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  1. Beautiful sheath ... The knife is amazing!
  2. Yeah, looks great!
  3. Amazing work!
  4. Geat work, as always. Beautiful design and probably the nicest pancake style knife sheath I have seen! Is the primary benefit to a pancake style sheath that it reduces bulk and sits closer to the body?
  5. I dilute 50/50 Wet (with water) and squeeze out a soft cotton cloth and small sponge Wrap the cloth around the sponge Dip it in the diluted resolene. Squeeze out really good Wipe softly, in one direction, across the leather. I use 2 or 3 coats, let dry for an hour or so between coats and give it a good 24 hours before messing with it. I am not set up for it right now but had excellent results with an air brush when I had access to one.
  6. Very, very, nice! Beautiful work!
  7. Nice work, for sure! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Wow ... sure is a small world! That's amazing. Looking forward to seeing your work! Bob
  9. Nice work!
  10. If you go to my photo gallery, you will see an axe sheath that i made with a birch bark inlay. I made it for my brother. He uses it in the bush a lot and there has never been a problem with it. It's a work axe not something that sits on a shelf.
  11. Sorry Dan, not interested.