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  1. Tippman boss

    Tippman has been sold. Thanks
  2. Tippman boss

    Forgot to mention the flatbed attachment goes with the Boss. Thanks David
  3. Tippman boss

    Got it thanks
  4. Tippman boss

    Ok trying to post picture of machine. It won't let me post another picture.
  5. Tippman boss

    Tippman boss for sale $1050 shipped or $1000 picked up. If picked up will throw in a stand. Tippman is located 36752 zip outside of Montgomery, AL 1. Material guide attachment - insures consistent stitching distance from the edge 2. Stirrup attachment - raises the material off of the needle plate, allowing you to sew into crevices 3. Left pressor foot - also known as the zipper foot, allows you to sew closer than 1/8" to the right edge of your material 4. Right pressor foot - also known as the zipper foot, allows you to sew closer than 1/8" to the left edge of your material 5. Center foot - this foot has a closed loop and allows you to sew up to 1/8" to either the right or the left edge 6. Fleece foot - this foot is ideal for fleece, wool other materials which are prone to snagging 7. 5 bobbins

  7. Identifying Swivel Knife

    Thanks for the replies. There was two more blades that came with it. They are hair blades I think that is right.
  8. Identifying Swivel Knife

    Thanks. It has a really nice balance feel to it.
  9. Identifying Swivel Knife

    Bought this swivel knife at an estate sale. Any ideals on the who the maker might be? it's brass Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks David
  10. Info Diy And How-To

    Thanks for info. This will help me with laying out a few holsters. Thanks again
  11. Latest Skin Face Mask

    That's cool. RTR
  12. $1 Dremel Burnisher

    Ok I got it to post