) Complete Volumes with 6 Issues per volume: Volume 5 through 15 (1995 thru 2004) Partial Volume: Volume 16 Issues 1,2 & 3 (2005) Partial Issues: 5$ a piece, + cost of shipping Full Volume: $25 per volume + cost of shipping Multiple Volumes: $20 per volume + cost of shipping I am just downsizing library, do not need the issues and volumes above.
  7. Ken Griffin Books

    Does anyone have a copy of the above Ken Griffin's leather books that may be either sold or copied. Neither are in print and available through used book dealers, and I have not seen on ebay in any regular fashion. The Scrap Book came on ebay approximately 3 months back and I was the highest bidder till the last 15 minutes (I don't hover over the computer) and the price was well under my highest bid and lost it.... It sold for $75.00 I had thrown a $70.00 max bid..... It was at 25$ the last time I had checked ebay! I saw him as a kid at a craft show and admire his style of carving, and would like at least a copy of his work for reference material. If anyone has access to the books please feel free to PM.
  8. Try: They have a variety of alum cast gun replicas that tactical people utilize for weapon retention training and some people utilize for holsters. Good selection of firearms and the ones I have are better for molding leather than the blue guns I have. In other words, if I have a choice between the two, I use a Duncan.
  9. I need to get some metal insert stiffeners that are typically covered by leather for IWB Holsters (In The Waist Band) that typically perform the function of allowing the firearm to be re-holstered one handed in a safe and efficient manner. The metal insert must retain it's shape under belt pressure when the firearm is removed from the holster, yet it must be malleable enough to shape for specific firearms. Does anyone have a supply company or suggestions?