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  1. Machines For Sale

    These are not parts machines they are all in working order, they have been serviced within the last seven years. Extra needles come with a couple of the machines. Again I am selling this for someone a little less computer savy than I. Thanks for looking
  2. Machines For Sale

    No More machines than those listed, he does have a fur machine with a table lights, motor, etc. But I am not sure he wants to get rid of that one.
  3. Machines For Sale

    Selling some fur machines, singer stitcher, con sew double needle, and a staying or blind stitch machine. The big singer comes with table stand and motor as does the consew. Consew:400 obo Fur machines:300 each firm Blind stitcher:200 obo big Singer:400 obo I have more pics and like I said I'm selling for a friend he has a lot of stuff. I can get you models numbers and better descriptions just didn't want to type it all in with my phone. Thanks for looking
  4. Lizard Skins Lots Of 'em

    Maybe I shouldn't have said serious offers only. I am in a bad way right now at my shop and really need some cash flow ill consider just about any offer right now if anyone is interested. Thanks for looking.
  5. Lizard Skins Lots Of 'em

    300 Brown lizard skins available as a lot. I will consider serious offers for the lot, kinda tight on cash right now so need to make it up someway. Anyone interested let me know. Again these are being sold as a lot in bundles, I still have others I cam selling individually but obviously you will get the biggest discount by buying the 300 lot. Thanks!!
  6. Dont know if anyone else does this but what I have done on numerous projects, (hats being the primary), is natural beeswax. I will put little clumps of beeswax over stitch holes and openings and then heat them with a lighter to melt the wax evenly. The heat also makes the wax clear (well almost clear). For the whole hat (this will apply to most larger projects) I will put beeswax in a little metal can and place that in a pot of boiling water to melt the wax and then coast the entire piece with a spine and the melted beeswax. The hats or whatever else I'm making is then as waterproof as I need them to be. Just make sure you don't microwave the wax as it will bubble and make a huge mess (cant buy experience). I am sure some people have other ways of waterproofing and will say my method won't work or whatever but so far it works perfect for me. You may need to repeat the process about once a year depending on what conditions the bike is stored and used but it doesn't take a long time to do this and it really works great (for me). Sponge not spine by the way.
  7. Mask

    A new mask commission for Halloween. The customer wanted it actually molded to his face. So I wrapped the cased leather on his face in saran wrap. It was alot of fun considering this was my first mask.
  8. Lizard Skins Lots Of 'em

    I do have larger skins. And i have not shipped out of the country but i am sure i can just not sure how to go about doing it. If you know the process let me know.
  9. Lizard Skins Lots Of 'em

    I have never shipped to canada but I'm sure I can not really sure whats involved though
  10. HI I would like some info on the splitter machine, very interested please call me when you can (615)266-2058

  11. Lizard Skins Lots Of 'em

    I have about 400 lizard skins available now and they are a bit bigger than before. They are still medium brown and dark brown. If anyone is interested let me know $60.00 per
  12. Braided Knots

    I do not know the name of the knot I was hoping someone else would know specifically what it is my best guess is it is a gaucho knot of two passes (ref. "leather braiding" bruce grant), but it needs to be two tone like in the picture. As far as them being braided on to the lanyards that may not be possible but if they have a leather collar inside then I should be able to slip the lanyard into them after they are made. I do need a rough time estimate and cost associated (rough estimates are fine) with making these. Thanks alot -Philippe
  13. Braided Knots

    I AM IN need of 100 of these knots to fit lanyards, they will have to fit very tight around two 6mm lanyards, as you can see in the picture. If you need more pics let me know but I will need a rough estimate on price and I need it as soon as possible. Thank you
  14. P1000755.JPG

    braided knot
  15. knots