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  1. Clicker Press Dies

    How do you find a "guy in China"?
  2. Nigel Armitage's log

    Do any of you use a log like Nigel Armitage (see "Basic Saddle Stitch" thread)? If you have, any advice on what kind of wood to use, length, width, finish would be welcome. A madrona fell down in my woods, so a section of that should work well. Has anyone used madrona for this? How about broad leaf maple or red alder? The plan is to cut a foot wide section about 30 inches long, 90 degree angle at both ends, bark it, plane the best end, carve a shallow bowl in the floor end so it won't wobble, polish the working end with bee's wax. What am I missing? Do I need to let it dry for a period of time? What about forging an iron ring around the top to keep it from splitting as it dries? thanks for your help
  3. Latigo Harness & Bridle

    Thanks SOS.
  4. What are the differences between these three kinds of leather? I make personal objects like wallets and bags, and until discovering Latigo I just went to Tandy to pick out hides that seem to best suit my needs. While researching my last order with Hide House this question began to nag me, and the thought occurred to me that I should order some of the bridle and harness hides they sell just to see what they are like. But that's a lot of money for R&D if I can't use the hide. Another question: is the California latigo they sell at Hide House different from other latigo? I'm grateful for any insight the brain trust here can give me.
  5. Finishing Edges

    Using less of the Barge cement has pretty much eliminated the glue problem I was having. But I also received and started using Nigel Armitage's burnisher ( ) about the same time that I took your advice to reduce the amount of glue. Barge cement is very messy stuff, made for gluing on the soles of shoes, but it holds better than the Tandy "Weld" stuff (which is also pretty messy). Rather than apply it with a brush I started using a small spatula. That really helped too. Thanks for your advice.
  6. How Do I Finish The Flesh Side?

    You could also make the bracers flesh side out. You will still want to buff and finish. Nick's Boots, for example, offer the option of a flesh side out vamp because it wears better once it's waxed and oiled up.
  7. Finishing Edges

    Thanks for the article and all the great information and advice. Sorry if I missed this reading through the thread, but my question has to do with to get rid of the little bits of glue that come out of the seam. After finishing the edge a tiny bit of glue will appear. Removing it with fine grit sandpaper and even a bic lighter works only for a short time. The act of burnishing seems to pull the glue out of the seam. The glue I use is Barge cement. Tandy's "weld" works a little better. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  8. Bridle Leather Briefcase

    Beautiful. Many thanks.
  9. Bridle Leather Briefcase

    Would you give us some photos of the interior? Is this your own design?
  10. Lined with pigskin? Great work.
  11. Bridle Leather Briefcase

    The stitching is amazing. Beautiful.
  12. Many thanks, again, for the information. Yeah, I'm still trying to figure out a design too. At least I know who to go to now and what it will cost me.
  13. Thanks, Glockanator. Have you ordered from either of these companies? If so, what did you order? I'd like send them a page of images to put on a 8.5 by 11 inch plate that I'll cut and mount myself.