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  1. Halter Patterns,

    I just started leather working also.. and just finished a bronc halter.. what i did for a pattern was just found a bronc halter that i liked on google images... and then just enlarged the image to make my own template for the nose band.
  2. Bronc Halter

    This is a very good idea Doug! I love it.. good work!
  3. Ok yall this is my first attempt at a bronc halter.. please let me know what u think and give my any suggestions on things i could have done better . Also, i havnt punched holes for the conchos yet, i was gonna see if yall could give me some advice on how to do them.
  4. Bronc Halter

    Ok.. so a bronc halter has been my first attempt at leather working.. and i'm really suprised at how well it turned out for my first time.. still not completely done with it yet, but hopefully will have it done by this weekend. i will post pics as soon as its done.. i am gonna start on a pair of spur straps after i get this done.. and then hopefully start on some mounted shooting holsters look out world of leather!!! Here i come!