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  1. Wow! That is absolutely amazing! Attention to detail everywhere I look. ( from Ontario, eah? Cool)
  2. I bet your son will be really proud to use it! I really like the pen holder slot ... great idea!
  3. Nice, clean work ... looks great!
  4. I think it looks good. Thanks for sharing.
  5. sweet!
  6. Looks great! How many SPI is that?
  7. Nice, clean work. You did a great job with the stitching and the edges look good as well.
  8. I have been away from the leather shop for two years but have just started to get back it. Thought I would bump my belt game up a bit. Here it is. All hand stitched with a stitched-on buckle. It's made with 9oz. belting. I used veg for the black fold-over.
  9. Good job! The edges really did turn out nice and the stitching looks good too! Stitching that buckle on, the traditional way and finishing the edges like you did, demonstrates your desire to produce work with a focus on hand-made craftsmanship. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Sharkeyfinn, Looks great! Just curious about the back side of where you turned the leather over to affix the buckle. How did you manage that?
  11. Beautiful sheath ... The knife is amazing!
  12. Yeah, looks great!