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  1. Heating Edge Creaser

    Some good ideas here!
  2. Heating Edge Creaser

    I use a hot creaser ... heat it with a torch until it is really hot - normally over-heated. I test the heat by repeatedly pressing the creaser on a piece of scrap. As soon as it stops burning the leather, I start using it.
  3. Start-up Tool List

    Two of the handiest measuring tools I use are a flat, 6"square and a centering ruler.
  4. Wood box for my thread

    Wow! That’s beautiful & some pretty nice thread to boot!
  5. Barbers denim & leather apron

    I like it! Was thinking of doing something like this for myself with a leather pocket to hold a few small tools that I always seem to misplace while I am working. Ie: Scratch awl, 6” square, knife
  6. Guitar Strap For a Big Guy- Advice Needed

    Re padded straps ... one of the reasons many players do not like padded straps, especially if they sweat a lot, is that the strap will really start to stink after while from the sweat.
  7. DE Razor Pouches

    Nice work.
  8. Molded document sleeve

    Every aspect of that sleeve looks great! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Cordless Impact/Drill Case

    Great work! I especially appreciate the detail and skill required to put theat bag together ... a showcase of Leather working skills done right!.
  10. What is your suggestion?

    Looks like a good solution. I like it!
  11. Guitar Strap For a Big Guy- Advice Needed

    Speaking from a past gigging bass player's perspective. Lining: I dislike suede, I find it is too sticky - especially with shirts made of corduroy. I also dislike linings (like the grain side of veg tanned) that slide around a lot. My favorite lining is a chrome tanned, soft and supple garment style leather ... it's just right. Width: My straps are 3 - wide. Works for me. Padding: Lots of players like it but lots don't like it at all. Personally, I don't like it. For inspiration, check out the straps from Brookwood Leather: and Ethos Custom Brands: Good Luck!
  12. Medieval Money Pouch

    I think it looks great!
  13. strap skiving

    I would highly recommend that you consider a bench mounted splitter. I was extremely fortunate, a few years ago to win a small vintage splitter at a local leather workers event. It is one of those tools, that, as a hobbiest, may seem hard to justify, but I can tell you that I really don't know how I would get along without mine.
  14. Dogs Playing Poker

    Looks great! I always look forward to seeing your work!